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«2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences DIRECTORY I/II/III 2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences [ISSN 0162-1467] THE ...»

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California State University, Bakersfield, Bakersfield, CA 93311-1099 Division II, Men’s Wrestling I.

P—Horace Mitchell, 661/664-2243. FAX-661/664-3188.


F—Thomas Doucet, 661/664-2337. FAX-661/664-6697.


AD—Rudy Carvajal, 661/664-2200. FAX-661/664-2376.


SWA—Gloria Friedman, Senior Associate Athletics Director, 661/664FAX-661/664-3156. E-mail-gfriedman@csubak.edu.

California State University, Chico, Chico, CA 95929 Division II.

P—Paul Zingg, 530/898-5201. FAX-530/898-5077.


F—Richard Parker, Professor, Department of Philosophy, 530/898-4743. FAX-530/898-6046. E-mail-rparker@csuchico.edu.

AD/SWA—Anita S. Barker, 530/898-6470. FAX-530/898-6582.


California State University, Dominguez Hills, Carson, CA 90747 Division II.

P—James E. Lyons Sr., 310/243-3301. FAX-310/243-3858.


F—Clarence Augustus Martin, 310/243-3768.


AD—Ron Prettyman, 310/243-3893. FAX-310/217-6975.


SWA—Julie Sandoval, Associate Athletics Director, 310/243-2819.

FAX-310/217-6975. E-mail-jusandoval@csudh.edu.

California State University, Fresno, Fresno, CA 93740-0048 Division I.

P—John D. Welty, 559/278-2324. FAX-559/278-4715.


F—Peter Simis, Professor of Information Systems, 559/278-4190.

FAX-559/278-4911. E-mail-peters@cvip.net.

AD—Scott Johnson, 559/278-3178. FAX-559/278-6847.


SWA—Desiree Reed-Francois, Associate Director of Athletics, 559/278-5116. E-mail-dfrancois@csufresno.edu.

California State University, Fullerton, Fullerton, CA 92834-6810 Division I.

P—Milton A. Gordon, 714/278-3456. FAX-714/278-2649. E-mailmgordon@fullerton.edu.

F—Leon Gilbert, Professor of Foreign Languages, 714/278-2208.

FAX-714/278-5944. E-mail-lgilbert@fullerton.edu.

AD—Brian Quinn, 714/278-3050. FAX-714/278-5396.


SWA—June Kearney, 714/278-3431. FAX-714/278-5819.


California State University, Hayward, Hayward, CA 94542 Division III.

P—Norma S. Rees, 510/885-3877. FAX-510/885-3808.


F—Myoung-ja Lee Kwon, Director of the Library, 510/885-3664.

FAX-510/885-2049. E-mail-mkwon@csuhayward.edu.

AD—Debby De Angelis, 510/885-3038. FAX-510/885-2282.


SWA—Sara Judd, 510/885-3066. FAX-510/885-2282.


Roll of Members - C California State University, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90032-8240 Division II.

P—James M. Rosser, 323/343-3030. FAX-323/343-3039.


F—Gerald Beer, Professor of Mathematics, 323/343-3086.

FAX-323/343-6535. E-mail-gbeer@calstatela.edu.

AD/SWA—Carol M. Dunn, 323/343-3080. FAX-323/343-6535.


California State University, Northridge, Northridge, CA 91330-8276 Division I.

P—Jolene Koester, 818/677-2121. FAX-818/677-2254.


F—Barbara Swerkes, Professor, Department of Kinesiology, 818/677FAX-818/ 677-3207. E-mail-barbara.swerkes@csun.edu.

AD—Richard Dull, 818/677-3208. FAX-818/677-4762.


SWA—Janet Lucas, Senior Associate Athletics Director, 818/677-4837. FAX-818/677-4762. E-mail-janet.lucas@csun.edu.

California State University, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA 95819Division I.

P—Alex Gonzalez, 916/278-7737.

F—David Raske, Professor of Education, 916/278-5946.

FAX-916/278-5904. E-mail-raske@csus.edu.

AD—Terry Wanless, 916/278-6348. FAX-916/278-5429.


California State University, San Bernardino, San Bernardino, CA 92407-2397 Division II.

P—Albert K. Karnig, 909/880-5002. FAX-909/880-5901.


F—Dwight Sweeney, 909/880-5689. FAX-909/880-7040.


AD—Nancy Simpson, 909/880-5011. FAX-909/880-5984.


SWA—Cita Jones, 909/880-5020. FAX-909/880-5984.


California State University, Stanislaus, Turlock, CA 95382-0299 Division II.

P—Marvalene Hughes, 209/667-3201. FAX-209/667-3206.


F—John Mayer, 209/667-3451.

AD—Milton E. Richards, 209/664-4295. FAX-209/667-3084.


SWA—Kim J. Duyst, Track Coach, 209/667-3312.

FAX-209/667-3084. E-mail-kduyst@toto.csustan.edu.

California University of Pennsylvania, California, PA 15419 Division II.

P—Angelo Armenti Jr., 724/938-4400. FAX-724/938-4373.


F—William Biddington, 724/938-4562. FAX-724/938-5849.


AD—Thomas G. Pucci, 724/938-4351. FAX-724/938-5849.


SWA—Karen Hjerpe, Compliance Officer, 724/938-4351.

FAX-724/938-5849. E-mail-hjerpe@cup.edu.

Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI 49546-4388 Division III.

P—Gaylen J. Byker, 616/526-6100. FAX-616/526-6577.


F—Robert Medema, Associate Professor, 616/526-6380.


AD (Men)—Kevin Vande Streek, 616/526-6704. FAX-616/526-6060.


AD (Women)—Nancy L. Meyer, 616/526-6224. FAX-616/526-6060.


Cameron University, Lawton, OK 73505-6377 Division II.

P—Cynthia Ross, 580/581-2201. FAX-580/581-2421.


F—Keith Vitense, 580/581-2887. E-mail-keithv@cameron.edu.

AD—Sam Carroll, 580/581-2300. FAX-580/581-5537.


SWA—Kim Vinson, Compliance Coordinator, 580/581-2462.

FAX-580/581-5537. E-mail-kimv@cameron.edu.

Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC 27506 Division I.

P—Jerry Wallace, 910/893-1205.


F—Gary A. Taylor, Chairman, Psychology Department, 910/893FAX-910/893-1980. E-mail-taylor@mailcenter.campbell.edu.

AD—Stan Williamson, 910/893-1326. FAX-910/893-1980.


SWA—Deborah A. Richardson, Senior Associate Director of Athletics, 910/893-1994. FAX-910/893-1980.


Canisius College, Buffalo, NY 14208-1098 Division I.

P—Vincent M. Cooke, 716/888-2100. FAX-716/888-3220.


AD—Timothy J. Dillon, 716/888-2972. FAX-716/888-2985.


SWA—Jennifer Zeh, Senior Associate Athletics Director, 716/888-2959. FAX-716/888-2985. E-mail-zehj@canisius.edu.

Capital University, Columbus, OH 43209-2394 Division III.

P—Theodore Fredrickson, 614/236-6908. FAX-614/236-6751.


F—Jane Baldwin, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 614/236-6121.

Roll of Members - C FAX-614/236-6518. E-mail-jbaldwin@capital.edu.

AD—Roger Welsh, 614/236-6528. FAX-614/236-6178.


SWA—Dixie Jeffers, Associate Director of Athletics, 614/236-6551.

FAX-614/236-6178. E-mail-djeffers@capital.edu.

Carleton College, Northfield, MN 55057 Division III.

P—Robert Oden, 507/646-4305. E-mail-eeslinge@acs.carleton.edu.

F—Michael Flynn, Professor of Linguistics, 507/646-4020.

FAX-507/646-5550. E-mail-mjflynn@carleton.edu.

AD—Leon Lunder, 507/646-4057. FAX-507/646-7925.


SWA—Donna M. Ricks, Associate Professor, Physical Education, 507/646-4485. FAX-507/646-5550. E-mail-dricks@carleton.edu.

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890 Division III.

P—Jared Cohon, 412/268-2200. FAX-412/268-2330.


F—William F. Elliott, Vice-President for Enrollment, 412/268-2056.

FAX-412/268-2330. E-mail-we16@andrew.cmu.edu.

AD—David Belowich, 412/268-8555. FAX-412/268-3099.


SWA—Joan Maser, Associate Director of Athletics, 412/268-3776.

FAX-412/268-3099. E-mail-jm7q@andrew.cmu.edu.

Carroll College (Wisconsin), Waukesha, WI 53186-5593 Division III.

P—Frank S. Falcone, 262/524-7246. FAX-262/524-7646.


F—Joseph J. Piatt, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 262/524-7156.


AD—Kris Jacobsen, 262/524-7319. FAX-262/524-7376.


SWA—Jane Hopp, Chair of Department of Health Sciences, 262/527-7294. FAX-262/524-7376. E-mail-jhopp@cc.edu.

Carson-Newman College, Jefferson City, TN 37760 Division II.

P—James S. Netherton, 865/471-3200. FAX-865/471-3502.


F—Ross Brummett, 865/471-3276. FAX-865/471-3502.


AD—David W. Barger, 865/471-3372. FAX-865/471-3514.


SWA—Vickee K. Hollifield, Softball Coach, 865/471-3424.

FAX-865/471-3514. E-mail-vkazee@cn.edu.

Carthage College, Kenosha, WI 53140 Division III.

P—F. Gregory Campbell, 262/551-5858. FAX-262/551-5973.


F—John A. Neuenschwander, Professor of History, 262/551-5886.

FAX-262/551-6208. E-mail-jneuenschwander@carthage.edu.

AD—Robert R. Bonn, 262/551-5931. FAX-262/551-5995.


SWA—Leanne Ulmer, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, 262/551-6681. E-mail-lulmer@carthage.edu.

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH 44106 Division III.

P—Edward M. Hundret, 216/368-4344.


F—Glenn Nicholls, Vice-President for Student Affairs, 216/368-2021.

FAX-216/368-6957. E-mail-gxn6@po.cwru.edu.

AD—Dave Hutter, 216/368-2866. E-mail-dmh6@case.edu.

SWA—Emily Donovan, 216/368-2192. E-mail-ekd6@case.edu.

Castleton State College, Castleton, VT 05735 Division III.

P—David Wolk, 802/468-1201. E-mail-david.wolk@castleton.edu.

F—Reese Barber, 802/468-1435. FAX-802/468-2189.


AD—Deanna Tyson, 802/468-1365. FAX-802/468-2189.


Catawba College, Salisbury, NC 28144-2488 Division II.

P—Robert Knott, 704/637-4111. FAX-704/637-4754.


F—Karl Hales, Professor of Communication Arts, 704/637-4343.


AD—Dennis Davidson, 704/637-4474. FAX-704/637-5705.


SWA—Nan Whitley, Assistant Director of Athletics, 704/637-4474.

FAX-704/637-5705. E-mail-nwhitley@catawba.edu.

Catholic University, Washington, DC 20064 Division III.

P—David M. O’Connell, 202/319-5100. FAX-202/319-4441.


F—Timothy Meagher, 202/319-5065. E-mail-meagher@cua.edu.

AD—Robert J. Talbot, 202/319-6047. FAX-202/319-6199.


SWA—Jone Dowd, 202/319-6043. FAX-202/319-6199.


Cazenovia College, Cazenovia, NY 13035 Division III.

P—Mark John Tierno, 315/655-7116. FAX-315/655-4143.


F—Naomi Blumenthal, Professor of Equine Studies, 315/655-7105.

FAX-315/655-1099. E-mail-nblumenthal@cazcollege.edu.

AD—Matthew T. Newman, 315/655-7142. FAX-315/655-1099.


SWA—Susan Berger, Executive Vice-President, 315/655-7126.

Roll of Members - C FAX-315/655-1099. E-mail-sberger@cazcollege.edu.

Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA 18104-6196 Division III.

P—Dorothy G. Blaney, 610/606-4612. FAX-610/740-3763.

F—Diane Moyer, 610/606-4663. FAX-610/606-4658.

AD—Kelly McCloskey, 610/606-4634. FAX-610/740-3794.


Centenary College (Louisiana), Shreveport, LA 71134-1188 Division I.

P—Kenneth L. Schwab, 318/869-5101. FAX-318/869-5010.


F—David Hoaas, Professor of Economics, 318/869-5148.

FAX-318/869-5139. E-mail-dhoaas@centenary.edu.

AD—Taylor Moore, 318/869-5087. FAX-318/869-5145.


SWA—Terry Ennis, Compliance Coordinator, 318/869-5098.

FAX-318/869-5145. E-mail-tfinklea@centenary.edu.

Centenary College (New Jersey), Hackettstown, NJ 07840 Division III.

P—Kenneth Hoyt, 908/852-1400. FAX-908/850-9508.


F—Robert Frail, Director of International Studies, 908/852-1400.

FAX-908/813-8295. E-mail-frailr@centenarycollege.edu.

AD—Diane Finnan, 908/852-1400. FAX-908/813-8295.


SWA—Billie Jo Blackwell, Associate Director of Athletics, 908/852-1400. FAX-908/813-8295.


University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR 72035-0001 Division II.

P—Lu Hardin, 501/450-3170. FAX-501/450-5003.


F—Bill Bandy, Professor of Physical Therapy, 501/450-5547.

FAX-501/450-5822. E-mail-billb@mail.uca.edu.

AD—Vance Strange, 501/450-3150. FAX-501/450-3151.


SWA—Laura Clayton, Assistant Athletic Director, 501/450-5244.

FAX-501/450-3151. E-mail-lclayton@mail.uca.edu.

Central College (Iowa), Pella, IA 50219 Division III.

P—David H. Roe, 515/628-5270. FAX-515/628-5316.


F—Ed Willis, 515/628-5252. FAX-515/628-5356.


AD—Al Dorenkamp, 515/628-5310. FAX-515/628-5356.


SWA—Lori Witt, History Professor, 515/628-5212.

FAX-515/628-5356. E-mail-wittl@central.edu.

Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT 06050-4010 Division I.

P—Robert N. Aebersold, 860/832-3000. FAX-860/832-3033.


F—Robert Troy, 860/832-2684. FAX-860/832-3087.

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