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«2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences DIRECTORY I/II/III 2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences [ISSN 0162-1467] THE ...»

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P—Linda Bevilacqua, 305/899-3010. FAX-305/899-3018.


F—Eileen McDonough, Associate Vice-President, Student Services, 305/899-3085. FAX-305/899-3959.


AD—Michael L. Covone, 305/899-3551. FAX-305/899-3556.


SWA—Kathy Turpin, Associate Director of Athletics, 305/899-4822.

FAX-305/899-3556. E-mail-kturpin@mail.barry.edu.

Barton College, Wilson, NC 27893-7000 Division II.

P—Norval Kneten, 252/399-6308. FAX-252/399-6572.


F—Mark Gordon, 252/399-6474. FAX-252/399-5516.


AD—Gary W. Hall, 252/399-6517. FAX-252/399-6516.


SWA—Sheryl Neff, 252/399-6536. FAX-252/399-6516.


Bates College, Lewiston, ME 04240 Division III.

P—Elaine T. Hansen, 207/786-6100. FAX-207/786-6434.


AD—Suzanne R. Coffey, 207/786-6341.

FAX-207/786-8232. E-mail-scoffey@bates.edu.

SWA—Marsha Graef, Assistant Director of Athletics, 207/786-6353.

FAX-207/786-8232. E-mail-mgraef@bates.edu.

Bay Path College, Longmeadow, MA 01106 Division III.

P—Carol A. Leary, 413/565-1000. FAX-413/565-1106.


F—Kristen Hoag.

AD—Steven J. Smith, 413/565-1244. FAX-413/565-1100.


SWA—Caron Hobin, 413/565-1333. E-mail-chobin@baypath.edu.

Baylor University, Waco, TX 76798-7096 Division I.

P—Robert B. Sloan Jr., 254/710-3555. FAX-254/710-3557.


F—Mike Rogers, 254/710-6593. FAX-254/710-2817.


AD—Ian McCaw, 254/710-1222. FAX-254/710-2823.


SWA—Nancy Post, Assistant Athletics Director, 254/710-3078.

FAX-254/710-2823. E-mail-nancy_post@baylor.edu.

Becker College, Leicester, MA 01524 Division III.

P—Kenneth Zirkle, 508/791-9241. FAX-508/831-7505.


F—John Dorsey, Associate Professor of Law, 508/791-9241 Roll of Members - B (ext. 350). FAX-508/890-1511. E-mail-jdorsey@beckercollege.edu.

AD—Gene Alley, 508/791-9241 (ext. 464). FAX-508/892-8131.


SWA—Ginger Daly, Coordinator, Associate Professor of Physical Education, 508/791-9241 (ext. 514). FAX-508/892-1435.


Bellarmine University, Louisville, KY 40205-0671 Division II, Men’s Lacrosse I.

P—Joseph J. McGowan Jr., 502/452-8234. FAX-502/452-8033.


F—Ann M. Jirkovsky, Professor of Psychology, 502/452-8199.

FAX-502/452-8450. E-mail-ajirkovsky@bellarmine.edu.

AD—Scott Wiegandt, 502/452-8496. FAX-502/452-8450.


SWA—Marilyn Staples, Compliance Coordinator, 502/452-8380.

FAX-502/452-8450. E-mail-mstaples@bellarmine.edu.

Belmont Abbey College, Belmont, NC 28012-1802 Division II.

P—William Thierfelder, 704/825-6726. FAX-704/825-6670.

F—Martin Harris, Assistant Professor-English, 704/829-7374.


AD—Elaine Kebbe, 704/825-6802. FAX-704/825-6570.


SWA—Missy Tiber, 704/825-6805. FAX-704/825-6570.


Belmont University, Nashville, TN 37212-3757 Division I.

P—Robert Fisher, 615/460-6793. FAX-615/460-5555.


F—Richard Tiner, Broadcasting and Video Production Department, 615/460-6282. E-mail-tinerr@mail.belmont.edu.

AD—Michael D. Strickland, 615/460-5547. FAX-615/460-5584.


SWA—Betty J. Wiseman, Assistant Director of Athletics, 615/460FAX-615/460-5584. E-mail-wisemanb@mail.belmont.edu.

Beloit College, Beloit, WI 53511-5595 Division III.

P—John E. Burris, 608/363-2201. FAX-608/363-2717.


F—Kathy Greene, Associate Professor, Chair of Education Department, 608/363-2340. FAX-608/363-2044.


AD—Kim Chandler, 608/363-2126. FAX-608/363-2044.


SWA—Michelle Broderick, Women’s Basketball Coach, 608/363FAX-608/363-2044. E-mail-broderic@beloit.edu.

Bemidji State University, Bemidji, MN 56601-2699 Division II, Men’s Ice Hockey I, Women’s Ice Hockey I.

P—Jon Quistgaard, 218/755-2011. FAX-218/755-4048.


F—James L. Richards, Professor of Computer Science, 218/755FAX-218/755-2822. E-mail-jlrich@bemidjistate.edu.

AD—Rick Goeb. FAX-218/755-3898.


SWA—Kim Falkenhagen. E-mail-kfalkenhagen@bemidjistate.edu.

Benedict College, Columbia, SC 29204 Division II.

P—David H. Swinton, 803/253-5201. E-mail-swintond@benedict.edu.

F—Loretta Herrin, Assistant Professor-HPER, 803/253-5131.

FAX-803/253-5328. E-mail-herrinl@benedict.edu.

AD—Willie Washington, 803/253-5411. FAX-803/733-7423.


SWA—Gwendolyn Rouse, Women’s Softball/Volleyball Coach, 803/733-7420. FAX-803/733-7423. E-mail-rouseg@benedict.edu.

Benedictine University (Illinois), Lisle, IL 60532-0900 Division III.

P—William Carroll, 630/829-6005. FAX-630/969-1448.


F—Catherine Arnold, 630/829-6534. FAX-630/960-0899.


AD—Lynn O’Linski, 630/829-6150. FAX-630/960-0899.


SWA—Jill Redmond, 630/829-6164. FAX-630/960-0899.


Bennett College, Greensboro, NC 27401-3239 Division III.

P—Johnnetta Cole, 336/517-2242. FAX-336/517-2225.


F—Leon McDougle.

AD—Angie Abraham, 336/517-2256. FAX-336/517-2202.


Bentley College, Waltham, MA 02154-4705 Division II, Men’s Ice Hockey I.

P—Joseph G. Morone, 781/891-2101. FAX-781/891-2569.


F—Duncan H. Spelman, Professor of Management, 781/891-2217.

FAX-781/891-2457. E-mail-dspelman@bentley.edu.

AD—Robert De Felice, 781/891-2332. FAX-781/891-2648.


SWA—Sandra Hoffman, Assistant Director of Athletics, 781/891-2780. FAX-781/891-2648. E-mail-shoffman@bentley.edu.

Bernard M. Baruch College, New York, NY 10010-5585 Division III.

P—Kathleen Waldron, 646/312-3312.


F—Joan Gondola, 646/312-5043.


Roll of Members - B AD—William Eng, 646/312-5046. FAX-646/312-5041.


SWA—Krishna Dass.

Bethany College (West Virginia), Bethany, WV 26032-0417 Division III.

P—Buck Smith, 304/829-7111. E-mail-buck@bethanywv.edu.

F—Ted Pauls, 304/829-7710. E-mail-tpauls@bethanywv.edu.

AD—Steven Lee, 304/829-7242. FAX-304/829-7290.


SWA—Jan Forsty, 304/829-7271. FAX-304/829-7290.

Bethel University (Minnesota), St. Paul, MN 55112-6999 Division III.

P—George K. Brushaber, 651/638-6230. FAX-651/638-6001.


F—Thomas L. Johnson, Professor of Business, 651/638-6352.

FAX-651/638-6001. E-mail-tl-johnson@bethel.edu.

AD—Robert Bjorklund, 651/638-6395. FAX-651/635-8645.


SWA—Gretchen Hunt, 651/638-6790. FAX-651/635-8645.


Bethune-Cookman College, Daytona Beach, FL 32114-3099 Division I.

P—Trudie Reed, 386/481-2001. FAX-386/481-2010.


F—Ray Shackleford, Director, Academic Advisement, 386/481-2305.

FAX-386/481-2313. E-mail-shackler@cookman.edu.

AD—Lynn W. Thompson, 386/481-2216. FAX-386/481-2219.


SWA—Sandra Booker, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, 386/481FAX-386/481-2219. E-mail-bookers@cookman.edu.

State University of New York at Binghamton, Binghamton, NY 13902-6000 Division I.

P—Lois B. De Fleur, 607/777-2131. FAX-607/777-2533.


F—Dennis Lasser, Associate Professor, 607/777-4874.

FAX-607/777-4422. E-mail-dlasser@binghamton.edu.

AD—Joel Thirer, 607/777-2043. FAX-607/777-2495.


SWA—Marybeth Lennox, 607/777-6393. FAX-607/777-2495.


Birmingham-Southern College, Birmingham, AL 35254 Division I.

P—G. David Pollick, 205/226-4620. FAX-205/226-7020.


F—Bob Slagter, 205/226-4829. E-mail-bslagter@bsc.edu.

AD—Joe Dean Jr., 205/226-4938. FAX-205/226-3049.


SWA—Leslie Claybrook, Associate Athletics Director, 205/226-7732.

FAX-205/226-3049. E-mail-lclaybro@bsc.edu.

Blackburn College, Carlinville, IL 62626 Division III.

P—Miriam R. Pride, 217/854-3231. FAX-217/854-3713.


F—Mark Armstrong, Professor of Chemistry, 217/854-3231.



AD—Joe Ramsey, 217/854-5526. FAX-217/854-5520.


SWA—Amber Daulbaugh, 217/854-3231. FAX-217/854-5520.


Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ 07003 Division II.

P—Richard Levao, 973/748-9000. FAX-973/743-7528.


F—Vania Penha Lopes, Assistant Professor of Sociology, 973/748-9000. FAX-973/743-3998.

AD—Sheila Wooten, 973/748-9000. FAX-973/259-1085.


SWA—Heather MacCulloch, Assistant Athletics Director/Compliance Coordinator, 973/748-9000. FAX-973/259-1085.


Bloomsburg University of Pennslyvania, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Division II, Men’s Wrestling I.

P—Jessica Kozloff, 570/389-4526. FAX-570/389-3899.


F—Chuck Laudermilch, 570/389-4244. E-mail-clauderm@bloomu.edu.

AD—Mary Gardner, 570/389-4050. FAX-570/389-2099.


SWA—Kathleen Heitzman, Associate Director of Athletics, 570/389-4555. FAX-570/389-2099. E-mail-kheitzma@bloomu.edu.

Bluefield State College, Bluefield, WV 24701-2198 Division II.

P—Albert Walker. E-mail-awalker@bluefieldstate.edu.

F—Roy Pruett, 304/327-4208. FAX-304/325-7747.

AD—Terry W. Brown, 304/327-4191. FAX-304/327-4179.


SWA—Kerri Francis, 304/327-4205. FAX-304/327-4179.


Bluffton College, Bluffton, OH 45817-2104 Division III.

P—Lee Snyder, 419/358-3324. FAX-419/358-3323.


F—J. Denny Weaver, Professor of Religion, 419/358-3281.

FAX-419/358-3232. E-mail-weaverjd@bluffton.edu.

AD—Phill Talavinia, 419/358-3227. FAX-419/358-3070.


SWA—Sara Wakefield, Associate Director of Athletics, 419/358-3223.

FAX-419/358-3070. E-mail-wakefields@bluffton.edu.

Boise State University, Boise, ID 83725-1020 Division I.

P—Robert Kustra, 208/426-1491. FAX-208/426-3779.

Roll of Members - B E-mail-bobkustra@boisestate.edu.

F—Marcia C. Wicklow-Howard, Professor of Biology, 208/426-4426.

FAX-208/426-4267. E-mail-mwicklow@boisestate.edu.

AD—Gene Bleymaier, 208/426-1826. FAX-208/426-1778.


SWA—Lisa Parker, 208/426-1655. E-mail-lparker@boisestate.edu.

Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3861 Division I.

P—William P. Leahy, 617/552-3250.

F—Paul Spagnoli, Associate Professor of History, 617/552-3878.

FAX-617/552-2478. E-mail-paul.spagnoli@bc.edu.

AD—Gene De Filippo, 617/552-4681. FAX-617/552-4335.


SWA—Jody E. Mooradian, Associate Athletics Director, 617/552-4801. FAX-617/552-4335. E-mail-jody.mooradian.1@bc.edu.

Boston University, Boston, MA 02215 Division I.

P—Aram Chobanian, 617/353-2200. FAX-617/353-3278.

F—Theo DeWinter, Professor of Manufacturing Engineering, 617/353-9893. FAX-617/ 353-5548. E-mail-tdw@bu.edu.

AD—Michael P. Lynch, 617/353-1905. FAX-617/353-5286.


SWA—Linda Martin, Associate Athletics Director/Business, 617/353-4637. FAX-617/353-6428. E-mail-lmartin@bu.edu.

Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME 04011 Division III.

P—Barry Mills, 207/725-3221. FAX-207/725-3795.


F—Craig W. Bradley, Dean of Student Affairs, 207/725-3228.

FAX-207/725-3555. E-mail-cbradley@bowdoin.edu.

AD—Jeffrey H. Ward, 207/725-3016. FAX-207/725-3019.


SWA—Stefanie Pemper, 207/725-3649. FAX-207/725-3019.


Bowie State University, Bowie, MD 20715-9465 Division II.

P—Calvin Lowe, 301/464-6500. FAX-301/464-7814.


F—Freddie Vaughns, Pedology Program Coordinator, 301/860-3156.

FAX-301/860-3158. E-mail-fvaughn@bowiestate.edu.

AD—Derek Carter, 301/860-3571. FAX-301/860-3585.


SWA—Arlene Creek, Women’s Basketball Assistant Coach, 301/860-3573. FAX-301/860-3585. E-mail-acreek@pgcps.org.

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH 43403 Division I.

P—Sidney A. Ribeau, 419/372-2211. FAX-419/372-8446.


F—Lee A. Meserve, Professor of Biological Sciences, 419/372-8361.

FAX-419/372-2024. E-mail-lmeserv@bgnet.bgsu.edu.

AD—Paul Krebs, 419/372-7052. FAX-419/372-0566.


SWA—Janna Blais, Associate Athletics Director, 419/372-7056.

FAX-419/372-6969. E-mail-janna@bgnet.bgsu.edu.

Bradley University, Peoria, IL 61625 Division I.

P—David C. Broski, 309/677-3167. FAX-309/677-3230.


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