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«2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences DIRECTORY I/II/III 2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences [ISSN 0162-1467] THE ...»

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F—Mathew McIntosh, Assistant Professor of Recreation/Chair, 304/876-5675. E-mail-mmcintos@shepherd.edu.

AD—Karl Wolf, 304/876-5404. FAX-304/876-3267.


SWA—Joan Pope, Assistant Director of Athletics, 304/876-5140.

FAX-304/876-3101. E-mail-jpope@shepherd.edu.

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Division II.

P—Anthony F. Ceddia, 717/477-1301. FAX-717/477-4005.


F—Don Mayer, Political Science Professor, 717/477-1719. E-mail-dfmaye@ship.edu.

Roll of Members - S AD—Roberta Page, 717/477-1711. FAX-717/477-4045.


Siena College, Loudonville, NY 12211-1462 Division I.

P—Kevin E. Mackin, 518/783-2302. FAX-518/783-4184.


F—Paul Dwyer, Associate Professor, 518/783-2983. FAX-518/783E-mail-dwyer@siena.edu.

AD—John M. D’Argenio, 518/783-2450. FAX-518/783-2992.


SWA—Joyce A. Eggleston, Assistant Director of Athletics, 518/783FAX-518/783-2992. E-mail-jeggleston@siena.edu.

Simmons College, Boston, MA 02115 Division III.

P—Daniel Cheever, 617/521-2070. FAX-617/521-3199.

F—Diane Raymond, Professor of Philosophy, 617/521-2212.


AD—Ali Kantor, 617/521-1038. FAX-617/521-1026.


Simpson College, Indianola, IA 50125 Division III.

P—R. Kevin LaGree, 515/961-1566. FAX-515/961-1428.


F—Bruce F. Sloan, Professor of Mathematics, 515/961-1837.


AD—John Sirianni, 515/961-1620. FAX-515/961-1279.


SWA—Lana Smith, Volleyball Coach, 515/961-1641.


Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Division III.

P—Philip Glotzbach.

F—Catherine Berheide, 518/580-5415.


AD—Jeff Segrave, 518/580-5370. FAX-518/580-5395.


SWA—Beth Hallenbeck, 518/580-5373. FAX-518/580-5396.


Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, Slippery Rock, PA 16057 Division II, Men’s Wrestling I.

P—Robert Smith, 724/738-2173. E-mail-robert.smith@sru.edu.

F—Brian Crow, Professor, Sports Management, 724/738-2392.

FAX-724/738-4858. E-mail-brian.crow@sru.edu.

AD—Paul A. Lueken, 724/738-2767. FAX-724/738-4797.


SWA—Robertha Abney, Associate Director of Athletics, 724/738-2769. FAX-724/738-4797.


Smith College, Northampton, MA 01063 Division III.

P—Carol Christ, 413/585-2100. FAX-413/585-2123.


F—Andrew Zimbalist, Professor of Economics, 413/585-3622.


AD—Lynn Oberbillig, 413/585-2701. FAX-413/585-2712.


SWA—Kim Allen, Associate Director of Athletics, 413/585-2788.

FAX-413/585-2712. E-mail-kjallen@email.smith.edu.

Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA 94928-3609 Division II.

P—Ruben Arminana, 707/664-2156. FAX-707/664-3106.


F—Duane Dove, Professor of Business Administration, 707/664FAX-707/664-4009. E-mail-duane.dove@sonoma.edu.

AD—William J. Fusco, 707/664-2639. FAX-707/664-4104.


SWA—Camille Filardo, 707/664-2641. FAX-707/664-2607.


University of the South, Sewanee, TN 37383-1000 Division III.

P—Joel Cunningham, 931/598-1448. FAX-931/598-1318.


F—Robert W. Pearigen, Dean of Students, 931/598-1229.

FAX-931/598-1145. E-mail-rpearige@seraphl.sewanee.edu.

AD—MarkWebb, 931/598-1388. FAX-931/598-1673.


SWA—Nancy Ladd, Women’s Athletics Coordinator, 931/598-1320.

FAX-931/598-1145. E-mail-nladd@seraphl.sewanee.edu.

University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688 Division I.

P—V. Gordon Moulton, 251/460-6111. FAX-251/461-1537.


F—Dale Adams, Vice-President for Student Affairs, 251/460-6171.

FAX-251/460-6157. E-mail-dadams@usamail.usouthal.edu.

AD—Joseph E. Gottfried, 251/460-7121. FAX-251/460-6505.


SWA—Pamela E. Young, Associate Director of Athletics, 251/460-7339. FAX-251/460-6505. E-mail-pyoung@usouthal.edu.

University of South Carolina at Aiken, Aiken, SC 29801 Division II.

C—Thomas Hallman, 803/641-3434. FAX-803/641-3362.


F—Bill Claxon, Associate Professor, English, 803/641-3402.

FAX-803/641-3461. E-mail-billcl@usca.edu.

AD—Douglas R. Warrick, 803/641-3406. FAX-803/641-3441.


SWA—Angie Osbon, Assistant Athletics Director, 803/641-3301.


University of South Carolina, Columbia, Columbia, SC 29208 Division I.

P—Andrew Sorensen, 803/777-2001. FAX-803/777-3264.

Roll of Members - S F—Russell R. Pate, Associate Dean for Research/Professor, 803/777-2456. FAX-803/777-2504. E-mail-rpate@gwm.sc.edu.

AD—Michael McGee, 803/777-8881. FAX-803/777-8226.


SWA—Valerie Sheley, 803/777-7869. FAX-803/576-5503.

E-mail-vsheley@gwm.sc.edu. E-mail-angieo@usca.edu.

South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC 29117-0001 Division I.

P—Andrew Hugine Jr., 803/536-7013. FAX-803/533-3622.


F—Clemmie F. Hill, Assistant Professor: Health/Physical Education, 803/536-8567. FAX-803/533-3613. E-mail-zf_chill@scsu.edu.

AD/SWA—Charlene M. Johnson, 803/536-8712. FAX-803/533-3634.


University of South Carolina Upstate, Spartanburg, SC 29303-4999 Division II.

C—John C. Stockwell, 864/503-5200. FAX-864/503-5201.


F—Jan Griffin, Professor of Psychology, 864/503-5799.

FAX-864/503-5705. E-mail-jgriffin@uscs.edu.

AD—H. Michael Hall, 864/503-5140. FAX-864/503-5130.


SWA—Tami Matheny, Tennis Coach, 864/503-5172.

FAX-864/503-5130. E-mail-tmatheny@gw.uscs.edu.

University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD 57069-2390 Division II.

P—James Abbott, 605/677-5641. FAX-605/677-6520.


F—John E. Powell, Professor/Chairperson-School of Business, 605/677-5231. FAX-605/ 677-5427. E-mail-jpowell@usd.edu.

AD—Joel Nielsen, 605/677-5309. E-mail-jnielsen@usd.edu.

SWA—Kim M. Zarling, Head Softball Coach, 605/677-6587.

FAX-607/677-5618. E-mail-kzarling@usd.edu.

South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD 57007 Division II.

P—Peggy Gordon Miller, 605/688-4111. FAX-605/688-4443.


F—Mylo A. Hellickson, Professor, 605/688-5610. FAX-605/688-6764.


AD—Fred M. Oien, 605/688-5625. FAX-605/688-5999.


SWA—Nancy Neiber, 605/688-5625. FAX-605/688-5999.


University of South Florida, Tampa, FL 33620 Division I.

P—Judy Genshaft, 813/974-2791. FAX-813/974-5530.

F—John T. Romeo, Professor of Biology, 813/974-2336.

FAX-813/974-3263. E-mail-romeo@chuma.cas.usf.edu.

AD—Doug Woolard, 813/974-2125. FAX-813/974-4028.


SWA—Barbara Sparks-McGlinchy, Associate Director of Athletics, 813/974-2125. FAX-813/974-4028.


Southampton Campus of Long Island University, Southampton, NY 11968 Division II.

P—Daniel Rodas, 631/287-8301. FAX-516/283-4081.


F—Michael Drexel, Business Professor, 631/283-4000.


AD—Mary E. Topping, 631/287-8385. FAX-516/287-8188.


SWA—Cynthia Corwith, 631/287-8387. FAX-516/287-8188.


Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701-4799 Division I.

P—Kenneth W. Dobbins, 573/651-2222. FAX-573/651-5061.


F—Edward Leoni, Professor, 573/651-2470. FAX-573/651-5150.


AD—Donald L. Kaverman, 573/651-2227. FAX-573/651-2959.


SWA—Cynthia Gannon, Assistant to the Athletics Director, 573/651-2997. FAX-573/986-7338. E-mail-cmgannon@semo.edu.

Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA 70402 Division I.

P—Randy Moffett, 985/549-2280. FAX-985/549-3595.


F—Billy Bond, Professor of Biology, 504/549-3442.

FAX-504/549-3851. E-mail-wbond@selu.edu.

AD—Frank Pergolizzi, 985/549-5599. FAX-985/549-3495.


SWA—Heather Lawrence, Associate Director of Athletics, 985/549-5129. FAX-985/549-3495. E-mail-hlawrence@selu.edu.

Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Durant, OK 74701-0609 Division II.

P—Glen D. Johnson, 580/745-2500. FAX-580/745-7515.


F—Jerry Polson, Chair, Department of Physical Science, 580/745-2248. FAX-580/745-7493. E-mail-jpolson@sosu.edu.

AD—Donald A. Parham, 580/745-2250. FAX-580/745-7493.


SWA—Cherrie Wilmoth, Compliance Coordinator, 580/745-2690.

FAX-580/745-7493. E-mail-cwilmoth@sosu.edu.

Southern Arkansas University, Magnolia, AR 71754-0000 Division II.

P—David Rankin, 870/235-4001. FAX-870/235-5005.


F—Steve Dingman, Instructor of Kinesiology, 870/235-4383.

FAX-870/235-4988. E-mail-sddingman@saumag.edu.

AD—Jay Adcox, 870/235-4132. FAX-870/235-4988.

Roll of Members - S E-mail-jdadcox@saumag.edu.

SWA—Shawna Laurendine, 870/235-4128. FAX-870/235-4988.


University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0602 Division I.

P—Steven B. Sample, 213/740-2111. FAX-213/740-7750.


F—Noel M. Ragsdale, Professor of Law, 213/740-2530.

FAX-213/740-5502. E-mail-nragsdal@law.usc.edu.

AD—Michael Garrett, 213/740-8177. FAX-213/740-2609.


SWA—Lisa Love, Associate Director of Athletics, 213/740-4168.

FAX-213/740-1306. E-mail-llove@bcf.usc.edu.

Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT 06515 Division II.

P—Cheryl Norton, 203/392-5250. FAX-203/392-5255.


F—Lawrence E. Fitzgerald, Professor of Communication, 203/392FAX-203/392-5397. E-mail-fitzgerald@scsu.ctstateu.edu.

AD/SWA—Patricia Nicol, 203/392-6045. FAX-203/392-6006.


Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, IL 62901-6620 Division I.

P—James E. Walker, 618/536-3331. E-mail-president@notes.siu.edu.

C—Walter Wendler, 618/453-2341. FAX-618/453-5362.


F—Harold Bardo, 618/453-1650. FAX-618/453-1919.


AD—Paul Kowalczyk, 618/453-7250. FAX-618/453-5152.


SWA—Cynthia K. “Kathy” Jones, 618/453-5279. FAX-618/453-5152.


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Edwardsville, IL 62026-1129 Division II.

C—Vaughn Vandegrift, 618/650-2475. FAX-618/650-2270.


F—John Meisel, Associate Professor of Economics, 618/650-2542.

FAX-618/650-3047. E-mail-jmeisel@siue.edu.

AD—Bradley Hewitt, 618/650-2871. FAX-618/650-3621.


SWA—Sandy Montgomery, 618/650-2870. FAX-618/650-3369.


University of Southern Indiana, Evansville, IN 47712-3534 Division II.

P—H. Ray Hoops, 812/464-1756. FAX-812/464-1956.


F—Scott A. Gordon, Associate Professor of Biology, 812/464-1814.

FAX-812/465-1129. E-mail-Sgordon@usi.edu.

AD—Jon Mark Hall, 812/465-7164. FAX-812/465-1129.


SWA—Randa Gatling, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach, 812/464-1895. FAX-812/465-1129. E-mail-rgatling@usi.edu.

University of Southern Maine, Gorham, ME 04038 Division III.

P—Richard L. Pattenaude, 207/780-4480. FAX-207/780-4549.


F—Janis Childs, Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, 207/780-4063. FAX-207/780-4997. E-mail-jchilds@usm.maine.edu.

AD—Albert D. Bean Jr., 207/780-5588. FAX-207/780-5182.


SWA—Kim Turner, Assistant Athletics Director, 207/780-5991.

FAX-207/780-5182. E-mail-kturner@usm.maine.edu.

Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX 75275 Division I.

P—R. Gerald Turner, 214/768-3300. FAX-214/768-3844.


F—Paul Rogers, Professor of Law, 214/768-2700.

FAX-214/768-3142. E-mail-crogers@smu.edu.

AD—W. James Copeland Jr., 214/768-4301. FAX-214/768-3871.


SWA—Barb Totzke, Senior Associate Athletics Director, 214/768-1777. FAX-214/768-3871. E-mail-btotzke@smu.edu.

University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001 Division I.

P—Shelby Thames, 601/266-5001. FAX-601/266-5756.


F—Dennis Phillips, 601/266-5578. FAX-601/266-4445.


AD—Richard C. Giannini, 601/266-7011. FAX-601/266-4044.


SWA—Sonya R. Varnell, Associate Athletics Director, 601/266-6142.

FAX-601/266-6595. E-mail-sonya.varnell@usm.edu.

Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH 03106-1045 Division II.

P—Paul LeBlanc, 603/645-9631. FAX-603/645-9717.


F—Douglas Blais, 603/644-3145. FAX-603/645-9737.


AD—Joseph R. Polak, 603/645-9604. FAX-603/645-9686.


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