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«2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences DIRECTORY I/II/III 2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences [ISSN 0162-1467] THE ...»

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AD—Curtis Campbell, 502/597-6922. FAX-502/597-6466.


SWA—Carol Clark, 502/597-5974. FAX-502/597-6466.


Kentucky Wesleyan College, Owensboro, KY 42302-1039 Division II.

P—Anne C. Federlein, 270/852-3104. FAX-270/852-3190.


F—James E. Welch, Associate Professor of Business Administration, 270/852-3193. FAX-270/926-3196. E-mail-jimwe@kwc.edu.

AD—Larry E. Moore, 270/852-3330. FAX-270/852-3356.


SWA—Emily Owens, 270/852-3337. FAX-270/852-3356.


Kenyon College, Gambier, OH 43022-9223 Division III.

P—Georgia Nugent, 740/427-5111. FAX-740/427-2335.


F—Timothy B. Shutt, Associate Professor of English, 740/427-5218.


AD—Peter Smith, 740/427-5811. FAX-740/427-5402.


SWA—Suzanne Helfant.

Keuka College, Keuka Park, NY 14478-0098 Division III.

P—Joseph G. Burke, 315/279-5201. FAX-315/279-5201.


F—Pat Pulver, 315/279-5227. E-mail-ppulver@mail.keuka.edu.

AD—David M. Sweet, 315/279-5682. FAX-315/279-5325.


SWA—Nancy Wightman, 315/279-5691.

King’s College (Pennsylvania), Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711-0801 Division III.

P—Thomas J. O’Hara, 570/208-5899. FAX-570/826-5998.

F—Laurie Sterling.

AD—Tom Baker, 570/208-5855. FAX-570/826-5937.


SWA—Cheryl J. Ish, Assistant Athletics Director, 570/208-5900.

FAX-570/826-5937. E-mail-cjish@kings.edu.

Knox College, Galesburg, IL 61401-4999 Division III.

P—Roger Taylor, 309/341-7211. E-mail-rtaylor@knox.edu.

F—Lawrence Welch, Associate Professor, Chemistry, 309/341-7333.


AD—Dan Calandro, 309/341-7280. FAX-309/341-7806.


SWA—Kathy Wagoner, 309/341-7284. FAX-309/341-7806.


Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Kutztown, PA 19530-0721 Division II.

Roll of Members - K P—Javier Cevallos, 610/683-4102. FAX-610/683-4693.


F—Robert C. Ziegenfus, Professor of Geography, 610/683-4369.


AD (Interim)—Jack Entriken, 610/683-4095. FAX-610/683-1379.


SWA—Lauri Mondschein, 610/683-4096. FAX-610/683-1379.


La Roche College, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 Division III.

P—Candace Introcaso, 412/536-1204. FAX-412/536-1199.

F—Charles Welsh, 412/536-1174. FAX-412/536-1175.


AD—Jim Tinkey, 412/536-1011. FAX-412/536-1012.


La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199 Division I.

P—Michael J. McGinniss, 215/951-1010. FAX-215/951-1783.


F—Annette O’Connor, Biology Department, 215/951-1247.

FAX-215/951-1772. E-mail-oconnor@lasalle.edu.

AD—Thomas M. Brennan, 215/951-1672. FAX-215/991-3557.


SWA—Mary Ellen Wydan, Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance, 215/951-1991. FAX-215/991-3557.


University of La Verne, La Verne, CA 91750-4443 Division III.

P—Stephen Morgan, 909/593-3511. FAX-909/392-0364.


AD—Christopher M. Ragsdale, 909/593-3511. FAX-909/392-2760.


SWA—Julie Kline, 909/593-3511. FAX-909/392-2760.


Lafayette College, Easton, PA 18042 Division I.

P—Arthur Rothkopf, 610/330-5200. FAX-610/330-5700.

F—David R. Johnson, Associate Provost, 610/330-5073.

FAX-610/330-5068. E-mail-johnsond@lafayette.edu.

AD—Bruce McCutcheon, 610/330-5470. FAX-610/330-5702.


SWA—Kimberly Keenan-Kirkpatrick, 610/330-5474. FAX-610/330E-mail-keenank@lafayette.edu.

LaGrange College, La Grange, GA 30240 Division III.

P—Stuart Gulley, 706/880-8230. FAX-706/880-8358.


F—Sam Hornsby, Professor, 706/880-8242. FAX-706/880-8036.


AD—Philip R. Williamson, 706/880-8262. FAX-706/880-8350.


SWA—Kelly Britsky, Basketball/Volleyball Coach, 706/880-8342.

FAX-706/880-8031. E-mail-kbritsky@lagrange.edu.

Lake Erie College, Painesville, OH 44077 Division III.

P—Hal Laydon, 440/375-7205. E-mail-hlaydon@lec.edu.

F—Robert Benz, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 440/375-7353.


AD—Ken Krsolovic, 440/375-7470. FAX-440/375-7474.


SWA—Lauen Ferullo, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, 440/375-7472.

FAX-440/375-7474. E-mail-lferullo@lec.edu.

Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL 60045 Division III.

P—Stephen Schutt, 847/735-5100. FAX-847/735-6270.


F—Bob Holliday, Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science, 847/735-5153. FAX-847/735-6291. E-mail-holliday@lfc.edu.

AD—Jackie A. Slaats, 847/735-5290. FAX-847/735-6290.


Lake Superior State University, Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783 Division II, Men’s Ice Hockey I.

P—Betty Youngblood, 906/635-2202. FAX-906/635-6671.

F—Thomas Boger, Associate Professor, Math and Computer Science, 906/635-2427. E-mail-tboger@lssu.edu.

AD—Bill Crawford, 906/635-2878. FAX-906/635-7582.


SWA—Kris Dunbar, 906/635-2625. FAX-906/635-2753.


Lakeland College, Sheboygan, WI 53082-0359 Division III.

P—Stephen A. Gould, 920/565-1204. FAX-920/565-1206.


F—Richard Gaumer, 920/565-1351. FAX-920/565-1399.


AD—Jane Bouche, 920/565-1240. FAX-920/565-1399.


SWA—April Arvan, 920/565-1222. FAX-920/565-1399.


Lamar University, Beaumont, TX 77710 Division I.

P—James M. Simmons, 409/880-8405. FAX-409/880-8404.


F—Hsing-Wei Chu, Professor/Industrial Engineering, 409/880-8807.

FAX-409/880-8121. E-mail-chuhw@hal.lamar.edu.

AD—Billy Tubbs, 409/880-8323. FAX-409/880-1814.


SWA—Helene Thill, Assistant Athletics Director/Academics, 409/880-8333. FAX-409/880-1814. E-mail-helene.thill@lamar.edu.

Lander University, Greenwood, SC 29649-2099 Division II.

P—Daniel W. Ball, 864/388-8300. FAX-864/388-8884.


F—Betty Williams, Associate Professor, College Archivist, 864/388-8048. FAX-864/388-8889. E-mail-bwilliam@lander.edu.

AD—Jefferson J. May, 864/388-8314. FAX-864/388-8889.


SWA—Cheryl Bell, Athletics Administrative Assistant, 864/388-8316.

FAX-864/388-8889. E-mail-cbell@lander.edu.

Lane College, Jackson, TN 38301-4598 Division II.

P—Wesley C. McClure, 901/426-7595. FAX-901/427-3987.


F—Sherrie McClain, Assistant Professor of Education, 901/426-7640.


AD—J.L. Perry, 901/426-7568. FAX-901/421-7107.


SWA—Anita Harris, Head Women’s Basketball/Volleyball Coach, 901/426-7570. FAX-901/421-7107.


Lasell College, Newton, MA 02466 Roll of Members - L Division III.

P—Thomas E. J. DeWitt, 617/243-2221. FAX-617/243-2142.


F—Richard Frederics, 617/243-2153. FAX-617/796-4019.


AD/SWA—Kristy Walter, 617/243-2147. FAX-617/243-2374.


Lawrence University, Appleton, WI 54912-0599 Division III.

P—Jill Beck, 920/832-6525. FAX-920/832-6978.


F—Stewart Purkey, Professor of Education, 920/832-6715.

FAX-920/832-7072. E-mail-stewart.c.purkey@lawrence.edu.

AD/SWA—Kimberly N. Tatro, 920/832-6975. FAX-920/832-7349.


Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY 13214-1399 Division II, Baseball I, Women’s Lacrosse I.

P—Charles Beirne, 315/445-4120. FAX-315/445-4541.

F—William Miller, 315/445-4374. FAX-315/445-4678.


AD—Richard Rockwell, 315/445-4414. FAX-315/445-4678.


SWA—Jeanne Dupree, 315/445-4413. FAX-315/445-4678.


Lebanon Valley College, Annville, PA 17003-1400 Division III.

P—Stephen MacDonald, 717/867-6211. FAX-717/867-6910.


AD—Kathleen Tierney, 717/867-6261. FAX-717/867-6990.


SWA—Margaret Kauffman, 717/867-6272. FAX-717/867-6990.


Lees-McRae College, Banner Elk, NC 28604-0128 Division II.

P—Earl J. Robinson, 828/898-8785. FAX-828/898-8814.


F—Mary W. White, Associate Professor of English, 828/898-8736.

FAX-828/898-8814. E-mail-white@lmc.edu.

AD—Ried Estus, 828/898-8903. FAX-828/898-8742.


SWA—Rita A Smith, Head Athletic Trainer, 828/898-8768.

FAX-828/898-8742. E-mail-smithr@lmc.edu.

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 18015-3089 Division I.

P—Gregory Farrington, 610/758-3157. FAX-610/758-3154.


F—James McIntosh, Professor of Sociology, 610/758-3809.

FAX-610/758-6629. E-mail-ijm1@lehigh.edu.

AD—Joseph D. Sterrett, 610/758-4320. FAX-610/758-6629.


SWA—Karen Adams, Senior Associate Athletics Director, 610/758-4318. FAX-610/758-6629. E-mail-kaa0@lehigh.edu.

Lehman College, Bronx, NY 10468-1589 Division III.

P—Ricardo Fernandez, 718/960-8111. FAX-718/584-1765.


F—Helene Silverman, Early Childhood and Elementary Education, 718/960-8176. FAX-718/960-1140. E-mail-hsilverma@aol.com.

AD—Martin L. Zwiren, 718/960-1129. FAX-718/960-1140.


SWA—Kim Santoiemma, 718/960-1130. FAX-718/960-1132.


LeMoyne-Owen College, Memphis, TN 38126 Division II.

P—James Wingate, 901/942-7301. E-mailjames_wingate@nile.loc.edu.

F—Clifford Merryman, Professor of Sociology, 901/774-9090.

FAX-901/942-6272. E-mail-clifford_merryman@nile.lemoyne-owen.edu.

AD/SWA—E. D. Wilkens, 901/942-7327. FAX-901/942-7376.


Lenoir-Rhyne College, Hickory, NC 28603 Division II.

P—Wayne Powell, 828/328-7334. E-mail-powellw@lrc.edu.

F—Rufus Moretz, Professor, Religion/Philosophy, 828/328-7184.

FAX-828/328-7399. E-mail-moretzr@lrc.edu.

AD—Neill McGeachy, 828/328-7128. FAX-828.328.7399.


SWA—Shena Hollar, 828/328-7133. FAX-828/328-7399.


Lesley University, Cambridge, MA 02138-2790 Division III.

P—Margaret McKenna, 617/349-8500. FAX-617/349-8599.


F—Rose Marie Knickles, Assistant Professor/Human Services, 617/349-8906. FAX-617/349-8607.


AD—Stanley C. Vieira, 617/349-8498. FAX-617/349-8558.


LeTourneau University, Longview, TX 75607-7001 Division III.

P—Alvin O. Austin, 903/233-3100. FAX-903/233-3105.


F—Roger Erickstad, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 903/233-3336. FAX-903/233-3221. E-mail-rogererickstad@letu.edu.

AD—Duane Trogdon, 903/233-3762. FAX-903/233-3751.


SWA—Mary Ann Otwell, Assistant Athletics Director, 903/233-3376.

FAX-903/233-3822. E-mail-maryannotwell@letu.edu.

Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR 97219-7899 Division III.

P—Tom Hochstettler, 503/768-7680. E-mail-pres@lclark.edu.

F—Elnora Beck, Associate Professor of Music, 503/768-7467.

Roll of Members - L E-mail-nbeck@lclark.edu.

AD—Steve Wallo, 503/768-7548. FAX-503/768-7058.


SWA—Judy McMullen, Associate Director of Physical Education/Athletics, 503/768-7073. FAX-503/768-7058.


Lewis University, Romeoville, IL 60446 Division II.

P—James Gaffney, 815/836-5230. FAX-815/838-5979.


F—Patricia Vidmar, 815/836-5930. FAX-815/836-5835.


AD—Paul Zakowski, 815/836-5937. FAX-815/836-5835.


SWA—Karen Kerner Lockyer, Professor of Physical Education, 815/836-5454. FAX-815/836-5835. E-mail-lockyeka@lewisu.edu.

Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA 24502-2269 Division I.

P—Dave Young, 434/582-2300. FAX-434/582-2304.


F—William Gribbin, Dean, School of Communications, 434/582-2777.

FAX-434/582-2113. E-mail-wggribbi@liberty.edu.

AD—Kim Graham, 434/582-2100. FAX-434/582-2205.


SWA—Chris Phillips, 434/582-2609. FAX-434/582-2205.


Limestone College, Gaffney, SC 29340-3799 Division II.

P—Walt Griffin, 864/488-4616. FAX-864/487-8706.


F—Suzanne Lindley, 864/488-4437. FAX-864/902-0714.


AD—Larry Epperly, 864/488-4564. FAX-864/902-0714.


SWA—Cyndi McMahan, 864/488-8370. FAX-864/902-0714.


Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN 37752-1901 Division II.

P—Nancy Moody, 423/869-6391. FAX-423/869-6250.


F—Dan Graves, Dean of Students, 423/869-6251.

FAX-423/869-6387. E-mail-dgraves@lmunet.edu.

AD—Jay Nidiffer, 423/869-6285. FAX-423/869-6382.

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