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«2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences DIRECTORY I/II/III 2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences [ISSN 0162-1467] THE ...»

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F—Bruce Elder, Professor of Accounting/Finance, 308/865-8348.


AD—Jon McBride, 308/865-8332. FAX-308/865-8832.


SWA—Laure Smith, 308/865-8863. FAX-308/865-8187.


University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68508 Division I.

C—Harvey Perlman, 402/472-2116. FAX-402/472-5110.


F—Josephine R. Potuto, Professor of Law, 402/472-1252.

FAX-402/472-3843. E-mail-jpotuto1@unl.edu.

AD—Steven C. Pederson, 402/472-3011.


SWA—Barbara A. Hibner, Associate Athletic Director, 402/472-6460.

FAX-402/472-9399. E-mail-bhibner@huskers.com.

University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, NE 68182 Division II, Men’s Ice Hockey I.

C—Nancy Belck, 402/554-2311. FAX-402/554-3555.


F—William Wakefield, Professor of Criminal Justice, 402/554-3568.

FAX-402/554-2326. E-mail-wwakefie@mail.unomaha.edu.

SWA—Deb Denbeck, Associate Athletics Director, 402/554-3707.

FAX-402/554-2555. E-mail-ddenbeck@mail.unomaha.edu.

Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, NE 68504-2796 Division III.

P—Jeanie Watson, 402/465-2217. FAX-402/465-2179.


F—Stuart Spero, Associate Professor of Business Administration, 402/465-2200. FAX-402/465-2179.


AD—Ira Zeff, 402/465-2360. FAX-402/465-2170.


SWA—Jo Bunstock, Assistant Athletics Director, 402/465-2355.

FAX-402/465-2170. E-mail-jeb@nebrwesleyan.edu.

Neumann College, Aston, PA 19014-1298 Division III.

P—Rosalie M. Mirenda, 610/558-5501. FAX-610/558-5643.


F—Sandra L. Slabik, Coordinator of Sports Management, 610/361-5291. FAX-610/459-1370. E-mail-slabiks@neumann.edu.

AD—Chuck Sack, 610/558-5627. FAX-610/361-5238.


SWA—Carol DiGirolamo, 610/361-5322. FAX-610/361-5238.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV 89154 Division I.

P—Carol C. Harter, 702/895-3201. FAX-702/895-1088.


F—Hal Rothman, 702/895-1012. FAX-702/895-4468.


AD—Mike Hamrick, 702/895-4729. FAX-702/895-4468.


SWA—Lisa A. Kelleher, Associate Director of Athletics/Olympic Sports, 702/895-4760. FAX-702/895-0985.


University of Nevada, Reno, NV 89557 Division I.

P—John M. Lilley, 775/784-4805. FAX-775/784-6429.


F—Christopher Exline, Professor of Geography, 775/784-6999.

FAX-775/784-1058. E-mail-chexline@unr.edu.

AD—Cary Groth, 775/784-6900 (ext. 221). FAX-775/327-2282.


SWA—Cindy Fox, 775/784-6900 (ext. 264). FAX-775/784-4497.


University of New England, Biddeford, ME 04005 Division III.

P—Sandra Featherman, 207/283-0171. FAX-207/286-8723.


F—Dennis Leighton, Assistant Professor/Physical Therapy, 207/797-7261. FAX-207/523-1910. E-mail-dleighton@une.edu.

AD—Karol L’heureux, 207/283-0171. FAX-207/294-5903.


New England College, Henniker, NH 03242-3293 Division III.

P—Ellen S. Hurwitz, 603/428-2222. FAX-603/428-7230.

F—Heather Chabot, 603/428-2451. E-mail-hchabot@nec.edu.

AD—Lori Runksmeier, 603/428-2292. FAX-603/428-6023.


SWA—Susan M. Murray, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice, 603/428-2367. FAX-603/428-6023. E-mail-smurray@nec.edu.

University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH 03824 Division I.

P—Ann Hart, 603/862-2450. FAX-603/862-3060.


F—Stephen H. Hardy, Professor: Kinesiology, 603/862-2076.


AD—Marty Scarano, 603/862-2013. FAX-603/862-0159.

Roll of Members - N E-mail-vscarano@cisunix.unh.edu.

SWA—Carrie Doyle, 603/862-2013. FAX-603/862-0159.

University of New Haven, West Haven, CT 06516-1999 Division II.

P—Steven Kaplan, 203/932-7276. FAX-203/931-6060.


F—James Uebelacker, 203/932-7010. FAX-203/931-6035.


AD—Deborah Chin, 203/932-7020. FAX-203/932-7470.


SWA—Robin D. Salters, Assistant Director of Athletics, 203/932FAX-203/932-7470. E-mail-rsalters@newhaven.edu.

The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ 08628-0718 Division III.

P—R. Barbara Gitenstein, 609/771-2101. FAX-609/637-5151.


F—Donald Lovett, Assistant Professor of Biology, 609/771-2876.

FAX-609/637-5118. E-mail-lovett@tcnj.edu.

AD—Kevin A. McHugh, 609/771-2230. FAX-609/637-5133.


SWA—Dawn Henderson, Senior Associate Director, 609/771-3030.

FAX-609/637-5133. E-mail-dhenders@tcnj.edu.

New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ 07305-1597 Division III.

P—Carlos Hernandez, 201/200-3111. FAX-201/200-2352.


F—Lila Carrick, Assistant Professor, Department of Literacy Education, 201/200-4128. FAX-201/200-3141.


AD—Lawrence R. Schiner, 201/200-3317. FAX-201/200-2365.


SWA—Alice De Fazio, Assistant Director of Athletics, 201/200-2243.

FAX-201/200-2365. E-mail-adefazio@njcu.edu.

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ 07102 Division II.

P—Robert Altenkirch, 973/596-3101. FAX-973/596-2541.


F—Roy Cornely, 973/596-3537. E-mail-tigernjit@aol.com.

AD—Leonard Kaplan, 973/596-3636. FAX-973/596-8295.


SWA—Kim Bowen Lusk, 973/596-3633. FAX-973/596-8295.


University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131 Division I.

P—Louis Caldera, 505/277-2626. FAX-505/277-5965.


F—Breda Bova, Professor and Associate Dean, 505/277-8178.

FAX-505/277-8178. E-mail-bova@unm.edu.

AD—Rudy Davalos, 505/925-5510. FAX-505/925-5534.


SWA—Janice Ruggiero, Associate Athletics Director for Administration and Compliance, 505/277-5067. FAX-505/277-5802.


New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM 87701 Division II.

P—Manny Aragon, 505/454-3269. FAX-505/454-3069.


F—Roy Lujan, Professor, History and Political Science, 505/454-3273. FAX-505/454-3389. E-mail-lujanroy@nmhu.edu.

AD—John Lumley, 505/454-3351. FAX-505/426-2014.


SWA—Elizabeth Sedillo, 505/454-3355. FAX-505/426-2014.


New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM 88003 Division I.

P—Michael Martin, 505/646-2127. FAX-505/646-6334.


F—Joe L. Creed, Assistant Dean, College of Engineering, 505/646-2913. FAX-505/646-3549. E-mail-jcreed@nmsu.edu.

AD—Brian Faison, 505/646-8225. FAX-505/646-6176.


SWA—Maria Roth, Assistant Athletics Director, 505/646-4048.

FAX-505/646-5221. E-mail-maroth@nmsu.edu.

University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA 70148 Division I.

C—Timothy Ryan, 504/280-6954. FAX-504/280-6872.


F—Sybil A. Boudreaux, Librarian, 504/280-1157. FAX-504/280-7277.


AD—James Miller, 504/280-6102. FAX-504/280-3980.


SWA—Kathy Keene, Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance, 504/280-7020. FAX-504/280-3980. E-mail-kbizot@uno.edu.

State University College at New Paltz, New Paltz, NY 12561-2499 Division III.

P—Steven Poskanzer, 845/257-3288. FAX-845/257-3389.

F—Victor DeMunck, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, 845/257-2985.

F—Glenn Geher, 845/257-3091. E-mail-geherg@newpaltz.edu.

AD—Stuart Robinson, 914/257-3908. FAX-914/257-3928.


SWA—Colleen Bruley, 845/257-3918. FAX-845/257-3920.

College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY 10805-2339 Division III.

P—Stephen J. Sweeny, 914/654-5430. FAX-914/654-5980.


F—Theodora Ierides, Professor of Physical Education, 914/654-5812.


AD—Harold Crocker, 914/654-5315. FAX-914/654-5866.

SWA—Kristin Osterman, 914/654-5503. FAX-914/654-5857.


New York City College of Technology, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Roll of Members - N Division III.

P—Fred W. Beaufait, 718/260-5400. FAX-718/260-5406.


F—Tony Nicolas, Chemistry, Associate Professor, 718/260-5852.


AD—Ray Amalbert Jr., 718/260-5102. FAX-718/260-5107.


SWA—Brenda Alexander, Assistant Athletics Director, 718/260-5103.


New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury, NY 11568-8000 Division II, Baseball I.

P—Edward Guiliano, 516/686-7595. FAX-516/686-7631.


F—James Turley, 516/686-7787. E-mail-jturley@nyit.edu.

AD—Clyde Doughty Jr., 516/686-1133. FAX-516/686-1219.


SWA—Lenore Walsh, 516/686-1216. FAX-516/686-1219.


New York University, New York, NY 10012 Division III.

P—John Sexton, 212/998-2345. FAX-212/995-3679.


F—Barnett W. Hamberger, Assistant Chancellor, 212/998-2310.

FAX-212/995-4251. E-mail-barnett.hamberger@nyu.edu.

AD—Christopher Bledsoe, 212/998-2040. FAX-212/995-4105.


SWA—Janice Quinn, Assistant Director of Athletics, 212/998-2033.

FAX-212/995-4105. E-mail-janice.quinn@nyu.edu.

Newberry College, Newberry, SC 29108 Division II.

P—Mitchell Zais, 803/321-5102. FAX-803/321-5638.


F—Warren S. Moore, III, Assistant Professor of English, 803/321-5192. E-mail-ewarren.moore@newberry.edu.

AD—Andy Carter, 803/321-5166. FAX-803/321-5169.


SWA—Peggy Barnes, Professor of Physical Education, 803/321-5155. FAX-803/321-5169. E-mail-pbarnes@newberry.edu.

Newbury College, Brookline, MA 02445 Division III.

P—David A. Ellis, 617/730-7034. E-mail-dellis@newbury.edu.

F—Deb Mael, Professor-Arts and Sciences, 617/730-7279.


AD—Peter Centola, 617/730-7091. FAX-617/738-2414.


SWA—Andrea Bertini, 617/738-2412. FAX-617/738-2414.


Niagara University, Niagara University, NY 14109 Division I.

P—Joseph L. Levesque, 716/286-8350. FAX-716/286-8355.


F—John B. Stranges, University Professor, 716/286-8471.

FAX-716/286-8451. E-mail-jbs@niagara.edu.

AD—Michael J. Hermann, 716/286-8600. FAX-716/286-8609.


SWA—Barbara Green, Associate Athletics Director, 716/286-8603.

FAX-716/286-8609. E-mail-bag@niagara.edu.

Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, LA 70310 Division I.

P—Stephen Hulbert, 985/448-4003. FAX-985/448-4920.


F—Glenn Antizzo, 985/448-4624. FAX-985/448-4617.


AD—Robert J. Bernardi, 985/448-4794. FAX-985/448-4814.


SWA—Louise Bonin, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, 985/448-4284. FAX-985/448-4924. E-mail-louise.bonin@nicholls.edu.

Nichols College, Dudley, MA 01571-5000 Division III.

P—Debra Murphy, 508/213-2215. FAX-508/213-2248.


F—Colleen Colles, 508/213-2254. FAX-508/213-2225.


AD—Charlyn Robert, 508/213-2368. FAX-508/213-2384.


SWA—Janna Cunningham, Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach.

FAX-508/213-2358. E-mail-janna.cunningham@nichols.edu.

Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA 23504 Division I.

P—Marie McDemmond, 757/823-8670. FAX-757/823-2342.


F—Delanyard Robinson, Head/Psychology Department, 757/823-8573. FAX-757/823-2512.

AD—Orby Moss Jr., 757/823-8152. FAX-757/823-2566.


SWA—P. Laverne Sweat, Associate Athletics Director, 757/823-2504. FAX-757/823-2566. E-mail-plsweat@nsu.edu.

University of North Alabama, Florence, AL 35632-0001 Division II.

P (Inerim)—G. Garry Warren, 256/765-4211. FAX-256/765-4644.


F—Patricia L. Roden, Assistant Professor/Mathematics, 256/765-4478. FAX-256/765-4644. E-mail-plroden@una.edu.

AD—Joel W. Erdmann, 256/765-4397. FAX-256/765-4685.


SWA—Sherry L. Kennemer, Assistant to the Athletics Director, 256/765-4618. FAX-256/ 765-4685. E-mail-slkennemer@una.edu.

University of North Carolina, Asheville, Asheville, NC 28804-3299 Division I.

C—James H. Mullen Jr., 828/251-6500. FAX-828/251-6495.

Roll of Members - N E-mail-jmullen@unca.edu.

F—Gary Nallan, 828/251-6827. FAX-828/251-6423.


AD—Janet Cone, 828/251-6919. FAX-828/251-6386.


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC 27515 Division I.

C—James Moeser, 919/962-1365. FAX-919/962-1647.

F—John Evans, Professor, 919/962-4602. FAX-919/962-5539.


AD—Richard Baddour, 919/962-6000. FAX-919/962-6002.


SWA—Beth Miller, Senior Associate Athletics Director, 919/962-0463.

FAX-919/962-1646. E-mail-bmiller@uncaa.unc.edu.

University of North Carolina, Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28223 Division I.

C—Jim Woodward, 704/687-2201. FAX-704/547-3219.

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