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«2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences DIRECTORY I/II/III 2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences [ISSN 0162-1467] THE ...»

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F—Mitch Griffin, Associate Professor of Marketing, 309/677-2287.


AD—Kenneth E. Kavanagh, 309/677-2670. FAX-309/677-2665.


SWA—Virnette House-Browning, Senior Associate Athletics Director, 309/677-2633. FAX-309/677-2665. E-mail-vhouse@bradley.edu.

Brandeis University, Waltham, MA 02454-9110 Division III.

P—Jehuda Reinharz, 781/736-3001. FAX-781/736-8699.


AD—Sheryl Sousa, 781/736-3663. FAX-781/736-3656.


SWA—Lynne Dempsey, Associate Athletics Director, 781/736-3635.

FAX-781/736-3656. E-mail-dempsey@brandeis.edu.

University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT 06601 Division II.

P—Neil Salonen, 203/576-4665. FAX-203/576-4983.

F—John Nicholas, Professor of Geology, 203/576-4256.


AD—Jay Moran, 203/576-4735. FAX-203/576-4057.


SWA—Analia Carcer, Assistant Director of Athletics, 203/576-4725.

FAX-203/576-4057. E-mail-acarcer@bridgeport.edu.

Bridgewater College (Virginia), Bridgewater, VA 22812-1599 Division III.

P—Phillip C. Stone, 540/828-5605. FAX-540/828-5479.


F—James Bowling, 540/828-5474. FAX-540/828-5484.


AD—Curtis L. Kendall, 540/828-5407. FAX-540/828-5484.


SWA—Jean Willi, Associate Director of Athletics, 540/828-5400.

FAX-540/828-5484. E-mail-jwilli@bridgewater.edu.

Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, MA 02325-9998 Division III.

P—Dana Mohler-Faria, 508/531-1201. FAX-508/531-1707.


F—Jan Harris, Professor, Movement Arts, 508/531-1215.

FAX-508/531-1356. E-mail-jharris@bridgew.edu.

AD—John C. Harper, 508/531-1352. FAX-508/531-1356.


SWA—Susan Crosby-Tangen, Assistant Athletics Director, 508/531-1352. FAX-508/531-1356. E-mail-stangen@bridgew.edu.

Roll of Members - B Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 84602 Division I.

P—Cecil O. Samuelson, 801/422-2521. FAX-801/422-0684.


F—Larry Echohawk, 801/422-4001. FAX-801/422-0391.


AD (Men)—Q. Val Hale, 801/422-8704. FAX-801/422-0036.


AD (Women)—Elaine Michaelis, 801/422-4225. FAX-801/422-0697.


Brigham Young University, Hawaii, Laie, HI 96762-1294 Division II.

P—Eric B. Shumway, 808/293-3700. FAX-808/293-3700.

F—Ronald Jackson, Professor of Psychology, 808/293-3764.

AD—A. Kenyon Wagner, 808/293-3760. FAX-808/293-3763.


SWA—Charlene D. Kurihara, 808/293-3765. FAX-808/293-3763.


State University College at Brockport, Brockport, NY 14420-2989 Division III.

P—John B. Clark, 585/395-2361.

F—Peter Hager, 585/395-2373. FAX-585/395-2160.


AD—Linda J. Case, 716/395-2579. FAX-716/395-2160.


SWA—Susan Hoffman, Associate Director of Athletics, 716/395FAX-716/395-2160. E-mail-shoffman@brockport.edu.

Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY 11210 Division III.

P—Christoph Kimmich, 718/951-5671. FAX-718/951-4872.

F—Sherwood Johnson, Director, Financial Aid, 718/951-5045.


AD—Bruce Filosa, 718/951-5366. FAX-718/951-4882.


SWA—Joan Caccamo, 718/951-5366. FAX-718/951-4882.


Brown University, Providence, RI 02912 Division I.

P—Ruth Simmons, 401/863-2234. FAX-401/863-7737.


F—Howard Chudacoff, Professor of History, 401/863-2625.


AD (Interim)—JoanTaylor, 401/863-2272. FAX-401/863-7449.


SWA—JoanTaylor, 401/863-2272. FAX-401/863-7449.


Bryant College, Smithfield, RI 02917-1284 Division II.

P—Ronald K. Machtley, 401/232-6008. FAX-401/232-6709.


F—David Ketcham, Associate Professor of Finance, 401/232-6456.


AD—Dan Gavitt, 401/232-6078. FAX-401/232-6361.


SWA—Theresa Garlacy, Assistant Athletics Director, 401/232-6360.

FAX-401/232-6361. E-mail-tgarlac@bryant.edu.

Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-2899 Division III.

P—Nancy Vickers, 610/526-5156. FAX-610/526-7450.


F—Elizabeth McCormack, 610/526-5356. FAX-610/526-7469.


AD—Amy Campbell, 610/526-5364. FAX-610/526-7347.


SWA—Jody Law, 610/526-7309. FAX-610/526-7347.


Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA 17837 Division I.

P—Brian C. Mitchell, 570/577-1511. E-mail-bmitchel@bucknell.edu.

F—Mitchell Chernin, 570/577-3145. E-mail-chernin@bucknell.edu.

AD—John P. Hardt, 570/577-3737. E-mail-jhardt@bucknell.edu.

SWA—Amanda Backus, 570/577-1712. FAX-570/577-3081.


Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, IA 50588-9990 Division III.

P—Frederick Moore, 712/749-2103. FAX-712/749-2050.


F—Annamaria Formichella-Elsden, 712/749-2155.

FAX-712/749-1460. E-mail-formichella@bvu.edu.

AD—JanTravis, 712/749-2016. FAX-712/749-1460.


SWA—Marjorie A. Willadsen, Associate Director or Athletics, 712/749-2254. FAX-712/749-2037. E-mail-willadsen@bvu.edu.

University at Buffalo, the State University of New York, Buffalo, NY 14260 Division I.

P—John Simpson, 726/645-2901. FAX-726/645-3728.

F—Charles Fourtner, Professor of Biological Sciences, 716/645-7978. E-mail-fourtner@buffalo.edu.

AD—William J. Maher, 716/645-3146. FAX-716/645-3756.


State University College at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14222-1095 Division III.

P—Muriel A. Howard, 716/878-4101. FAX-716/878-6527.


F—Ron Stewart, 716/878-6436. FAX-716/878-4006.


AD—Jerry S. Boyes, 716/878-6534. FAX-716/878-3401.


SWA—Gail F. Maloney, Senior Associate Director of Athletics, 716/878-6515. FAX-716/878-3401.


Butler University, Indianapolis, IN 46208-3485 Division I.

P—Bobby Fong, 317/940-9900. FAX-317/940-9504.


F—Joe Kirsch, Professor of Chemistry, 317/940-9400.

FAX-317/940-9519. E-mail-jkirsch@butler.edu.

AD—John C. Parry, 317/940-9940. FAX-317/940-9734.


SWA—Carol A. Reep, Senior Associate Director of Athletics, 317/940-9388. FAX-317/940-9734. E-mail-careep@butler.edu.

C.W. Post Campus/Long Island University, Brookville, NY 11548 Division II.

P—David J. Steinberg, 516/299-2501. FAX-516/299-2072.


F—Sean Grennan, Professor of Criminal Justice, 516/299-2592.

AD—Vincent Salamone, 516/299-2376. FAX-516/299-3155.


SWA—Karen MacCrate, 516/299-2286. FAX-516/299-3155.

Roll of Members - C E-mail-maccrate@liu.edu.

Cabrini College, Radnor, PA 19087-3698 Division III, Men’s Track, Indoor II.

P—Antoinette Iadarola, 610/902-8200. FAX-610/902-8204.


F—James Hedtke, Assistant Professor, Political History/Science, 610/902-8336. FAX-610/902-8385.

AD/SWA—Leslie Danehy, 610/902-8571. FAX-610/902-8385.


Caldwell College, Caldwell, NJ 07006-6195 Division II.

P—Sister Patrice Werner, 973/618-3217. FAX-973/618-3900.


F—Patrick Sime, 973/618-3518. FAX-973/618-3370.


AD—Mark A. Corino, 973/618-3412. FAX-973/618-3370.


SWA—Nicole Durnien-Amato, Assistant Athletics Director, 973/618FAX-973/618-3370. E-mail-ndurnien@caldwell.edu.

University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720 Division I.

C—Robert M. Berdahl, 510/642-7464. FAX-510/643-5499.


F—William A. Lester Jr., Professor of Chemistry, 510/643-9590.

FAX-510/642-2695. E-mail-walester@cchem.berkeley.edu.

F—Jesse Choper, 510/642-8187.

AD—Stephen Gladstone, 510/642-5316. FAX-510/642-3399.


SWA—Teresa R. Kuehn, 510/642-9224. FAX-510/642-3399.


University of California, Davis, Davis, CA 95616-8674 Division II, Men’s Wrestling I, Women’s Gymnastics I.

C—Larry N. Vanderhoef, 530/752-2065. FAX-530/752-2400.

F—Melvin R. Ramey, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 530/752-0896. FAX-530/752-7872.


AD—Greg Warzecka, 530/754-9276. FAX-530/752-6681.


SWA—Pamela L. Gill-Fisher, Senior Associate Director of Athletics, 530/752-7510. FAX-530/752-5099. E-mail-pgillfisher@ucdavis.edu.

University of California, Irvine, Irvine, CA 92697-4125 Division I.

C—RalphJ. Cicerone, 949/824-5111. FAX-949/824-2087.


F—David Snow, 949/824-9323. FAX-949/824-4717.


AD—Robert Chichester, 949/824-6932. FAX-949/824-1493.


SWA—Petrina Long, Senior Associate Director of Athletics, 949/824-7590. FAX-949/824-1493. E-mail-plong@uci.edu.

University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1405 Division I.

C—Albert Carnesale, 310/825-2151. FAX-310/206-6030.


F—Donald G. Morrison, William E. Leonhard Professor, 310/825-7706. FAX-310/206-2002.


AD—Daniel G. Guerrero, 310/206-6382. FAX-310/206-7047.


SWA—Petrina Long, Associate Athletics Director, 310/206-6149.

FAX-310/206-7047. E-mail-plong@athletics.ucla.edu.

University of California, Riverside, Riverside, CA 92521 Division I.

C—France Cordova, 951/827-5201. FAX-951/827-3866.


F—Anthony W. Norman, Professor of Biochemistry, 951/827-4777.

FAX-951/827-4784. E-mail-anthony.norman@ucr.edu.

AD—Stanley M. Morrison, 951/827-5432. FAX-951/827-3569.


SWA—Paula Smith, 951/827-2892. FAX-951/827-3569.


University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA 92093-0531 Division II, Men’s Crew III.

C—Marye Anne Fox, 858/534-6861. FAX-858/534-6523.

F—Lea Rudee, 858/534-8998. FAX-858/534-8172.


AD—Earl W. Edwards, 858/534-4211. FAX-858/534-8172.


SWA—Laurie Turner, Associate Director of Athletics, 858/534-8417.

FAX-858/534-8172. E-mail-llturner@ucsd.edu.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5200 Division I.

C—Henry T. Yang, 805/893-2231. FAX-805/893-8717.


F—Steven Allaback, Professor of English, 805/893-4008.

FAX-805/893-4622. E-mail-steveall@english.ucsb.edu.

AD—Gary A. Cunningham, 805/893-3400. FAX-805/893-8640.


SWA—Valerie A. Richardson, Associate Athletics Director, 805/893-2247. FAX-805/893-5431.


University of California, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA 95064 Division III.

C—Martin Chemers, 831/459-3885. FAX-831/459-3885.


F—Gene Switkes, 831/459-2000.


AD—Greg Harshaw, 831/459-4524. FAX-831/459-4070.


SWA—Selene Teitelbaum, Head Coach, Women’s Basketball, Roll of Members - C 831/459-5982. FAX-831/459-4070. E-mailselenebean2@hotmail.com.

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125 Division III.

P—David Baltimore, 626/395-6301. FAX-626/449-9374.


F—Michael R. Hoffmann, James Irvine Professor, 626/395-4391.

FAX-626/395-2940. E-mail-mrh@its.caltech.edu.

AD—Mark Harriman, 626/395-3255. FAX-626/584-0589.


SWA—Julie Levesque, 626/395-3260. FAX-626/584-0589.


California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-2787 Division III.

P—Luther S. Luedtke, 805/493-3100. FAX-805/493-3867.


F—Paul L. Hanson, Professor of History, 805/493-3319.

FAX-805/493-3513. E-mail-hanson@robles.callutheran.edu.

AD—Daniel E. Kuntz, 805/493-3855. FAX-805/493-3860.


SWA—Debby Day, Assistant Director of Athletics, 805/493-3408.


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407 Division I.

P—Warren J. Baker, 805/756-6000. FAX-805/756-1129.


F—Michael Wenzl, Professor of English, 805/756-2159.


AD/SWA—Alison Cone, 805/756-1407. FAX-805/756-2699.


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Pomona, CA 91768 Division II.

P—J. Michael Ortiz, 909/869-2290. FAX-909/869-4535.


F—Gary A. Hamilton, Professor for Hospitality Management, 909/869-2773. FAX-909/869-2814.


AD (Interim)—Glenn Shenker, 909/869-4631. FAX-909/869-2814.


SWA—Chris Ward, Interim Associate Athletics Director/Business Manager, 909/869-2816. FAX-909/869-2814.


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