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«2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences DIRECTORY I/II/III 2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences [ISSN 0162-1467] THE ...»

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AD—Terry Price, 920/206-2377. FAX-920/261-9109.


SWA—Ann Bolton, 920/206-2378. FAX-920/206-9109.


Marian College (Wisconsin), Fond Du Lac, WI 54935-4699 Division III.

Roll of Members - M P—Richard I. Ridenour, 920/923-7617. FAX-920/923-8087.


F—Bruce Prall, Professor of Chemistry, 920/923-8796.

FAX-920/923-8134. E-mail-bprall@mariancollege.edu.

AD—Doug Hammonds, 920/923-7178. FAX-920/923-8134.


SWA—Kimberly Sorensen, 920/923-8754. FAX-920/923-8134.


Marietta College, Marietta, OH 45750 Division III.

P—Jean Scott, 740/376-4699. E-mail-scottj@marietta.edu.

F—Bob Chase, 740/376-4776. E-mail-chaseb@marietta.edu.

AD—Debora Lazorik, 740/376-4667. FAX-740/376-4666.


SWA—Jeanne Arbuckle, 740/376-4668. FAX-740/376-4666.


Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-1387 Division I.

P—Dennis J. Murray, 845/575-3000. FAX-845/575-3337.


F—John T. Ritschdorff, Assistant Academic Vice-President, 845/575-3629. FAX-845/575-3479.


AD—Timothy S. Murray, 845/575-3304. FAX-845/452-7028.


SWA—Chandra V. Bierwirth, 845/575-3000. FAX-845/452-7028.


State University of New York Maritime College, Bronx, NY 10465 Division III.

P—John R. Ryan, 718/409-7270.

F—Carol Roth, Registrar, 718/409-7266. FAX-718/409-7264.


AD—William E. Martinov, Jr., 718/409-7331. FAX-718/409-7404.


Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI 53233 Division I.

P—Robert A. Wild, 414/288-7223. FAX-414/288-3161.


F—Gregory Naples, Associate Professor of Accounting, 414/288FAX-414/288-5755. E-mail-gregory.naples@marquette.edu.

AD—William L. Cords, 414/288-6303. FAX-414/288-7756.


SWA—Sarah Bobert, Associate Athletics Director-Internal Operations, 414/288-5253. FAX-414/ 288-0269.


Mars Hill College, Mars Hill, NC 28754 Division II.

P—Dan Lunsford, 828/689-1141. E-mail-dlunsford@mhc.edu.

F—Don Russell, Professor of Mathematics, 828/689-1207.


AD—David Riggins, 828/689-1215. FAX-828/689-1501.


SWA—Amanda Mattox, 828/689-1229. FAX-828/689-1501.


Marshall University, Huntington, WV 25755 Division I.

P—Dan Angel, 304/696-2300. FAX-304/696-6453.


F—Robert Bookwalter, 304/696-2815.

AD—Bob Marcum, 304/696-5408. FAX-304/696-6448.


SWA—Beatrice Crane Banford, Associate Athletics Director/Olympic Sports, 304/696-5225. FAX-304/696-2325.


Martin Luther College, New Ulm, MN 56073-3965 Division III.

P—Theodore B. Olsen, 507/354-8221. FAX-507/354-8225.


F—David J. Pelzl, Professor of Mathematics, 507/354-8221.

FAX-507/354-8225. E-mail-pelzldj@mlc-wels.edu.

AD—James M. Unke, 507/354-8221. FAX-507/354-2172.


SWA—Barbara L. Leopold, Assistant Athletics Director, 507/354-8221. FAX-507/354-2172.


Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, VA 24401 Division III.

P—Pamela Fox, 540/887-7026. FAX-540/887-7291.


F—Eric N. Jones, Professor of Biology, 540/887-7110. FAX-540/887E-mail-ejones@mbc.edu.

AD—Donna G. Miller, 540/887-7160. FAX-540/887-7322.


SWA—Jackie Bryan, 540/887-7320. FAX-540/887-7322.


University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Belton, TX 76513 Division III.

P—Jerry G. Bawcom, 254/295-4500. FAX-254/295-5051.


F—Howard Horton, 254/295-4647. E-mail-hhorton@umhb.edu.

AD—Ben Shipp, 254/295-4618. FAX-254/295-4614.


SWA—Darla Kirby, Compliance Coordinator, 254/295-5046.

FAX-254/295-4614. E-mail-dkirby@umhb.edu.

University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA 22401-5358 Division III.

Roll of Members - M P—William M. Anderson Jr., 540/654-1301. FAX-540/654-1076.


F—Stephen Stageberg, Associate Professor of Economics, 540/654-1486. E-mail-sstagebe@umw.edu.

AD—Edward H. Hegmann, 540/654-1876. FAX-540/654-1892.


SWA—Dana S. Hall, Assistant Director of Athletics, 540/654-1890.

FAX-540/654-1892. E-mail-dhall@umw.edu.

University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD 21250-0000 Division I.

P—Freeman A. Hrabowski III, 410/455-2274. FAX-410/455-1210.


F—Marvin Mandell, 410/455-3203. FAX-410/455-1021.


AD—Charles R. Brown, 410/455-2207. FAX-410/455-1159.


SWA—Kathleen G. Zerrlaut, Associate Director of Athletics/Compliance,410/455-2012. FAX-410/455-1159.


University of Maryland, College Park, College Park, MD 20742 Division I.

P—Clayton D. Mote Jr., 301/405-5803. FAX-301/314-9560.


F—Charles F. Wellford, 301/405-4701. FAX-301/314-0179.


AD—Deborah A. Yow, 301/314-7075. FAX-301/314-7149.


SWA—Kathleen R. Worthington, 301/314-7078.


University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD 21853-1299 Division I.

P—Thelma Thompson, 410/651-6101. FAX-410/651-6300.

F—Henry M. Brooks, Director of Cooperative Extension, 410/651-6206. FAX-410/651-6207. E-mail-hmbrooks@mail.umes.edu.

AD—Nelson Townsend, 410/651-7814. FAX-410/651-7600.


SWA—Charlotte Crawford, 410/651-6539. FAX-410/651-7600.


Marymount University (Virginia), Arlington, VA 22207-4299 Division III.

P—James Bundschuh, 703/284-1598. FAX-703/284-1595.

F—Liane Summerfield, Professor of Health and Human Performance, 703/284-1627. E-mail-liane.summerfield@marymount.edu.

AD—William Finney, 703/284-1619. FAX-703/527-3684.


SWA—Judy Finney, 703/284-3838. FAX-703/527-3684.


Maryville College (Tennessee), Maryville, TN 37804-5907 Division III.

P—Gerald W. Gibson, 865/981-8101. FAX-865/981-8010.

F—Nancy Locklin, 865/981-8233.

AD—Randall D. Lambert, 865/981-8287. FAX-865/981-8285.


SWA—Kandis Schram, Associate Director of Athletics, 865/981-8290. FAX-865/981-8285.


Maryville University of Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO 63141-7299 Division III.

P—Keith Lovin, 314/529-9330. FAX-314/529-9900.


F—Dan Deschamp, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, 314/529-9467. FAX-314/529-9921.


AD—Linda Anerson, 314/529-9288. FAX-314/529-9947.


SWA—Nicole Heasley, 314/529-9312. FAX-314/529-9947.


Marywood University, Scranton, PA 18509-1598 Division III.

P—Mary Reap, 570/348-6231. FAX-570/340-6014.


F—Jane Farr, Chairperson of the HPEC, 570/348-6259.

FAX-570/961-4730. E-mail-farr@ac.marywood.edu.

AD/SWA—Mary Jo Gunning, 570/961-4724. FAX-570/961-4730.


University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Amherst, MA 01003 Division I.

C—John Lombardi, 413/545-2211. FAX-413/545-2328.


F—Glenn M. Wong, Department of Sport Studies, 413/545-5053.

FAX-413/545-2425. E-mail-gwong@sportstudy.umass.edu.

AD—John McCutcheon, 413/5459652. FAX-413/5451727.


SWA—Elaine Sortino, Associate Director of Athletics, 413/545-2342.

FAX-413/545-1752. E-mail-elaine@admin.umass.edu.

University of Massachusetts, Boston, Boston, MA 02125 Division III.

C—JoAnn Gora, 617/287-6800. E-mail-joann.gora@umb.edu.

F—Avery Faigengaum, 617/287-7487. FAX-617/287-7840.


AD—Charlie Titus, 617/287-7810. FAX-617/287-7840.


SWA—Cheryl Aaron, 617/287-7807. FAX-617/287-7840.


University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, North Dartmouth, MA 02747-2300 Division III.

C—Jean MacCormack, 508/999-8004. FAX-508/999-8860.


F—James T. Griffith, Professor, Medical Lab Science, 508/999-8328.

FAX-508/999-8418. E-mail-jgriffith@umassd.edu.

Roll of Members - M AD (Men)—Robert W. Mullen, 508/999-8722. FAX-508/999-8867.


AD (Women)—Louise Goodrum, 508/999-8747. FAX-508/999-8867.


University of Massachusetts at Lowell, Lowell, MA 01854 Division II, Men’s Ice Hockey I.

C—William Hogan, 978/934-2201. FAX-508/934-3000.

F—Robert Gamache, 978/934-3904. FAX-978/934-3069.


AD—Dana K. Skinner-978/934-4027. E-mail-dana_skinner@uml.edu.

SWA—Joan Lehoullier, Senior Associate Director of Athletics, 978/934-2330. FAX-978/934-2313.


Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, North Adams, MA 01247-4100 Division III.

P—Mary K. Grant, 413/662-5201. E-mail-mgrant@mcla.edu.

F—Harold Brotzman, 413/662-5347. FAX-413/662-5357.


AD—Scott F. Nichols, 413/662-5411. FAX-413/662-5357.


SWA—Dot Houston, Assistant Director of Athletics, 413/662-5437.

FAX-413/662-5357. E-mail-dhouston@mcla.edu.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139 Division III, Women’s Rowing I.

P—Charles M. Vest, 617/253-0148. FAX-617/253-3124.


F—Thomas J. Allen Jr., Professor of Management, 617/253-6651.

FAX-617/253-2660. E-mail-tallen@mit.edu.

AD—Candace L. Royer, 617/253-4497. FAX-617/253-8115.


SWA—Jean Heiney, 617/253-2438. FAX-617/253-8115.


Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532 Division III.

P—Maurice J. Bresnahan, 508/830-5002. FAX-508/830-5004.


F—Henry Lamb, 508/830-5000.

AD—Robert Corradi, 508/830-5055. FAX-508/830-5056.


SWA—Linda Letourneau.

McDaniel College, Westminster, MD 21157-4390 Division III.

P—Joan Coley, 410/857-2222. FAX-410/857-2411.


F—Mary Bendel-Simso, 410/857-2426.


AD—James M. Smith, 410/386-4660. FAX-410/857-2586.


SWA—Carol A. Fritz, Associate Director of Athletics, 410/857-2575.

FAX-410/857-2586. E-mail-cfritz@mcdaniel.edu.

McMurry University, Abilene, TX 79697 Division III.

P—John Russell, 325/793-3803. FAX-325/793-4628.


F—Robert Kuzma, Assistant Professor of Business, 325/793-3854.

FAX-325/793-3849. E-mail-rkuzma@mcm.edu.

AD—Jerry Larned, 325/793-4631. FAX-325/793-4659.


SWA—Barbara Crousen, Associate Athletics Director, 325/793-4646.

FAX-325/793-4923. E-mail-bcrousen@mcm.edu.

McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA 70609 Division I.

P—Robert Hebert, 337/475-5556. FAX-337/475-5012.


F—Michele Martin, Associate Professor of Music, 337/4755028.

FAX-337/4755028. E-mail-mmartin@mail.mcneese.edu.

AD—Sonny Watkins, 337/475-5908. FAX-337/475-5202.


SWA—Bridget Martin, Compliance Coordinator, 337/475-5296.

FAX-337/475-5297. E-mail-bmartin@mail.mcneese.edu.

Medaille College, Buffalo, NY 14214-2695 Division III.

P—Joseph Bascuas, 716/884-3281. FAX-716/884-0291.


F—James Brace, Associate Professor, Health and Human Services, 716/884-3281. FAX-716/884-0291. E-mail-jbrace309@aol.com.

AD—Dick William Hack, 716/884-3281. FAX-716/884-0291.


SWA—Laura Edholm, Associate Athletic Director, 716/884-3281.

FAX-716/332-7004. E-mail-ledholm@medaille.edu.

Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn, NY 11225-2298 Division III.

P—Edison O.Jackson, 718/270-5000. FAX-718/270-5126.


F—Gale Gibson, 718/270-4960. FAX-718/270-5176.


AD—Roy Anderson, 718/270-6071. FAX-718/270-6198.


SWA—Nancy Lester, 718/270-4917. E-mail-nlester@mec.cuny.edu.

University of Memphis, Memphis, TN 38152-3370 Division I.

P—Shirley Raines, 901/678-2234. FAX-901/678-5065.


F—Rodney Smith, 901/678-2425. FAX-901/678-5210.


AD—R. C. Johnson, 901/678-2335. FAX-901/678-5078.


SWA—Lynn Parkes, Associate Athletics Director: Sports Programmng/Compliance, 901/678-1780. FAX-901/678-2162.

Roll of Members - M E-mail-lparkes@memphis.edu.

Menlo College, Atherton, CA 94027-4185 Division III.

P—Carlos Lopez, 650/543-3744. FAX-650/543-4101.


F—Donna Little, Professor of Economics, 650/543-3929.

FAX-650/543-4003. E-mail-dlittle@menlo.edu.

AD—Caitlin Collier, 650/543-3770. FAX-650/543-3769.

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