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«2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences DIRECTORY I/II/III 2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences [ISSN 0162-1467] THE ...»

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SWA—Athena Argyropolous, Associate Director of Athletics, 202/885-3024. FAX-202/885-3033. E-mail-aargy@american.edu.

Amherst College, Amherst, MA 01002-5000 Division III.

P—Anthony Marx, 413/542-2234. FAX-413/542-2621.

F/AD—Peter J. Gooding, 413/542-2274. FAX-413/542-2026.


SWA—Kay Cowperthwait, 413/542-2274. FAX-413/542-2026.


Anderson College (South Carolina), Anderson, SC 29621 Division II.

P—Evans Whitaker, 864/231-2100. E-mail-president@ac.edu.

F—Jackie Walker, 864/231-2187. FAX-864/231-5601.


AD—Robert G. Beville, 864/231-2029. FAX-864/231-5601.


SWA—Jennifer Bell, Women’s Volleyball Coach, 864/231-5679.

FAX-864/231-5601. E-mail-jbell@ac.edu.

Anderson University (Indiana), Anderson, IN 46012-3495 Division III.

P—James L. Edwards, 765/641-4011. FAX-765/641-3047.


F—Doyle Lucas, Faculty, Business and Economics, 765/641-4366.

FAX-765/641-3851. E-mail-djlucas@anderson.edu.

AD—Michael Zapolski, 765/641-4483. FAX-765/641-3857.


SWA—Becky Hull, Associate Director of Athletics, 765/641-4484.

FAX-765/641-3857. E-mail-rahull@anderson.edu.

Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX 76904 Division II.

P—E. James Hindman, 325/942-2073. FAX-325/942-2038.


F—Kathleen Price, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, 325/942-2365, ext. 225. FAX-325/942-2129.


AD (Men)—Jerry Vandergriff, 325/942-2091, ext. 222. FAX-325/942E-mail-jerry.vandergriff@angelo.edu.

Roll of Members - A AD (Women)—Kathleen Brasfield, 325/942-2264, ext. 233. FAXE-mail-kathleen.brasfield@angelo.edu.

Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA 01612-1198 Division III.

P—William D. McGarry, 508/849-3333. FAX-508/849-3334.


F—Ralph Mastrorio, 508/849-3439. E-mail-rmastrorio@annamaria.edu.

AD—Leonard Smith, 508/849-3446. FAX-508/849-3449.


SWA—Aimee Lee, 508/849-3492. FAX-508/849-3449.


Appalachian State University, Boone, NC 28608 Division I.

C—Kenneth E. Peacock, 828/262-2040. FAX-828/262-3024.


F—Alan J. Hauser, Professor of Philosophy and Religion, 828/262FAX-828/262-6619. E-mail-hauseraj@appstate.edu.

AD—Roachel Laney, 828/262-2494. FAX-828/262-2556.


SWA—Debbie Richardson, Associate Athletics Director, 828/262FAX-828/262-2556. E-mail-richrdsds@appstate.edu.

Arcadia University, Glenside, PA 19038-3295 Division III.

P—Jerry Greiner, 215/572-2908. FAX-215/572-2159.


F—Annette Halpin, 215/572-2849. FAX-215/572-2159.


AD—Shirley M. Liddle, 215/572-2194. FAX-215/572-2159.


SWA—Linda Detra, 215/572-2996. FAX-215/572-2159.


University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721-0096 Division I.

P—Peter Likins, 520/621-5511. FAX-520/621-9323.


F—Dudley Woodard, 520/621-4931. FAX-520/621-8148.


AD—Jim Livengood, 520/621-4622. FAX-520/621-9690.


SWA—Kathleen L. LaRose, Senior Associate Director of Athletics, 520/621-2473. FAX-520/621-9690. E-mail-klarose@u.arizona.edu.

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-2505 Division I.

P—Michael Crow, 480/965-5606. E-mail-mcrow@asu.edu.

F—Myles V. Lynk, Profressor of Law, 480/965-7457. FAX-480/965E-mail-myles.lynk@asu.edu.

AD—Eugene Smith, 480/965-6360. FAX-480/965-8219.


SWA—Sandy Hatfield Clubb, Senior Associate Athletics Director, 480/965-2416. FAX-480/965-7398. E-mail-sandyhat@asu.edu.

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Fayetteville, AR 72701 Division I.

C—John White, 479/575-4148. FAX-479/575-2361.


F—Howard W. Brill, Professor of Law, 479/575-5358. FAX-479/575E-mail-hbrill@uark.edu.

AD (Men)—J. Frank Broyles, 479/575-2755.


AD (Women)—Beverly R. Lewis, 479/575-4959. FAX-479/575-2228.


University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Little Rock, AR 72204 Division I.

C—Joel E. Anderson, 501/569-3200. FAX-501/569-8915.


F—David L. Briscoe, Associate Professor of Sociology, 501/569E-mail-dlbriscoe@ualr.edu.

AD—Chris Peterson, 501/569-8980. FAX-501/569-3030.


SWA—Van Compton, Assistant Director of Athletics, 501/569-3371.

FAX-501/569-3030. E-mail-vxcompton@ualr.edu.

University of Arkansas, Monticello, Monticello, AR 71656 Division II.

C—Jack Lassiter, 870/460-1020. FAX-870/460-1321.


F—Morris Bramlett, 870/460-1016. FAX-870/460-1316.


AD—Alvy Early, 870/460-1058. FAX-870/460-1458.


SWA—Peggy Doss, 870/460-1027. FAX-870/460-1324.


University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, Pine Bluff, AR 71601 Division I.

C—L.A. Davis Jr., 870/575-8470. FAX-870/543-8003.


F—George E. Herts, Professor of Education, 870/575-8240.

FAX-870/575-8006. E-mail-herts_g@vx4500.uapb.edu.

AD—Craig Curry, 870/575-8675. FAX-870/575-7880.


SWA—Betty J. Hayes, Associate Athletics Director/Women, 870/575FAX-870/543-8114. E-mail-hayes_b@vx4500.uapb.edu.

Arkansas State University, State University, AR 72467 Division I.

P—Leslie Wyatt, 870/972-3030. FAX-870/972-3465.


F—Wynona Wiggins, Assistant Professor of Nursing, 870/972-3074.

FAX-870/972-2954. E-mail-nwiggins@astate.edu.

AD—Dean Lee, 870/972-3880. FAX-870/972-3886.


SWA—To be appointed.Arkansas Tech University, Russellville, AR 72801-2222

Roll of Members - A Division II.

P—Robert C. Brown, 479/968-0237. FAX-479/890-6493.


F—Thomas DeBlack, Associate Professor of History, 479/968-0342.

FAX-479/964-0812. E-mail-thomas.deblack@mail.atu.edu.

AD—Steve Mullins, 479/968-0245. FAX-479/968-0647.


SWA—Carin Pinion-McNabb, 479/968-0285.


Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah, GA 31419-1997 Division II.

P—Thomas Jones, 912/927-5258. FAX-912/921-5818.


F—Will Lynch, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 912/921-2337.

FAX-912/961-3226. E-mail-lynchwil@mail.armstrong.edu.

AD—Eddie Aenchbacher, 912/921-5854. FAX-912/921-5571.


SWA—Lynn Roberts, 912/921-2080. FAX-912/921-5571.


Ashland University, Ashland, OH 44805 Division II.

P—G. William Benz, 419/289-5050. FAX-419/289-5099.


F—Mark Hamilton, Associate Professor of Philosophy, 419/289-5135.

FAX-419/289-5468. E-mail-mhamilton@ashland.edu.

AD—Bill Goldring, 419/289-5959. FAX-419/289-5468.


SWA—Sue Ramsey, 419/289-5469. FAX-419/289-5468.


Assumption College, Worcester, MA 01609 Division II.

P—Thomas R. Plough, 508/767-7321. FAX-508/767-7169.


F—Kevin Hickey, Professor of Geography, 508/767-7296.


AD—Ted Paulauskas, 508/767-7416. FAX-508/798-2568.


SWA—Kerry Phayre, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, 508/767FAX-508/767-7032. E-mail-kphayre@assumption.edu.

Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36849-5113 Division I.

P (Interim)—Edward R. Richardson, 334/844-4650. FAX-334/844E-mail-richaed@auburn.edu.

F—Marcia Boosinger, Chair, Reference and Instruction Services, 334/844-1739. FAX-334/844-4461. E-mail-boosiml@auburn.edu.

AD—David E. Housel, 334/844-9891. FAX-334/844-9778.


SWA—Barbara L. Camp, Associate Director of Athletics, 334/844FAX-334/844-4191. E-mail-campbar@auburn.edu.

Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN 55454 Division III.

P—William V. Frame, 612/330-1212. FAX-612/330-1330.

F—Phil Quanbeck II, Assistant Professor, Department of Religion, 612/330-1006. FAX-612/330-1649. E-mailquanbeck@augsburg.edu.

AD (Men)—Paul Grauer, 612/330-1243. E-mailgrauerp@augsburg.edu.

AD (Women)—Marilyn Florian, 612/330-1248.


Augusta State University, Augusta, GA 30904 Division II, Men’s Golf I, Women’s Golf I.

P—William A. Bloodworth, 706/737-1440. FAX-706/667-4678.


F—Mary Lisko, Assistant Dean, Professor of Business, 706/737FAX-706/667-4064. E-mail-mlisko@aug.edu.

AD—Clint Bryant, 706/737-1626. FAX-706/737-1628.


SWA—Maxine Maloney, Associate Athletics Director, 706/731-7919.

FAX-706/737-1628. E-mail-mmaloney@aug.edu.

Augustana College (Illinois), Rock Island, IL 61201-2296 Division III.

P—Steven Bahls, 309/794-7208. FAX-309/794-7422.


F—Craig VanSandt, 309/794-7334.

AD—Charles J. Gordon, 309/794-7223. FAX-309/794-7584.


SWA—Kris Kistler, 309/794-7529. FAX-309/794-7584.


Augustana College (South Dakota), Sioux Falls, SD 57197 Division II.

P—Bruce Halverson, 605/274-4111. FAX-605/274-4450.


F—Marcia Entwistle, 605/274-5495. E-mailmarcia_entwistle@augie.edu.

AD—Bill Gross, 605/274-4315. FAX-605/274-5298.


SWA—Karen Madsen, 605/274-4335. FAX-605/274-5298.


Aurora University, Aurora, IL 60506 Division III.

P—Rebecca Sherrick, 630/844-5476. E-mail-sherrick@aurora.edu.

F—Lora De Lacey, 630/844-5510. E-mail-ldelacey@aurora.edu.

AD—Mark Walsh, 630/844-5111. FAX-630/844-7809.


SWA—Stevie Baker-Watson, 630/844-5114. FAX-630/844-7809.


Austin College, Sherman, TX 75090-4440 Division III.

P—Oscar C. Page, 903/813-3001. FAX-903/813-3008.


F—Jack Pierce, Director of Health Sciences, 903/813-2247.

FAX-903/813-3196. E-mail-jpierce@austincollege.edu.

AD—Timothy P. Millerick, 903/813-2228. FAX-903/813-2038.


SWA—Debra Hunter, Women’s Basketball Coach, 903/813-2404.

FAX-903/813-3196. E-mail-dhunter@austincollege.edu.

Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN 37044-4576 Division I.

P—Sherry Hoppe, 931/221-7566. FAX-931/221-7297.


F—C. Bruce Myers, Professor, Computer Science, 931/221-7822.

FAX-931/221-6354. E-mail-myersb@apsu.edu.

AD—Dave Loos, 931/221-7904. FAX-931/221-7830.


SWA—Cheryl Holt, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, 931/221-7203.

FAX-931/221-7830. E-mail-holtca@apsu.edu.

Averett University, Danville, VA 24541 Division III.

P—Richard A. Pfau, 434/791-5671. FAX-434/791-5601.


F—Anna Hatten, Professor of Psychology, 434/791-5743.

FAX-434/791-5020. E-mail-anna.hatten@averett.edu.

AD—Charles S. Harris, 434/791-5701. FAX-434/491-5740.

Roll of Members - B E-mail-csharris@averett.edu.

SWA—Kathy Bocock, 434/791-5688. FAX-434/791-5740.


Babson College, Babson Park, MA 02457-0310 Division III.

P—Brian Barefoot, 781/239-4262. FAX-781/239-4464.

F—Norman Govoni, Professor of Marketing, 781/239-4335.

FAX-781/239-5020. E-mail-govoni@babson.edu.

AD—Frank Millerick, 781/239-4528. FAX-781/239-5218.


SWA—Judy Blinstrub, Associate Athletics Director, 781/239-4418.

FAX-781/239-5218. E-mail-blinstrub@babson.edu.

Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, OH 44017 Division III.

P—Mark H. Collier, 440/826-2424. FAX-440/826-3777.


F—Louis A. Barone, Professor of History, 440/826-2142.


AD (Men)—Stephen Bankson, 440/826-2039. FAX-440/826-2192.


AD (Women)—Cheri Harrer, 440/826-3299. FAX-440/826-2192. Email-charrer@bw.edu.

Ball State University, Muncie, IN 47306 Division I.

P—Jo Ann Gora, 765/285-5555. FAX-765/285-1461.

F—Jim Rueble, 765/285-1024. E-mail-jruebel@bsu.edu.

AD—Lawrence R. Cunningham, 765/285-1671. FAX-765/285-5123.


SWA—Nona Richardson, Associate Director of Athletics, 765/285FAX-765/285-5123. E-mail-nerichardson@bsu.edu.

Baptist Bible College (Pennsylvania), Clarks Summit, PA 18411 Division III.

P—James Jeffery, 570/585-9201. FAX-570/585-9400.


F—Donald Holdridge, 570/585-9263. FAX-570/586-1753.


AD—James M. Huckaby, 570/585-9256. FAX-570/586-1753.


SWA—Sherrie Holloway, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, 570/585-9238. FAX-570/586-1753. E-mail-sholloway@bbc.edu.

Bard College, Annandale-On-Hudson, NY 12504-5000 Division III.

P—Leon Botstein, 845/758-7423. FAX-845/758-0815.


F—Daniel Berthold-Bond, Professor of Philosophy, 845/758-7280.

FAX-845/758-7647. E-mail-bond@bard.edu.

AD—Kristen E. Hall, 845/758-7528. FAX-845/758-7647.


Barry University, Miami Shores, FL 33161 Division II.

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