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«2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences DIRECTORY I/II/III 2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences [ISSN 0162-1467] THE ...»

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P (Interim)—Charles Lee, 662/325-3221. FAX-662/325-3189.


F—Kirk Arnett, Professor of Management/Information Systems, 662/325-1999. FAX-662/325-8651.


AD—Larry Templeton, 662/325-8082. FAX-662/325-7904.


SWA—Samye Johnson, Associate Director of Athletics, 662/325-2532.

FAX-662/325-7904. E-mail-sjohnson@athletics.msstate.edu.

Mississippi Valley State University, Itta Bena, MS 38941-1400 Division I.

P—Lester C. Newman, 662/254-3425. FAX-662/254-6709.


F—Garfield Burke, 662/254-3711. FAX-662/254-3639.

AD—Lonza C. Hardy, 662/254-3550. FAX-601/254-3639.


SWA—Alyse Kilbert, 662/254-3640. FAX-601/254-3639.


University of Missouri, Columbia, Columbia, MO 65211-1050 Division I.

C—Brady Deaton, 573/882-3387. FAX-573/882-9907.


F—Carl D. Settergren, Professor of Forestry, 573/882-2627.

FAX-573/884-2657. E-mail-settergrenc@missouri.edu.

AD—Michael F. Alden, 573/882-2055. FAX-573/884-5499.


SWA—Sarah K. Reesman, Associate Director of Athletics, 573/882-2061. FAX-573/884-5499. E-mail-reesmans@missouri.edu.

University of Missouri, Kansas City, Kansas City, MO 64110 Division I.

C—Martha W. Gilliland, 816/235-1101. FAX-816/235-5588.


F—Homer Erekson, 816/235-2204. FAX-816/235-2206.


AD—Robert W. Thomas, 816/235-1048. FAX-816/235-1035.


SWA—Cynthia Gabel, Assistant Director of Athletics, 816/235-1039.

FAX-816/235-1035. E-mail-gabelcj@umkc.edu.

University of Missouri, Rolla, Rolla, MO 65409-0740 Division II.

C—Gary Thomas, 573/341-4116. FAX-573/341-6306.


F—Jeff Cawlfield, 573/341-4557. FAX-573/341-4880.


AD—Mark Mullin, 573/341-4175. FAX-573/341-4880.


SWA—Sarah Moore, Assistant Director of Athletics/Intramural Director, 573/341-4106. FAX-573/341-4880.


University of Missouri, St. Louis, St. Louis, MO 63121-4499 Division II.

C—Thomas F. George, 314/5165252. E-mail-tfgeorge@umsl.edu.

F—Tom Schnell, Professor, 314/516-4347. FAX-314/516-5227.

AD—Patricia A. Dolan, 314/516-5657. FAX-314/516-5503.


SWA—Beth Goetz, 314/516-5646. FAX-314/516-5503.


Missouri Southern State University-Joplin, Joplin, MO 64801-1595 Division II.

P—Julio S. Leon, 417/625-9500. FAX-417/625-9781.


F—Virginia J. Laas, Associate Professor, History, 417/625-9793.

FAX-417/625-3091. E-mail-Laas-V@mssu.edu.

AD/SWA—Sallie Beard, 417/625-9316. FAX-417/625-9773.


Missouri Western State College, St. Joseph, MO 64507 Division II.

P—James Scanlon.

F—Brenda Blessing, 816/271-4493. E-mail-blessing@mwsc.edu.

AD—Mark Linder, 816/271-5623. FAX-816/271-5901.


SWA—Patsy Smith, 816/271-5903. FAX-816/271-5901.


Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY 11571-5002 Roll of Members - M Division II.

P—Drew Bogner, 516/678-5000. E-mail-dbogner@molloy.edu.

F—Michael Santaniello, Professor of Sociology, 516/256-2207.


AD—Harold Herman, 516/256-2207. FAX-516/256-2210.


SWA—Karen Hern, Assistant Director of Athletics, 516/256-2207.

FAX-516/256-2210. E-mail-khern@molloy.edu.

Monmouth College (Illinois), Monmouth, IL 61462-1998 Division III.

P—Richard F. Giese, 309/457-2127. FAX-309/457-2310.

F—Michael L. Connell, Associate Professor/Political Economics, 309/457-2156. FAX-309/457-2310. E-mail-michael@monm.edu.

AD—Terry L. Glasgow, 309/457-2176. FAX-309/457-2168.

SWA—Kari Shimmin, 309/457-2176. FAX-309/457-2168.


Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ 07764 Division I.

P—Paul G. Gaffney II, 732/571-3402. FAX-732/263-5117.

F—David Paul, 732/263-5336. FAX-732/263-5518.


AD—Marilyn A. McNeil, 732/571-3414. FAX-732/571-3535.


SWA—Patti Adorna, Associate Director of Athletics, 732/571-3604.

FAX-732/263-5770. E-mail-padorna@monmouth.edu.

University of Montana, Missoula, MT 59812-1291 Division I.

P—George M. Dennison, 406/243-2311. FAX-406/243-2797.


F—James J. Lopach, Professor of Political Science, 406/243-4829.

FAX-406/243-4076. E-mail-james.lopach@umontana.edu.

AD—Don Read, 406/243-4749. FAX-406/243-2264.


SWA—Jean Cornwall, Assistant Athletics Director/Compliance and Academic Services, 406/243-4420. FAX-406/243-2355.


Montana State University-Billings, Billings, MT 59101-0298 Division II.

C—Ronald P. Sexton, 406/657-2300. FAX-406/657-2299.


F—Scott Harris, 406/657-2369. FAX-406/657-2919.


AD—Gary R. Gray, 406/657-2282. FAX-406/657-2919.


SWA—Krista Montague, 406/657-2061. FAX-406/657-2919.


Montana State University-Bozeman, Bozeman, MT 59717-3380 Division I.

P—Geoffrey Gamble, 406/994-2341. E-mail-ggamble@montana.edu.

F—Robert Oakberg, Associate Professor, Civil and Agricultural Engineering, 406/994-6126. E-mail-bobo@ce.montana.edu.

AD—Peter Fields, 406/994-4226. FAX-406/994-2278.


SWA—Vickie Tischendorf, Associate Athletics Director, 406/994FAX-406/994-2278. E-mail-vtischendorf@msubobcats.com.

Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ 07043 Division III.

P—Susan A. Cole, 973/655-4211. FAX-973/655-7195.


F—Domenica Desiderioscioli, 973/655-4466. FAX-973/655-5390.


AD/SWA—Holly P. Gera, 973/655-5251. FAX-973/655-5390.


University of Montevallo, Montevallo, AL 35115-6001 Division II.

P—Robert M. McChesney, 205/665-6001. FAX-205/665-6508.


F—Robyn Hagler, 205/665-6366. FAX-205/665-6587.


AD—Michael A. Cancilla, 205/665-6594. FAX-205/665-6586.


SWA—Patricia Hughes, 205/665-6604. FAX-205/665-6587.


Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA 18018-6650 Division III.

P—Ervin Rokke, 610/861-1364. E-mail-meejr01@moravian.edu.

F—John V. Reynolds, Professor of Political Science, 610/861-1408.

FAX-610/861-3919. E-mail-mejvr01@moravian.edu.

AD—Paul R. Moyer, 610/861-1534. FAX-610/625-7954.


SWA—Dawn Benner, 610/861-1530. FAX-610/861-3940.


Morehead State University, Morehead, KY 40351-1689 Division I.

P—Ronald G. Eaglin, 606/783-2022. FAX-606/783-2216. E-mailr.eaglin@moreheAD—st.edu.

F—M. Peggy Osborne, Associate Professor of Marketing, 606/7832755. FAX-606/783-5025.


AD—Chip Smith, 606/783-2089. FAX-606/783-5035.


SWA—Paula Jackson, Assistant Director of Athletics, 606/783-5136.

FAX-606/783-5035. E-mail-p.jackson@moreheadstate.edu.

Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA 30314 Division II.

P—Walter E. Massey, 404/215-2645. FAX-404/659-6536.


F—Robert Wilson III, 404/215-2692.

AD—Andre’ Pattillo, 404/215-2752. FAX-404/521-9073.


Roll of Members - M SWA—Dianne Williams-Watkins, Assistant to the Athletics Director, 404/215-2752. FAX-404/521-9073.


Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD 21251 Division I.

P—Earl S. Richardson, 443/885-3200. FAX-443/885-8296.


F—Leon Donaldson, 443/885-3050. FAX-44388568308.


AD—David Y. Thomas, 443/885-3050. FAX-443/885-8308.


SWA—Tanya Rush, Assistant Vice-President for Student Affairs, 443/885-3527. E-mail-trush@moac.morgan.edu.

Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA 01075 Division III.

P—Joanne V. Creighton, 413/538-2500. FAX-413/538-2391.


F—Donal O’Shea, Dean of Faculty and Provost, 413/538-2372.


AD—Laurie Priest, 413/538-2310. FAX-413/538-2183.


SWA—Stacey Watts, Associate Director of Athletics, 413/538-2276.

FAX-413/538-2183. E-mail-swatts@mtholyoke.edu.

Mount Ida College, Newton Centre, MA 02459-3323 Division III.

P—Carol J. Matteson, 617/928-4502. FAX-617/928-4746.


F—Sally Anderson, Co-Director-Education, 617/928-4077. FAXE-mail-sjanderson@mountida.edu.

AD/SWA—JacquelinePalmer, 617/928-7201. FAX-617/928-4036.


Mount Olive College, Mount Olive, NC 28365 Division II.

P—J. William Byrd, 919/658-2502. FAX-919/658-7180.

F—Brenda Cates, Professor of Mathematics, 919/658-2502.

FAX-919/658-7179. E-mail-bcates@moc.edu.

AD—Allen M. Cassell, 919/658-5056. FAX-919/658-1753.


SWA—Wendy Lawrence, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, 919/658-5056. FAX-919/658-1753. E-mail-wlawrence@moc.edu.

College of Mount St. Joseph, Cincinnati, OH 45233-1670 Division III.

P—Francis Marie Thrailkill, 513/244-4232. FAX-513/244-4654.


F—Georgana Taggart, Director of Paralegal Studies, 513/244-4952.

FAX-513/244-4222. E-mail-georgana_taggart@mail.msj.edu.

AD—Steven F. Radcliffe, 513/244-4381. FAX-513/244-4928.


SWA—Michele Benoit, Assistant Director of Athletics, 513/244-4316.

FAX-513/244-4928. E-mail-michele_benoit@mail.msj.edu.

Mount St. Mary College (New York), Newburgh, NY 12550 Division III.

P—Ann Sakac, 845/569-3201. FAX-845/562-6762.

F—Edwin Teall, Professor of Philosophy, 845/569-3165.


AD—John J. Wright, 845/569-3592. FAX-845/569-3589.

SWA—Jill Hubert-Simon, Athletic Trainer, 845/569-3295.

FAX-845/569-3589. E-mail-hubert@msmc.edu.

Mount St. Mary’s University, Emmitsburg, MD 21727-7799 Division I.

P—Thomas Powell, 301/447-5600. FAX-301/447-5634.


F—Robert P. Keefer, Professor of Psychology, 301/447-5394.

FAX-301/447-5755. E-mail-keefer@msmary.edu.

AD—Harold P. Menninger, 301/447-5292. FAX-301/447-5300.


SWA—Lynne Phelan Robinson, Associate Director of Athletics, 301/447-3808. FAX-301/447-5300. E-mail-lrobinso@msmary.edu.

College of Mount St. Vincent, Riverdale, NY 10471-1093 Division III.

P—Charles Flynn, 718/405-3200. FAX-718/601-6392.

F—Harry Bailey, Professor of Math, 718/405-3405.

AD—Cathy Ingram, 718/405-3410. FAX-718/405-3765.


SWA—Adele Gatens, Dean of Students, 718/405-3252.

Mount Union College, Alliance, OH 44601 Division III.

P—John L. Ewing, Jr., 330/823-6050. FAX-330/829-8725.


F—Gerald J. Wuchter, 330/823-3625. E-mail-wuchtegj@muc.edu.

AD—Larry Kehres, 330/823-4880. FAX-330/823-2399.


SWA—Sandy Douglas, 330/823-4779. FAX-330/823-2399.


Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA 18104-5586 Division III.

P—Peyton R. Helm, 484/664-3126. FAX-484/664-3107.


F—Daniel Klem Jr., Professor of Biology, 484/664-3259.

FAX-484/664-3509. E-mail-klem@muhlberg.edu.

AD—Samuel T. Beidleman, 484/664-3380. FAX-484/664-3035.


SWA—Jenny Warmack-Chipman, Assistant Director of Athletics, 484/664-3669. FAX-484/664-3035.


Murray State University, Murray, KY 42071-3318 Division I.

P—F. King Alexander, 270/762-3763. FAX-270/762-3413.


F—William J. Whitaker, Associate Professor, Industry/Engineering Technology, 270/762-6899. FAX-270/762-6814.


AD—E. W. Dennison, 270/762-3164. FAX-270/762-5498.


SWA—Margaret J. Simmons, Assistant Director of Athletics, 270/762-4424. FAX-270/764-6462.


Muskingum College, New Concord, OH 43762 Division III.

P—Anne Steele, 740/826-8116. FAX-740/826-8195.


F—Steve Kokovich, Professor of Education, 740/826-8246.

FAX-740/826-8404. E-mail-skokovich@muskingum.edu.

AD—Larry Shank, 740/826-6109. FAX-740/826-8300.


SWA—Donna J. Newberry, Director of Women’s Athletics, 740/826FAX-740/826-8300. E-mail-newberry@muskingum.edu.

Nazareth College, Rochester, NY 14618-3790 Division III.

P—Robert A. Miller, 585/389-2000. FAX-585/589-2015.


Roll of Members - N F—Marcia Miller, Assistant Professor, Health Science, 585/389-2903.

FAX-585/389-2908. E-mail-mamiller@naz.edu.

AD—Peter Bothner, 585/389-2196. FAX-585/389-2839.


SWA—Annette Shapiro, 585/389-2853. FAX-585/389-2839.


University of Nebraska at Kearney, Kearney, NE 68849 Division II.

C—Doug Kristensen, 308/865-8208. FAX-308/865-8984.

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