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«2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences DIRECTORY I/II/III 2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences [ISSN 0162-1467] THE ...»

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Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, PA 15301-4801 Division III.

P—G. Andrew Rembert, 724/223-6000. FAX-724/223-6108.


F—John Gregor, 724/223-6150. E-mail-jgregor@washjeff.edu.

AD—Rick Creehan, 724/250-3461. FAX-724/250-3329.


SWA—Jina DeRubbo, 724/250-3326. FAX-724/250-3329.


Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA 24450 Division III.

P—Thomas Burish, 540/458-8700. FAX-540/458-8945.


F—David Millon, 540/458-8993. FAX-540/458-8488.


AD—Michael F. Walsh, 540/458-8671. FAX-540/458-8173.


SWA—Cinda L. Rankin, Assistant Director of Athletics, 540/458-8687. FAX-540/458-8173. E-mail-rankinc@wlu.edu.

Washington College (Maryland), Chestertown, MD 21620-1197 Division III.

P—Baird Tipson, 410/778-7201. FAX-410/778-7850.


F—James Siemen, Professor of Psychology, 410/778-7283.

FAX-410/778-7850. E-mail-jsiemen2@washcoll.edu.

AD—Bryan Matthews, 410/778-7231. FAX-410/778-7741.


SWA—Kim Lessard, 410/778-7241. FAX-410/778-7741.


Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-1602 Division I.

P—V. Lane Rawlins, 509/335-6666. FAX-509/335-0137.


F—Ken Casavant, 509/335-3411. FAX-509/335-4327.


AD—James Sterk, 509/335-0200. FAX-509/335-4501.


SWA—Marcia Saneholtz, Senior Associate Athletics Director, 509/335-0201. FAX-509/335-4501. E-mail-marcias@wsu.edu.

Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO 63130-4899 Division III.

C—Mark S. Wrighton, 314/935-5100. FAX-314/935-4744.


F—David Konig, Professor of History, 314/935-5459.


AD—John M. Schael, 314/935-5288. FAX-314/935-5545.


SWA—Lynn Imergoot, Assistant Athletics Director, 314/935-5204.

FAX-314/935-5545. E-mail-imergoot@wustl.edu.

Wayne State College (Nebraska), Wayne, NE 68787-1172 Division II.

P—Richard Collings, 402/375-7200. E-mail-ricolli1@wsc.edu.

F—Shawn Pearcy, Associate Professor/Department Chairperson, 402/375-7078. E-mail-shpearc1@wsc.edu.

AD—Eric Schoh, 402/375-7520. FAX-402/375-7120.


SWA—Sharon Vanis, 402/375-7303. E-mail-shvanis1@wsc.edu.

Wayne State University (Michigan), Detroit, MI 48202-3489 Division II, Men’s Ice Hockey I, Women’s Ice Hockey I.

P—Irvin D. Reid, 313/577-2230. FAX-313/577-3200.


AD—Robert Fournier. E-mail-ai5611@wayne.edu.

SWA—Allison Tookes, Assistant Athletics Director, 313/577-4280.

FAX-313/577-5996. E-mail-ah9423@wayne.edu.

Waynesburg College, Waynesburg, PA 15370 Division III.

P—Timothy R. Thyreen, 724/852-3212. FAX-724/627-3545.


F—Paul M. Sielski, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 724/852-3326.

FAX-724/627-6416. E-mail-psielski@waynesburg.edu.

AD—Rudy Marisa, 724/852-3246. FAX-724/852-4122.


SWA—Pat Bristor, Assistant Director of Athletics, 724/852-3315.

FAX-724/852-4405. E-mail-pbristor@waynesburg.edu.

Weber State University, Ogden, UT 84408-2701 Division I.

P—F. Ann Millner, 801/626-6001. FAX-801/626-8021.


F—Molly Smith, Professor/ Exercise Science, 801/626-7361.

FAX-801/626-6228. E-mail-mmsmith1@weber.edu.

AD—Gordon E. Belnap, 801/626-7738. FAX-801/626-8962.

SWA—Melissa Freigang, Associate Athletics Director, 801/626-7319.

FAX-801/656-6490. E-mail-mfreigang@weber.edu.

Webster University, St. Louis, MO 63119 Division III.

P—Richard Meyers, 314/968-6996. FAX-314/968-7117.

F—Pat Rishe, Business Department Faculty, 314/968-6900.

AD—Thomas Hart, 314/968-6984. FAX-314/963-6092.


SWA—Merry Graf, Volleyball Coach/Sports Information Director, 314/968-6984. FAX-314/963-6092. E-mail-mgraf@webster.edu.

Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA 02481-8203 Division III.

Roll of Members - W P—Diana Chapman-Walsh, 781/283-2237. FAX-781/283-3675.


F—Alexia Sontag, Professor of Mathematics, 781/283-3131.


SWA—Kristin Maile, 781/283-2016. FAX-781/283-3641.


Wells College, Aurora, NY 13026-0500 Division III.

P—Lisa Marsh Ryerson, 315/364-3265. FAX-315/364-3335.


F—Michael Groth, Assistant Professor of History, 315/364-3302.


AD—Lyn La Bar, 315/364-3410. FAX-315/364-3433.


Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA 02115 Division III.

P—John F. Van Domelen, 617/989-4476. FAX-617/989-4480.

F—Amos St. Germain, Director of Student Retention, 617/989-4342.

FAX-617/989-4591. E-mail-stgermaina@wit.edu.

AD—Lee Conrad, 617/989-4146. FAX-617/989-4150.


SWA—Angel Schofield, Associate Athletics Director, 617/989-4159.

FAX-617/989-4150. E-mail-schofielda@wit.edu.

Wesley College, Dover, DE 19901-3875 Division III.

P—Scott D. Miller, 302/736-2364. FAX-302/736-2312.


F—John Paul Muczko, Associate Professor, Physical Education, 302/736-2490. FAX-302/735-5957. E-mail-muczkojo@wesley.edu.

AD—Michele Stabley, 302/736-2545. FAX-302/736-2522.


Wesleyan College (Georgia), Macon, GA 31210-4462 Division III.

P—Ruth Knox, 478/757-5212.

F—David Bobbitt, Associate Professor of Communications, 478/757FAX-478/757-2486. E-mail-rbobbitt@wesleyancollege.edu.

AD/SWA—Melissa Kelly, 478/757-5260. FAX-478/757-2486.


Wesleyan University (Connecticut), Middletown, CT 06459 Division III.

P—Douglas Bennet, 860/685-3500. FAX-860/685-3501.


F—Philippa M. Coughlan, Adjunct Professor, 860/685-3144.

FAX-860/685-3961. E-mail-pcoughlan@wesleyan.edu.

AD—John Biddiscombe, 860/685-2896. FAX-860/685-2691.


SWA—Gale Lackey, Associate Director of Athletics, 860/685-2925.

FAX-860/685-2691. E-mail-glackey@wesleyan.edu.

University of West Alabama, Livingston, AL 35470 Division II.

P—Richard Holland, 205/652-3527. FAX-205/6523774.


F—Micky Smith, 205/652-3438. E-mail-msmith@uwa.edu.

AD—Curtis Outlaw, 205/652-3784. FAX-205/652-3600.


SWA—Janet Montgomery, Coach, 205/652-3630.

FAX-205/652-3600. E-mail-jlm@uwa.edu.

West Chester University of Pennsylvania, West Chester, PA 19383 Division II, Field Hockey I.

P—Madeleine Adler, 610/436-6973. FAX-610/436-3115.


F—Reginald Nealy, Assistant Professor-Criminal Justice, 610/436-2529. FAX-610/436-3540. E-mail-rnealy@wcupa.edu.

AD—Edward Matejkovic, 610/436-3062. FAX-610/436-1020.


SWA—Barbara Cleghorn, Assistant Director of Athletics, 610/436-3573. FAX-610/436-1020. E-mail-bcleghorn@wcupa.edu.

University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL 32514 Division II.

P—John Cavanaugh, 850/474-2201. FAX-850/474-3131.


F—Milton Usry, Professor of Accounting, 850/474-2964.

FAX-850/474-2716. E-mail-musry@uwf.edu.

AD—Richard C. Berg, 850/474-3004. FAX-850/474-3342.


SWA—Melissa Wolter, 850/473-7073. FAX-850/474-3342.


State University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA 30118 Division II.

P—Beheruz N. Sethna, 770/836-6442. FAX-770/836-6720.


F—Gus Douvanis, Associate Professor/Educational Leadership, 770/836-4463. FAX-770/836-4646. E-mail-gdouvani@westga.edu.

AD—Edward G. Murphy, 770/836-6533. FAX-770/836-6792.


SWA—Amy Draper, Compliance Coordinator, 770/836-4621.

FAX-770/836-6792. E-mail-adraper@westga.edu.

West Liberty State College, West Liberty, WV 26074 Division II.

P—Richard H. Owens, 304/336-8000. FAX-304/336-8285.


F—Carole L. Harris, Associate Professor, Business Administration, 304/336-8167. FAX-304/336-8418. E-mail-harriscl@wlsc.edu.

AD—James W. Watson, 304/336-8200. FAX-304/336-8304.


SWA—Heather Gallagher, 304/336-8225. FAX-304/336-8304.


West Texas A&M University, Canyon, TX 79016-0999 Division II.

P—Russell C. Long, 806/651-2100. FAX-806/651-2126.

Roll of Members - W F—David Rausch, Assistant Professor-Political Science, 806/651-2423.

FAX-806/651-2601. E-mail-drausch@mail.wtamu.edu.

AD—Ed Harris, 806/651-4402. FAX-806/651-4409.


SWA—Holly Troth, Associate Athletics Director, 806/651-4403.

FAX-806/651-4409. E-mail-htroth@mail.wtamu.edu.

West Virginia State University, Institute, WV 25112-1000 Division II.

P—Hazo W. Carter Jr., 304/766-3111. FAX-304/768-9842.


F—Andrew Aheart, Associate Professor: Mathematics, 304/766-3267.


AD—Robert Parker, 304/766-3061. FAX-304/768-4185.


SWA—Shannon Gerencir, Head Volleyball Coach, 304/766-3165.

FAX-304/766-3364. E-mail-payteesmom@aol.com.

West Virginia University Institute of Technology, Montgomery, WV 25136 Division II.

P—Galan Janeksela.

F—Robert Simile, Associate Professor of Art, 304/442-3257.


AD—Sandra Elmore, 304/442-3203. FAX-304/442-3499.


SWA—LeAnn Bird, 304/442-3855. FAX-304/442-3499.


West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 26507 Division I.

P—David C. Hardesty Jr., 304/293-5531. FAX-304/293-5883.


F—John Fisher, 304/293-3199. FAX-304/293-6891.


AD—Ed Pastilong, 304/293-5621. FAX-304/293-4105.


SWA—Terri L. Howes, Assistant Director of Athletics, 304/293-2889.

FAX-304/293-3181. E-mail-thowes@wvu.edu.

West Virginia Wesleyan College, Buckhannon, WV 26201 Division II.

P—William R. Haden, 304/473-8181. FAX-304/473-8187.


F—Richard Calef, Professor of Psychology, 304/473-8058.

FAX-304/473-8056. E-mail-calef_rs@wvwc.edu.

AD—George A. Klebez, 304/473-8099. FAX-304/473-8056.


Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC 28723 Division I.

C—John W. Bardo, 828/227-7100. FAX-828/227-7176.


F—Gibbs Knotts, Assistant Professor, Political Science, 828/227-3855. FAX-828/227-7279. E-mail-gknotts@email.wcu.edu.

AD—Jeff Compher, 828/227-7338. FAX-828/227-7688.


SWA—Debbie Hensley, Assistant Athletics Director, 828/227-2337.


Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT 06810 Division III.

P—James Schmotter, 203/837-8300. FAX-203/837-8283.

AD—Edward Farrington, 203/837-9013. FAX-203/837-9050.


SWA—Alicia O’Brien, 203/837-9019. FAX-203/837-9050.


Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL 61455 Division I.

P—Alvin Goldfarb, 309/298-1824. FAX-309/298-2089.


F—Thomas Cody, 309/298-1229. FAX-309/298-2222.


AD—Tim Van Alstine, 309/298-1106. FAX-309/298-2009.


SWA—Kathy Orban, Associate Director of Athletics, 309/298-1964.

FAX-309/298-1960. E-mail-KM-Orban@wiu.edu.

Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY 42101-3576 Division I.

P—Gary A. Ransdell, 270/745-4346. FAX-270/745-4492.


F—James L. Brown, Theatre and Dance Professor, 270/745-5881.

FAX-270/745-5879. E-mail-james.brown@wku.edu.

AD—Camden Wood Selig, 270/745-5276. FAX-502/745-6187.


SWA—Pam Herriford, Associate Director of Athletics, 270/745-3542.

FAX-502/745-6187. E-mail-pam.herriford@wku.edu.

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI 49008 Division I.

P—Judith Bailey, 269/387-2351. FAX-269/387-2355.


F—Gary Mathews, 269/387-3198. FAX-269/387-3668.


AD—Kathy Beauregard, 269/387-3061.


Western New England College, Springfield, MA 01119 Division III.

P—Anthony S. Caprio, 413/782-1243. FAX-413/796-2149.


F—William S. Mandel, Department of History/Government, 413/782-1521. FAX-413/782-1589. E-mail-wmandel@wnec.edu.

AD—Michael Theulen, 413/782-1503. FAX-413/796-2121.


SWA—Cyndi Costanzo, Assistant Athletics Director, 413/782-1550.

FAX-413/796-2121. E-mail-ccostanzo@wnec.edu.

Western New Mexico University, Silver City, NM 88061 Roll of Members - W Division II.

P—John E. Counts, 505/538-6238. FAX-505/538-6155.

F—Roland Shook, Professor of Biology, 505/538-6423.

FAX-505/538-6163. E-mail-shookr@silver.wnmu.edu.

AD—Scott Woodard, 505/538-6233. FAX-505/538-6163.


SWA—Barbara Flores, Assistant Athletics Director, 505/538-6223.

FAX-505/538-6163. E-mail-floresb@iron.wnmu.edu.

Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR 97361-1394 Division II.

P—Philip W. Conn, 503/838-8888. FAX-503/838-8600.


F—Eric Cooley, 503/838-8331. FAX-503/838-8618.


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