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«2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences DIRECTORY I/II/III 2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences [ISSN 0162-1467] THE ...»

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SWA—Terry Prouty, Women’s Soccer/Softball Coach, 603/645-9641.

FAX-603/645-9686. E-mail-t.prouty@snhu.edu.

Southern University, Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, LA 70813 Division I.

C—Edward R. Jackson, 225/771-5020. FAX-225/771-2018.


F—Dana Carpenter, Associate Vice-Chancellor for Enrollment Management, 225/771-4300. FAX-225/771-2371.

Roll of Members - S AD—Floyd Kerr, 225/771-2712. FAX-225/771-4400.


SWA—Deborah Paul, 225/771-5908. FAX-225/771-4400.

Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT 84720 Division I.

P—Steven Bennion, 435/586-7702. FAX-435/586-5475.


F—Deborah Hill, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, 435/865-8628. FAX-435/586-5434. E-mail-hilld@suu.edu.

AD—Thomas Douple, 435/586-8354. FAX-435/586-5444.


SWA—Myndee Larsen, 435/586-7747. FAX-435/586-5444.


Southern Vermont College, Bennington, VT 05201-9983 Division III.

P—Barbara P. Sirvis, 802/447-6319. FAX-802/447-4695.


F—Donna McCart, Professor of Mathematics, 802/442-5427.

FAX-802/447-4695. E-mail-dmccart@svc.edu.

AD—Jason Bolgos, 802/447-4672. FAX-802/447-4652.

SWA—Robin Finnegan, Athletics, 802/447-4659. FAX-802/447-4652.


Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, MO 65613 Division II.

P—C. Pat Taylor, 417/328-1500. FAX-417/328-1514.


F—Kevin Schriver, Assistant Professor/Psychology, 417/328-1725.


AD—Jim Middleton, 417/328-1795. FAX-417/328-2009.


SWA—Joanne Vaughan, Assistant Athletics Director/Academic Support, 417/328-1738. FAX-417/328-2009.


Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall, MN 56258 Division II.

P—David Danahar, 507/537-6272. FAX-507/537-6577.


F—Marilyn Strate, Associate Professor /WHP, 507/537-7283.

FAX-507/537-7154. E-mail-strate@southwestmsu.edu.

AD—Howard L. Gauthier, 507/537-7271. FAX-507/537-6578.


SWA—Rolly Muller, 507/537-7985. FAX-507/537-6578.


Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, MO 65804 Division I.

P—John H. Keiser, 417/836-8500. FAX-417/836-7669.


F—R. Bruce Johnson, Professor of Agriculture, 417/836-5090.

FAX-417/836-6979. E-mail-rbj210f@smsu.edu.

AD—Bill Rowe Jr., 417/836-5244. FAX-417/836-6344.


SWA—Darlene Bailey, Associate Director of Athletics, 417/836-6246.

FAX-417/836-8382. E-mail-dab325t@smsu.edu.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Weatherford, OK 73096 Division II.

P—John Hays, 580/774-3766. FAX-580/774-7101.


F—Vicki Hatton, Associate Professor, 580/774-3181.


AD—Cecil Perkins, 580/774-3182. FAX-580/774-7106.


SWA—Kelli Litsch, 580/774-3227. FAX-580/774-7106.


Southwestern University (Texas), Georgetown, TX 78627-0770 Division III.

P—Jake B. Schrum, 512/863-1454. FAX-512/819-9911.


F—John Delaney, Associate Professor of Business, 512/863-1588.

FAX-512/863-1393. E-mail-delaneyj@southwestern.edu.

AD—Glada C. Munt, 512/863-1618. FAX-512/863-1393.


SWA—Ronda Seagraves, Associate Athletic Director, 512/863-1384.

FAX-512/863-1393. E-mail-seagraves@southwestern.edu.

Springfield College, Springfield, MA 01109-3797 Division III.

P—Richard B. Flynn, 413/748-3241. FAX-413/748-3746.


F—Betty L. Mann, Associate Vice-President of Graduate Research, 413/748-3125. FAX-413/748-3855. E-mail-bmann@spfldcol.edu.

AD—Cathie Schweitzer, 413/748-3335. FAX-413/748-3855.


SWA—Kelly Hart, Assistant Director of Athletics, 413/748-3334.

FAX-413/748-3855. E-mail-khart@spfldcol.edu.

Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-2060 Division I.

P—John Hennessy, 650/723-2481. FAX-650/725-6847.


F—Ramon Saldivar, Hoagland Family Professor of English, 650/725-1213. FAX-650/725-0755. E-mail-saldivar@stanford.edu.

AD—Edward Leland, 650/723-4596. FAX-650/725-8642.


SWA—Debi Gore-Mann, Senior Associate Athletics Director, 650/723-4103. FAX-650/723-8642. E-mail-d.gore@stanford.edu.

College of Staten Island, Staten Island, NY 10314 Division III.

P—Marlene Springer, 718/982-2400. FAX-718/982-2404.

AD—Harold Merritt, 718/982-3160. FAX-718/982-3138.


SWA—Corey Shapiro.

Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX 75962 Division I.

P—Tito Guerrero, 409/468-2201. FAX-409/468-2202.

Roll of Members - S E-mail-tguerrero@sfasu.edu.

F—Baker Pattillo, Vice-President for University Affairs, 409/468-2701.

FAX-409/468-4078. E-mail-bapattillo@sfasu.edu.

AD—Steve McCarty, 409/468-4540. FAX-409/468-4070.


SWA—Stephanie McDonald, 936/468-4429. FAX-936/468-4593.


Stetson University, De Land, FL 32720 Division I.

P—H. Douglas Lee, 386/822-7250. FAX-386/822-7253.


F—Michael E Bitter, Associate Professor of Accounting, 386/822-7422. FAX-386/822-7426. E-mail-mbitter@stetson.edu.

AD—Jeff Altier, 386/822-7157. FAX-386/822-8148.


SWA—Jan Usher, 386/822-8141. FAX-386/822-7510.


Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5991 Division III.

P—Harold Raveche, 201/216-5213. FAX-201/216-8250.

F—Richard B. Cole, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, 202/216-5567. E-mail-rbcole@stevens.edu.

AD—Russell B. Rogers, 201/216-5688. FAX-201/216-8244.


SWA—Linda Vollkommer, Associate Professor, 201/216-5324.

FAX-201/216-8244. E-mail-lvollkom@stevens.edu.

Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, AL 35403 Division III.

P—Ernest McNealey, 205/366-8808. FAX-205/758-0821.


F—Dabney Gray, English Professor, 205/366-8847.

FAX-205/366-8994. E-mail-dgray@stillman.edu.

AD—George Lee, 205/366-8954. FAX-205/366-8988.


SWA—Linda Burgess, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, 205/247-8180. E-mail-lburgess@stillman.edu.

Stonehill College, Easton, MA 02357 Division II.

P—Mark Cregan, 508/565-1301. FAX-508/565-1432.


F—Mark Kazarosian, Assistant Professor of Economics, 508/565-1249. E-mail-kaz@stonehill.edu.

AD—Paula Sullivan, 508/565-1384. FAX-508/565-1460.


SWA—Cindy MacDonald, Associate Director of Athletics, 508/565-1052. FAX-508/565-1460. E-mail-cmacdonald@stonehill.edu.

State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY 11794 Division I.

P—Shirley S. Kenny, 631/632-6265. FAX-631/632-6621.


F—Randy Susman, 631/444-3125.


AD—James Fiore, 631/632-7131. FAX-631/632-7122.


SWA—Judy Christ, Athletics Business Manager, 631/631-7195.


Suffolk University, Boston, MA 02114 Division III.

P—David J. Sargent, 617/573-8220. FAX-617/573-8353.

F/AD—James E. Nelson, 617/573-8379. FAX-617/227-4935.

SWA—Elaine Schwager, Associate Director of Athletics, 617/573-8379. FAX-617/227-4935.

Sul Ross State University, Alpine, TX 79832 Division III.

P—R. Vic Morgan, 915/837-8032. FAX-915/837-8334.


F—Wayne Sheehan, Professor of History, 915/837-8147.

FAX-915/837-8146. E-mail-wsheehan@sulross.edu.

AD—Kay Whitley, 915/837-8226. FAX-915/837-8234.


Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA 17870-1025 Division III.

P—L. Jay Lemons, 570/372-4130. FAX-570/372-4040.

F—Margaret Peeler, Associate Professor of Biology, 570/372-4207.


AD—Pamela S. Samuelson, 570/372-4272. FAX-570/372-2758.


SWA—Elizabeth Cranmer Briggs, 570/372-4272. FAX-570/372-2758.


Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA 19081-1397 Division III.

P—Alfred H. Bloom, 610/328-8314. FAX-610/328-8547.


F—Robert Williams, Chair of Physical Education, 610/328-8222.

FAX-610/328-7798. E-mail-rwillia1@swarthmore.edu.

AD—Adam Hertz, 610/328-8325. FAX-610/328-7798.


SWA—Karen E. Borbee, 610/328-8209. FAX-610/328-7798.


Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, VA 24595 Division III.

P—Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld, 434/381-6210. FAX-434/381-6288.


F—Jeff Janovetz, Assistant Professor of Biology, 434/381-6190.

FAX-434/381-6487. E-mail-jjanovetz@sbc.edu.

AD/SWA—Kelly Morrison, 804/381-6337. FAX-804/381-6487.


Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY 13244 Division I.

C—Nancy Cantor.

F—Michael Wasylenko, Professor of Economics, 315/443-9500.

FAX-315/443-3385. E-mail-mjwasyle@syr.edu.

AD—John J. Crouthamel, 315/443-2385. FAX-315/443-3724.


SWA—Janet R. Kittell, Associate Director of Athletics, 315/443-3229.

FAX-315/443-3724. E-mail-jkittell@syr.edu.

University of Tampa, Tampa, FL 33606-1490 Division II.

P—Ronald L. Vaughn, 813/253-6201. FAX-813/258-7207.

F—Eric Vlahov, Professor of Physical Education, 813/253-6216.


AD—Larry Marfise, 813/253-6240. FAX-813/253-6288.


SWA—Cheryl Pittenger, Assistant Director of Athletics, 813/253-6240. FAX-813/253-6288. E-mail-cpittenger@ut.edu.

Tarleton State University, Stephenville, TX 76401 Division II.

Roll of Members - T P—Dennis McCabe, 254/968-9100. FAX-254/968-9920.


F—Steve Crews, 254/968-9377. FAX-254/968-9674.


AD—Lonn Reisman, 254/968-9178. FAX-254/968-9674.


SWA—Susan Burton, Compliance Coordinator, 254/968-9185.

FAX-254/968-9674. E-mail-burton@tarleton.edu.

Teikyo Post University, Waterbury, CT 06723 Division II.

P—Jon DeTemple, 203/596-4500. FAX-203/596-4695.


F—Charles Kelly, 203/596-4500.

AD—Daniel B. Mara, 203/596-4531. FAX-203/596-4695.


SWA—Karin Mann, Compliance Coordinator, 203/596-4513.

FAX-203/596-4695. E-mail-kmann@teikyopost.edu.

Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122 Division I.

P—David Adamany, 215/204-7405. FAX-215/204-5600.


F—Jo Anne A. Epps, Professor of Law, 215/204-8993.

FAX-215/204-1185. E-mail-jepps@vm.temple.edu.

AD—William Bradshaw, 215/204-7759. FAX-215/204-7770.


SWA—Kristen Foley, Assistant Director of Athletics, 215/204-2433.

FAX-215/204-7343. E-mail-kristen.foley@temple.edu.

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chattanooga, TN 37403-2598 Division I.

C—Bill W. Stacy, 423/425-4141. FAX-423/425-5559.


F—Michael H. Jones, Professor of Engineering, 423/425-4369.

FAX-423/425-5229. E-mail-mike-jones@utc.edu.

AD—Steve Sloan, 423/425-2270. FAX-423/425-2160.


SWA—Laura Mincy, Associate Athletics Director/Compliance, 423/425-4583. FAX-423/425-2356. E-mail-laura-mincy@utc.edu.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Knoxville, TN 37996 Division I.

P—Joseph E. Johnson, 865/974-3030. FAX-865/974-2880.


F—Todd Diacon, 865/974-7086. FAX-865/974-3915.


AD (Men)—Michael Hamilton, 865/974-1224. FAX-865/974-2060.


AD (Women)—Joan C. Cronan, 865/974-0001. FAX-865/974-0111.


University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, TN 38238-5021 Division I.

C—Nick Dunagan, 731/587-7500. E-mail-ndunagan@utm.edu.

F—Nell Gullett, Professor, International Business, 731/587-7234.

FAX-731/587-7276. E-mail-ngullett@utm.edu.

AD—Phil Dane, 731/587-7661. FAX-731/587-7962.


SWA—Danelle Fabianich, Athletics Business Manager, 731/587-7663. FAX-731/587-7962. E-mail-danellef@utm.edu.

Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN 37209-1561 Division I.

P—James A. Hefner, 615/963-7401. FAX-615/963-7407.

F—Jesse James, Health and Physical Education and Recreation, 615/963-5605. FAX-615/963-5067.

AD—Teresa Phillips, 615/963-1545. FAX-615/963-5911.


SWA—Valencia Jordan, 615/963-5903. FAX-615/963-5895.


Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN 38505-0001 Division I.

P—Robert R. Bell, 931/372-3241. FAX-931/372-6332.


F—Thurston E. Banks, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 931/372-3426. FAX-931/372-3434. E-mail-tbanks@tntech.edu.

AD—Mark Wilson, 931/372-3961. FAX-931/372-3114.


SWA—Diane Smith, Associate Athletics Director for Administration, 931/372-6306. FAX-931/372-3114. E-mail-dlsmith@tntech.edu.

University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX 76013 Division I.

P—James Spaniolo, 817/272-2101. FAX-817/272-5656.


F—Karin McCallum, Chair of Communication, 817/272-2163.

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