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«2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences DIRECTORY I/II/III 2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences [ISSN 0162-1467] THE ...»

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F—David Goldfield, Professor of History, 704/687-2184.

FAX-704/687-2729. E-mail-drgoldfi@email.uncc.edu.

AD—Judith W. Rose, 704/687-4920. FAX-704/510-6965.


SWA—Kim Whitestone, Associate Athletics Director, 704/687-4955.

FAX-704/687-6247. E-mail-skgreen@email.uncc.edu.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC 27402-6170 Division I.

C—Patricia A. Sullivan, 336/334-5266. FAX-336/334-5926.


F—Terry Ackerman, 336/334-3474. FAX-336/334-4063.


AD—Nelson E. Bobb, 336/334-3000. FAX-336/334-4063.


SWA—Cathy Roberts, Associate Director of Athletics for Facilities/Operations, 336/334-5537. FAX-336/334-4063.


University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Pembroke, NC 28372-1510 Division II.

C—Allen C. Meadors, 910/521-6201. FAX-910/521-6176.


F—Mary Guy Beaver, 910/521-6187. FAX-910/521-6540.


AD—Dan Kenney, 910/521-6560. FAX-910/521-6540.


SWA—Susan Edkins, 910/521-6480. FAX-910/521-6540.


University of North Carolina, Wilmington, Wilmington, NC 28403Division I.

C—Rosemary DePaolo, 910/962-3030. FAX-910/962-4050.


F—Joanne Rockness, Professor, Accountancy and Business Law, 910/962-3776. FAX-910/962-3815. E-mail-rocknessj@uncw.edu.

AD—Peggy Bradley-Doppes, 910/962-7625. FAX-910/962-3002.


SWA—Pat Howey, Senior Associate Director of Athletics, 910/962-3767. FAX-910/962-3002. E-mail-howeyp@uncw.edu.

North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC 27411 Division I.

C—James C. Renick, 336/334-7940. FAX-336/334-7082.


F—James Williams, Professor, Biology Department, 336/334-7907.

FAX-336/334-7105. E-mail-jameswil@ncat.edu.

AD—Charles Davis, 336/334-7686. FAX-336/334-7272.


SWA—Ieschecia Allen, Director of Student Services, 336/334-7686.

FAX-336/334-7272. E-mail-iallen@ncat.edu.

North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC 27707 Division II.

P—James Ammons, 919/530-6104. FAX-919/530-5014.


F—Les Brinson, Psychology Department, 919/530-5144.

FAX-919/530-5280. E-mail-les@wpo.nccu.edu.

AD—William Hayes, 919/530-7057. FAX-919/530-5426.


SWA—Ingrid Wicker, Assistant Director of Athletics, 919/530-7053.

FAX-919/530-7525. E-mail-iwicker@wpo.nccu.edu.

North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695-7001 Division I.

C (Interim)—Bob Barnhardt, 919/515-2191. FAX-919/831-3545.


F—Donn R. Ward, Professor and Associate Head, 919/515-2951.

FAX-919/515-4694. E-mail-donn_ward@ncsu.edu.

AD—Lee G. Fowler, 919/515-2109. FAX-919/515-3624.


SWA—Nora Lynn Finch, Senior Associate Athletics Director, 919/515-2055. FAX-919/513-1430.


North Carolina Wesleyan College, Rocky Mount, NC 27804 Division III.

P—Ian D. C.Newbould, 252/985-5140. E-mail-inewbould@ncwc.edu.

F—Ron T. Smith, Associate Professor, Exercise Science, 252/985-5211. FAX-252/985-5252. E-mail-rosmith@ncwc.edu.

AD—John M. Thompson, 252/985-5218. FAX-252/985-5252.


SWA—Carol Carson, 252/985-5221. FAX-252/985-5252.


North Central College, Naperville, IL 60566-7063 Division III.

P—Harold R. Wilde, 630/637-5454. FAX-630/637-5457.

Roll of Members - N E-mail-hrw@noctrl.edu.

F—Diane Anstine, 630/637-5246. E-mail-dganstine@noctrl.edu.

AD—Walter J. Johnson, 630/637-5501. FAX-630/637-5521.


SWA—Emily Bauer, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, 630/637-5503. FAX-630/637-5521. E-mail-embauer@noctrl.edu.

University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND 58202 Division II, Men’s Ice Hockey I, Women’s Ice Hockey I.

P—Charles E. Kupchella, 701/777-2121. FAX-701/777-3866.


F—Phil A. Harmeson, 701/777-2916. FAX-701/777-2019.


AD—Roger Thomas, 701/777-2234. FAX-701/777-4352.


SWA—Sherry Penner, Assistant Director of Athletics, 701/777-4249.

FAX-701/777-2285. E-mail-sherry_penner@mail.und.nodak.edu.

North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND 58105-5600 Division II.

P—Joseph A. Chapman, 701/231-7211. FAX-701/231-8722.


AD (Men)—Gene Taylor, 701/231-8985. FAX-701/231-8022.


AD (Women)—Lynn Dorn, 701/231-7807. FAX-701/231-6246.


University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL 32224-2645 Division II, Men’s Golf I, Women’s Swimming I.

P—John Delaney, 904/620-2500. FAX-904/620-2515.


F—Mary Borg, Political Science/Public Administration, 904/620-1078.


AD—Richard E. Gropper, 904/620-2833. FAX-904/620-2836.


SWA—Kathy Klein, Associate Athletics Director, 904/620-2833.

FAX-904/620-2836. E-mail-kklein@unf.edu.

North Greenville College, Tigerville, SC 29688 Division II.

P—James B. Epting, 864/977-7018. FAX-864/977-7152.


F—Cathy Sepko, 864/977-7150. FAX-864/977-7152.


AD/SWA—Jan McDonald, 864/977-7150. FAX-864/977-7152.


North Park University, Chicago, IL 60625-4895 Division III.

P—David Horner, 773/244-5710. FAX-773/244-4953.


F—Lee Sundholm, Professor of Economics, 773/244-5715.

FAX-773/244-5285. E-mail-lsundholm@northpark.edu.

AD—Jack Surridge, 773/244-5685. FAX-773/244-4952.


SWA—Susan Zimmer, Associate Athletics Director, 773/244-5673.

FAX-773/244-4952. E-mail-szimmer@northpark.edu.

University of North Texas, Denton, TX 76203-6737 Division I.

P—Norval Pohl, 940/565-4307. FAX-940/565-4322.


F—William L. McKee, Professsor of Applied Economics, 940/565-3437. FAX-940/565-4658. E-mail-mckee@unt.edu.

AD—Rick Villarreal, 940/565-3646. FAX-940/565-3500.


SWA—Cinnamon Sheffield, 940/565-3385. FAX-940/565-3655.


Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, OK 74464-2399 Division II.

P—Larry Williams, 918/456-5511. FAX-918/458-2015.


F—Louis White, Professor-College of Education, 918/456-5511.

FAX-918/458-2399. E-mail-whitel@nsuok.edu.

AD—Eddie Griffin, 918/458-2071. FAX-918/458-2386.


SWA—Dee Gerlach, 918/458-2071. FAX-918/458-2339.


Northeastern University, Boston, MA 02115 Division I.

P—Richard M. Freeland, 617/373-2101. FAX-617/373-5015.


F—Arvin Grabel, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 617/373-3012. FAX-617/3738970. E-mail-agrabel@ece.neu.edu.

AD—David O’Brien, 617/373-7590. FAX-617/373-8988.


SWA—Tricia Turley, Associate Athletics Director, 617/373-8360.

FAX-617/373-8988. E-mail-t.turley@neu.edu.

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5400 Division I.

P—John Haeger, 928/523-3232. FAX-928/523-1848.


F—Wayne Sjoberg, Psychology, 928/523-2981. FAX-928/523-6035.


AD—Jim Fallis, 928/523-9595. FAX-928/523-6035.


SWA—Kelly Lloyd, Associate Athletics Director, 928/523-6775.

FAX-928/523-6035. E-mail-kelly.lloyd@nau.edu.

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO 80639 Division II.

P—Kay Norton, 970/351-2121. FAX-970/351-1110.


F—Robert L. Heiny, Professor of Mathematics, 970/351-2049.

FAX-970/351-2018. E-mail-rlheiny@bentley.unco.edu.

AD—Jay Hinrichs, 970/351-2362. E-mail-jay.hinrichs@unco.edu.

SWA—Linda Spradley, 970/351-2556. FAX-970/351-2018.


Northern Illinois University, De Kalb, IL 60115-2854 Division I.

Roll of Members - N P—John G.Peters, 815/753-9500. FAX-815/753-8686.

F—Janet A. Rintala, Assistant Chair, Department of KNPE, 815/753-1894. FAX-815/753-1413. E-mail-jrintala@niu.edu.

SWA—Dee Abrahamson, Associate Director of Athletics, 815/753-1628. FAX-815/753-9355. E-mail-abrahamson@niu.edu.

University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA 50614 Division I.

P—Robert D. Koob, 319/273-2566. FAX-319/273-6494.


F—Anne Woodrick, 319/273-6375. E-mail-anne.woodrick@uni.edu.

AD—RickHartzell, 319/273-2470. FAX-319/273-5966.


SWA—Julie Bright, Senior Associate Director of Ahtletics, 319/273-2475. FAX-319/273-7832. E-mail-julie.bright@uni.edu.

Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY 41099 Division II.

P—James Votruba, 859/572-5123. FAX-859/572-6696.


F—Thomas J. Kearns, Professor, Department of Mathematics, 859/572-5328. FAX-859/572-6097. E-mail-kearns@nku.edu.

AD—Jane Meier, 859/572-5631. FAX-859/572-6089.


SWA—Kathy Stewart, Head Women’s Softball Coach, 859/572-5939.

FAX-859/572-6089. E-mail-bownk@nku.edu.

Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI 49855-5391 Division II, Men’s Ice Hockey I.

P—Les Wong, 906/227-2242. FAX-906/227-2249.


F—James Suksi, 906/227-1507. FAX-906/227-1549.


AD—Kenneth Godfrey, 906/227-1826. FAX-906/227-2492.


SWA—Michelle Guyant-Holloway, 906/227-2109. FAX-906/227-2492.


Northern State University, Aberdeen, SD 57401 Division II.

P—Patrick Schloss, 605/626-2521. FAX-605/626-2666.


F—Paul Everson, Associate Professor of Accounting, 605/626-2469.

FAX-605/626-2572. E-mail-poe@northern.edu.

AD—Robert A. Olson, 605/626-2488. FAX-605/626-2238.


SWA—Lisa Schriver, Assistant Athletics Director, 605/626-2488.

FAX-605/626-2238. E-mail-schrivel@northern.edu.

Northland College, Ashland, WI 54806 Division III.

P—Karen Halbersleben, 715/682-1202. FAX-715/682-1295.


F—Derek Ogle, Professor of Mathematics, 715/682-1300.

FAX-715/682-1849. E-mail-dogle@northland.edu.

AD—Steve Wammer, 715/682-1244. FAX-715/682-1248.


SWA—Dana Barta, Associate Head Softball Coach, 715/682-1500.

FAX-715/682-1248. E-mail-dbarta@northland.edu.

SWA—Monica McCarter, Head Women’s and Men’s Cross Country Coach, 715/682-1876. FAX-715 682 1248.


Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO 64468-6001 Division II.

P—Dean L. Hubbard, 660/562-1110. FAX-660/562-1897.


F—Robert Dewhirst, Professor, History/Philosophy/Politics, 660/562-1760. FAX-660/562-1484.

AD—Bob Boerigter, 660/562-1306. FAX-660/562-1493.


SWA—Kathy Anderson, Assistant Athletics Director, Compliance, 660/562-1142. FAX-660/562-1943.


Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa, ID 83686 Division II.

P—Richard Hagood, 208/467-8521. FAX-208/467-8807.


F—Ed Crawford, Professor of Philosophy, 208/467-8848.


AD—Rich Sanders, 208/467-8825. FAX-208/467-8396.


SWA—Darlene Brasch, Assistant Director of Athletics, 208/467-8352.

FAX-208/467-8396. E-mail-dlbrasch@nnu.edu.

Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA 71497-0003 Division I.

P—Randall J. Webb, 318/357-6441. FAX-318/357-4223.


F—Patrice Moulton, University Planning, Assessment and EEO, 318/357-5875. FAX-318/357-5299. E-mail-moultonp@nsula.edu.

AD—Gregory S. Burke, 318/357-5251. FAX-318/357-4221.


SWA—Julie Lessiter, 318/357-5251. FAX-318/357-4221.


Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 60208 Division I.

P—Henry S. Bienen, 847/491-7456. FAX-847/467-3104.


F—Robert Gundlach, Program Director/WCAS Writing Program, 847/491-7414. E-mail-r-gundlach@northwestern.edu.

AD—Mark Murphy, 847/491-8880. FAX-847/491-4659.


SWA—Noreen Morris, Associate Athletics Director, 847/467-1445.


Northwood University, Midland, MI 48640-2398 Division II.

P—David E. Fry, 989/837-4229. FAX-989/832-9590.

Roll of Members - N F—Brett Hunkins, 989/837-4289. FAX-989/837-4484.


AD—Pat Riepma, 989/837-4385. FAX-989/837-4484.


SWA—Kelli Parker, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, 989/837FAX-989/837-4484. E-mail-kparker@northwood.edu.

Norwich University, Northfield, VT 05663 Division III.

P—Richard W. Schneider, 802/485-2065. FAX-802/485-2340.


F—Ernest D. True, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 802/485-2320. FAX-802/485-2580. E-mail-true@norwich.edu.

AD—Anthony A. Mariano, 802/485-2232. FAX-802/485-2234.


University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556 Division I.

P—Edward A. Malloy, 574/631-6755. FAX-574/631-7428.

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