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«PERSONAL DATA Nationality: Greek (Naturalized citizen of the USA) Date and Place of Birth: June 17, 1954 (Greece) Marital Status: Married, One son ...»

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• Gregory Rodgers, Algorithms for Unconstrained Quadratic 0-1 Programming and Related Problems on Contemporary Computer Architectures (Spring 1989).

• Geoffrey M. Guisewite, Concave-Cost Network Flow Problems (Summer 1991).

• Chi-Geun Han, Solving Large-Scale Nonlinear Programs Using Interior-Point Algorithms (Summer 1991).

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• Paveena Chaovalitwongse, Multi-echelon Multi-Commodity Transportation and Inventory Control Problems (Fall 2000).

–  –  –

• Burak Eksioglu, Network Algorithms for Supply Chain Optimization Problems (Summer 2002).

• Sergiy Butenko, Maximum independent set and related problems with applications (Summer 2003).

• Wanpracha Chaovalitwongse, Optimization and Dynamical Approaches in Nonlinear Time Series Analysis with Applications in Bioengineering (Summer 2003).

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• Carlos Oliveira, Optimization in Telecommunications (Summer 2004).

• Don Grundel, Probabilistic Analysis of Nonlinear Assignment Problems (Summer 2004).

• Robert Murphy, Integrated Assignment and Path Planning (Spring 2005).

• Vladimir Boginski, Optimization and Data Mining Algorithms (Summer 2005).

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–  –  –

• Ashwin Arulselvan, Network Model for Disaster Management (Summer 2009).

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• Nikita Boyko, New Approaches to Robust Optimization with Applications (Summer 2010).

• Steffen Rebennack, A Unified State-Space and Scenario Tree Framework for Multi-Stage Stochastic Optimization: A application to emission-constrained hydro-thermal scheduling (Summer 2010).

• Donatella Granata, Models and Algorithms for new Network Flow Problems (Universitaid Roma La Sapienza, Italy - Spring 2011).

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• Jui-Hong (Vic) Chien, EEG Analysis of Brain Dynamical Behavior with Applications in Epilepsy (BME, Spring 2011).

• Jicong Zhang, Optimization and Data Mining in Healthcare: Patients Classification and Epileptic Brain State Transition Study Using Dynamic Measures, Pattern Recognition and Network Modeling (Spring 2011).

• Neng Fan, Combinatorial and Nonlinear Optimization Methods with Applications in Data Clustering, Biclustering and Power Systems (Summer 2011).

• Petros Xanthopoulos, Robust Data Mining Techniques with Application in Biomedicine and Engineering (Summer 2011).

• Vera Tomaino, Data mining and optimization in cancer research (University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, Italy - (Summer 2011).

• Masoud Zarepisheh, Transformation of Multiobjective Optimization Problems with Natural and Lexicographical Ordering (Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran

- (Summer 2011).

• Alexey Sorokin, Modeling and Optimization Techniques for Ensuring Resilience in Heterogeneous Networked Systems - (Summer 2012).

• Hongsheng Xu, Electricity Blackout and Power Security: Survey and Analysis - (Summer 2012).

• Syed Mujahid, Optimization Based Robust Methods in Data Analysis with Applications to Biomedicine and Engineering - (Summer 2013).

• Dmytro Korenkevych, Data Minining Methods with Aplications in Biomedicine - (Summer 2013).

• Michael B. Fenn, A Raman Spectroscopic-based Platform Using Advanced Data Mining Methods for in-Situ Cancer Cell Classification and Characterization - (Summer 2013).

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Current Ph.D. Students:

• Chrysafis Vogiatzis, (expected graduation: 2014).

• Jose L. Walteros, (expected graduation: 2014).

• Jason Pi, (expected graduation: 2015).

• Ioannis Pappas, (expected graduation: 2015).


• Robert Murphey, “Multigraphs, Weighted Graphs and the Frequency Assignment Problem” (Graduated Fall 1997).

• Eduardo Pasiliao, “A Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedure for the Multi-Criteria Radio Link Frequency Assignment Problem” (Graduated Winter 1999).

• Paul Francis Thottakkara, “On Feature Selection in Data Mining” (Graduated Summer 2013).


• Served as an external examiner (May 1995) of the PhD dissertation by Saied Ghannadan from the Linkoping Institute of Technology, Sweden

• Served as an external examiner (July 1996) of the PhD dissertation by Michael Nast from the University of Trier, Germany

• Served as an external examiner (February 1997) of the PhD dissertation by Wayne John Pullan from the Central Queensland University, Rockhampton Australia

• Served as an external examiner (July 1998) of the PhD dissertation by Dimitri Pourbaix from the University of Liege, Belgium

• Served as an external examiner (May 2000) of the PhD dissertation by Liu Ju from the City University of Hong Kong

• Served as an external examiner (March 2002) of the PhD dissertation by George Pappas from Brunel University, England

• Served as an external examiner (August 2003) of the PhD dissertation by Galina A. Korotkikh from Central Queensland University (Australia).

• Served as an external examiner (May 2005) of the PhD dissertation by Zari Dzalilov from The University of Ballarat (Victoria, Australia).

• Served as an external examiner (May 2006) of the PhD dissertation by Panos Parpas from The Department of Computing, Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine (London, England).

–  –  –

• Served as an external examiner (March 2007) of the PhD dissertation by Laura Di Giacomo from The University of La Sapienza (Rome, Italy).

• Served as PhD co-advisor with Dr. Geraldo Robson Mateus (May 2007) of the PhD dissertation by Mart?n G?mez Ravetti, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Thesis: “Algorithms for Scheduling Problems with Parallel Machines and Sequence Dependent Setups.”

• Served as an external examiner (September 2009) of the PhD dissertation by Angelos Tsoukalas from The Department of Computing, Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine (London, England).

• Served as an external examiner (April 2010) of the PhD dissertation by Oleg Sysoev from the Linkoping Institute of Technology, Sweden

• Served as PhD co-advisor with Dr. Antanas Ziliskas (January 2011) of the PhD dissertation by Ingrida Steponavice, Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania) Thesis: “Algorithms for Uniform Distribution of Solutions over the Pareto Set, and their Applications in Risk Management.”


• Somesh Jha, Some Results on Quadratic Zero-One Programming (Fall 1987).

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• Chi-Geun Han, Local Search Algorithms for Large Scale Nonconvex Problems (Summer 1988).

• Haralambos Sahinoglou, Using Branch and Bound to Solve the Complementarity Problem (Summer 1988).

• Chandra S. Rentala, Implementation of a Parallel Algorithm to Find the Connected Components of a Graph (Fall 1988).

• Maria Arzimanoglou, Graph Theoretical approach to Quantitative Structure-Property and Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Studies, (P.C. Jurs -Chemistry, co-advisor), Fall 1988.

• James V. Crouse, An Algorithm for Solving the Quadratic Assignment Problem in Parallel on the IBM 3090/400E Vector Multiprocessor (Spring 1989).

• Rajkumar Subramaniyan, An Algorithm for Solving the Quadratic Zero-One Problem in Parallel on the IBM 3090/600E Vector Multiprocessor (Spring 1989).

• Nisha Desai, An Algorithm for the Maximum Weighted Independent Set Problem, (Spring 1989).

• Yong Li, On the Convex Hull of a Set of Points in Rm, (Summer 1990).

–  –  –

• Hrafn Loftsson, Experiments with the Quadratic Assignment Problem (T. Cavalier, -Industrial Eng., co-advisor), Spring 1992.

• Spyros D. A. Antoniou, Solution Sets in Quadratic Bivalent Programming, (Spring 1992).

• Jonas Hasselberg, The maximum clique problem: test generators and computational results, Summer 1992.

• Mattias Sandstrom, Optimization problems arising from portfolio selection models, (Fall 1992).

• Henrik Johansson, Genetic algorithms for the quadratic assignment problem, (Summer 1993).

• Camilla Landen, Graph coloring algorithms, (Fall 1993).

• Leonidas Pitsoulis, Quadratic Assignment Problems, (Summer 1994).

• Thelma Mavridou, The Biquadratic Assignment Problem, (Summer 1995).

• Nils Lidstroem, A Greedy randomized Adaptive Search Procedure for the 3-index Assignment problem (Summer 1996).

• Sara Ericson, A Global Optimization Heuristic for the Maximum Clique Problem (Summer 1997).

• Jonas Rappe, An Exact Parallel Algorithm for the Maximum Clique Problem (Summer 1997).

• Kristoffer Bodvik, Algorithms for Train Scheduling Problems, (Fall 1998).

• Aaron Craig, Pick and Place Sequence Optimization for Electronic Assembly Machinery, (Fall 1998).

• Sierra L. Feitshans, Fast Heuristics for the Multitatrget Multisensor Tracking Problem, (Fall 1999).

• Xin Liu, A GRASP for the Frequency Assignment in Mobile Radio Networks, (Fall 1999).

• Marten Ericsson, A genetic algorithm for setting weights in OSPF routing, (Fall 2000).

• Wanpracha Chaovalitwongse, Heuristics for large vehicle routing problems with time windows, (Fall 2000).

• David Paolini, A stochastic Approach to the Frequency Assignment Problem, (Spring 2001).

• Charles W. Werner, Efficient Scheduling of Athletic Competitions by Graph Theory, (Spring 2001).

• Zheng Xu, Datamining in Electronic Commerce (2002).

• Bruno H. Chiarini, A new algorithm for the triangulation of input-ouput tables and the linear ordering problem (2004).

• Daniel J. Hurley, A model of neocortical connectivity based on architecture of scale-free networks (BME, Fall 2005).

–  –  –

• Erika J. Short, Local Search Algorithms for the Maximum K-plex problem (Spring 2008).

• Ingrida Radziukyniene, C-GRASP Application to Economic Dispatch Problem (Summer 2010).

• Paul Francis Thottakkara, On Feature Selection in Data Mining (Fall 2013).

• Saravanan Natarajan, Simulationn Based Approach to Study the Vulnerability in Electrical Grid (Fall 2013).


• Yasutoshi Yajima, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (1997–1998).

• Tania Querido, Brazil (1998–1999).

• Paola Festa, Universita’ degli Studi di Salerno, Italy (1999– 2001).

• Vladimir Shylo, Pavel Knopov, Vitaliy Yatsenko, Tamara Bardadym, and Alexander Golodnikov, Institute of Cybernetics, Kiev (Spring 2000, Spring 2007, and Spring 2010).

• Hongxuan Huang, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China (2000–2001).

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