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«2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences DIRECTORY I/II/III 2004-05 NCAA DIRECTORY Roll of Members Conferences [ISSN 0162-1467] THE ...»

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AD—Patricia Meiser-McKnett, 860/768-4989. FAX-860/768-5047.


SWA—Ellen Crandall, 860/768-3032. FAX-860/768-5047.


Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY 13820-4020 Division III, Men’s Soccer I, Women’s Water Polo I.

P—Richard P. Miller, Jr., 607/431-4990. FAX-607/431-4206.


F—John Pontius, Associate Professor of Accounting, 607/431-4311.

FAX-607/431-4018. E-mail-pontiusj@hartwick.edu.

AD—Elizabeth Powell, 607/431-4701. FAX-607/431-4018.


SWA—Daphne Thompson, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, 607/431-4709. FAX-607/431-4720.


Harvard University, Boston, MA 02163-1012 Division I.

P—Lawrence H. Summers, 617/495-1502. FAX-617/495-8550.

F—Thomas A. Dingman, Associate Dean of Harvard College, 617/495-1521. FAX-617/496-8268. E-mail-tdingman@harvard.edu.

AD—Robert L. Scalise, 617/495-2204. FAX-617/496-9950.


SWA—Patricia W. Henry, Senior Associate Athletics Director, 617/495-2201. FAX-617/496-9950.


Haverford College, Haverford, PA 19041-1392 Division III.

P—Thomas R. Tritton, 610/896-1021. FAX-610/896-4202.


F—Anne Preston, 610/896-1120. FAX-610/896-4220.


AD—Gregory Kannerstein, 610/896-1120. FAX-610/896-4220.


SWA—Penelope C. Hinckley, Associate Athletics Director, 610/896FAX-610/896-4220. E-mail-phinckle@haverford.edu.

University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hilo, HI 96720-4091 Division II, Baseball I.

C—RoseTseng, 808/974-7444. FAX-808/974-7622.


F—Robin Takahashi, 808 /974-7403. FAX-808/974-7711.


AD—Kathleen McNally, 808/974-7621. FAX-808/974-7711.


SWA—Emily Hutchinson, Assistant Compliance Officer, 808/974-7520. FAX-808/974-7711. E-mail-mlek32@aol.com.

University of Hawaii, Manoa, Honolulu, HI 96822-2370 Division I.

C—Peter Englert, 808/956-7652. FAX-808/956-2751.


F—Stephen Martin, Director-Intramural Sports, 808/956-3818.


AD—Herman R. Frazier, 808/956-7301. FAX-808/956-4637.


SWA—Marilyn Moniz-Kaho’ohanohano, Assistant Athletics Director, 808/956-4498. FAX-808/956-4637. E-mail-monizkah@hawaii.edu.

Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, HI 96813 Division II.

P—Chatt G. Wright, 808/544-0202. FAX-808/544-9323.

F—Barbara Burke, Instructor of Mathematics, 808/544-0888.

FAX-808/544-0890. E-mail-bburke@hpu.edu.

AD—J.D. Barnett, 808/544-0220. FAX-808/566-2405.


SWA—Reydan Ahuna, 808/544-0222. FAX-808/566-2405.


Heidelberg College, Tiffin, OH 44883-2462 Division III.

P—Dominic Dottavio, 419/448-2202. FAX-419/448-2126.


F—Martin Reno, Professor of Physics, 419/448-2350.

FAX-419/448-2124. E-mail-mreno@heidelberg.edu.

AD—Jerry McDonald, 419/448-2020. FAX-419/448-2025.


Roll of Members - H SWA—Karen McConnell, Assistant Professor of HPER, 419/448-2010.

FAX-419/448-2025. E-mail-kmcconne@heidelberg.edu.

Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001 Division II.

P—Charles Dunn, 870/230-5091. FAX-870/230-5147.


F—David Gardner, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 870/230-5043. FAX-870/230-5144. E-mail-gardner@hsu.edu.

AD—Sam Goodwin, 870/230-5072. FAX-870/230-5408.


SWA—Rhonda Thigpen, Head Volleyball Coach, 870/230-5194.

FAX-870/230-5408. E-mail-thigper@hsu.edu.

Hendrix College, Conway, AR 72032-3080 Division III.

P—Timothy Cloyd, 501/450-1315. FAX-501/450-3821.


F—Ralph Scott, Professor of Business and Economics, 501/450-1306. E-mail-scott@hendrix.edu.

AD—Danny Powell, 501/450-1265. FAX-501/450-3805.


SWA—Mary Ann Schlientz, 501/450-4576. FAX-501/450-3805.


High Point University, High Point, NC 27262-3598 Division I.

P—Jacob C. Martinson, 336/841-9201. FAX-336/841-4599.


F—James W. Stitt, Professor of History/Political Science, 336/841-9292. FAX-336/841-5123. E-mail-jstitt@highpoint.edu.

AD—Woody Gibson, 336/841-9105. FAX-336/841-9182.


SWA—Melissa Perry, Assistant Director of Athletics, 336/841-4645.

FAX-336/884-9182. E-mail-mperry@highpoint.edu.

Hilbert College, Hamburg, NY 14075-1597 Division III.

P—Edmunette Paczesny, 716/649-7900. FAX-716/649-1152.


F—Mike Degnan, Chair, Department of English, 716/649-7900.

FAX-716/649-1152. E-mail-mdegnan@hilbert.edu.

AD—Richard L. Walsh, 716/649-7900. FAX-716/649-6429.


SWA—Andrea Agnello, Assistant Athletics Director, 716/649-7900.

FAX-716/649-6429. E-mail-aangello@hilbert.edu.

Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI 49242-1298 Division II.

P—Larry Arnn, 517/437-7341. FAX-517/437-3923.

F—MickeyCraig, 517/437-7341.

AD—Michael J. Kovalchik, 517/437-7364. FAX-517/607-3120.


SWA—Claudette Charney, 517/607-3140.


Hiram College, Hiram, OH 44234-0067 Division III.

P—Thomas Chema, 330/569-6112. FAX-330/569-5494.


AD—Thomas E. Mulligan, 330/569-5940. FAX-330/569-5392.


Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY 14456 Division III, Men’s Lacrosse I.

P—Mark Gearan, 315/781-3309. FAX-315/781-3654.


F—Scott McKinney, Professor of Economics, 315/781-3424.


AD—Michael J. Hanna, 315/781-3574. FAX-315/781-3024.


Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549 Division I.

P—Stuart Rabinowitz, 516/463-6800. FAX-516/463-6096.


F—David M. Flynn, Professor, 516/463-5030. FAX-516/463-4834.


AD—Harry H. Royle, 516/463-6753. FAX-516/463-4860.


SWA—Cindy Lewis, Senior Associate Director of Athletics, 516/463-6748. FAX-516/463-7514. E-mail-athczl@hofstra.edu.

Hollins University, Roanoke, VA 24020-1553 Division III.

F—Wayne Markert, Vice-President, Academic Affairs, 540/362-6491.

FAX-540/362-6013. E-mail-wmarkert@hollins.edu.

F—Alison Ridley, Dean of Student Affairs, 540/362-6414.


AD—Lynda Calkins, 540/362-6435. FAX-540/362-6553.


SWA—Carleen Overacker, Athletic Trainer, 540/362-6205.

FAX-540/362-6553. E-mail-coveracker@hollins.edu.

College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA 01610-2395 Division I.

P—Michael McFarland, 508/793-2525. FAX-508/793-2347.


F—John F. Axelson, Professor of Psychology, 508/793-3434.

FAX-508/793-3709. E-mail-jaxelson@holycross.edu.

AD—Richard M. Regan Jr., 508/793-2582. FAX-508/793-3863.


SWA—Ann Zelesky, Associate Director of Athletics, 508/793-2628.

FAX-508/793-3863. E-mail-azelesky@holycross.edu.

Holy Family University, Philadelphia, PA 19114 Division II.

P—Francesca Onley, 215/637-7700. FAX-215/637-3787.


F—Patrice Feher, Vice-President of Student Services, 215/637-7700.


AD—Sandra Michael, 215/637-7700. FAX-215/637-6675.


SWA—Joanna Pennell, Assistant Athletics Director, 215/637-7700.

FAX-215/637-6675. E-mail-jpennell@holyfamily.edu.

Roll of Members - H Hood College, Frederick, MD 21701-8575 Division III.

P—Ronald Volpe, 301/696-3000.

F—Susan Ensel, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, 301/696-3000.

FAX-301/696-3488. E-mail-sensel@hood.edu.

AD—Gilbert Romaine, 301/696-3493. FAX-301/696-3488.


SWA—Melanie Adams, 301/696-3836. FAX-301/696-3488.


Hope College, Holland, MI 49422-9000 Division III.

P—James E. Bultman, 616/395-7780. FAX-616/395-7111.


F—Lynne Hendrix, 616/395-7554. FAX-616/395-7617.


AD—Raymond E. Smith, 616/395-7698. FAX-616/395-7175.


SWA—Eva Dean Folkert, 616/395-7694. FAX-616/395-7175.


University of Houston, Houston, TX 77204 Division I.

P—G. Jay Gogue, 713/743-8880. FAX-713/743-8837.

F—Richard W. Scamell, Professor of Business, 713/743-4733.

FAX-713/743-4733. E-mail-rscamell@uh.edu.

AD—Dave Maggard, 713/743-9370. FAX-713/743-9375.


SWA—Diane Hall, Associate Director of Athletics, 713/743-9468.

FAX-713/743-9375. E-mail-dehall@uh.edu.

Howard Payne University, Brownwood, TX 76801 Division III.

P—Lanny Hall, 325/649-8001. FAX-325/649-8975.


F—Charles Boland, Professor of Accounting, 325/646-2520.

FAX-325/649-8920. E-mail-cboland@hputx.edu.

AD—Vance Gibson, 325/649-8109. FAX-325/649-8908.


SWA—Sharon Riker, Administrative Assistant, 325/649-8100.

FAX-325/649-8920. E-mail-sriker@hputx.edu.

Howard University, Washington, DC 20059 Division I.

P—H. Patrick Swygert, 202/806-2500. FAX-202/806-9243.

AD/SWA—Sondra Norrell-Thomas, 202/806-7140.

FAX-202/806-9090. E-mail-snorrell-thomas@howard.edu.

Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA 95521-8299 Division II.

P—Rollin Richmond, 707/826-3311. FAX-707/826-3505.


F—Kathy Munoz, 707/826-3840. FAX-707/826-5451.


AD—Dan Collen, 707/826-3666. FAX-707/826-5446.


SWA—Sue Woodstra, Women’s Volleyball Coach, 707/826-6017.


Hunter College, New York, NY 10021 Division III.

P—Jennifer J. Raab, 212/772-4242. FAX-212/772-4724.


AD—Terry Ann Wansart, 212/772-4783. FAX-212/650-3161.


SWA—Lauren Caiaccia, Associate Athletics Director, 212/772-4797.

FAX-212/650-3161. E-mail-lauren.caiaccia@hunter.cuny.edu.

Huntingdon College, Montgomery, AL 36106 Division III.

P—J. Cameron West, 334/833-4409. FAX-334/833-4485.


F—John Mitchell, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 334/833-4269.

FAX-334/833-4486. E-mail-jmitchell@huntingdon.edu.

AD—Hugh Phillips, 334/833-4581. FAX-334/833-4415.


SWA—Angela Cook, Head Softball Coach, 334/833-4531.

FAX-334/833-4415. E-mail-acook@huntingdon.edu.

Husson College, Bangor, ME 04401 Division III.

P—William Beardsley, 207/941-7138. FAX-207/941-7139.

F—Dewey W. Martin, Professor of Accounting, 207/941-7041.

AD—JonathanPrice, 207/941-7025. FAX-207/973-1015.


SWA—Pamala Hennessey. E-mail-hennesseyp@husson.edu.

University of Idaho, Moscow, ID 83843-2302 Division I.

P—Timothy White, 208/885-6365. FAX-208/885-6558.


F—Kathleen Gabel, Professor, Food Science and Nutrition, 208/885-6026. FAX-208/885-5751. E-mail-kgabel@uidaho.edu.

AD (Interim)-Robert Spear, 208/885-8929.


SWA—Dee Anne Menzies, Associate Athletics Director, 208/885FAX-208/885-4900. E-mail-dmenzies@uidaho.edu.

Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID 83209-8173 Division I.

P—Richard L. Bowen, 208/282-3440. FAX-208/282-4487.


F—Scott Benson, 208/236-2860. FAX-208/236-3186.


AD—Jim Senter, 208/282-4064. FAX-208/282-4063.


SWA—Nancy Graziano, 208/282-4668. FAX-208/282-4063.


University of Illinois, Champaign, Champaign, IL 61820 Division I.

C—Nancy Cantor, 217/333-6290. FAX-217/244-4121.


F—Matt Wheeler, Professor of Animal Sciences, 217/333-2239.

FAX-217/244-2871. E-mail-mbwheele@ux6.cso.uiuc.edu.

AD—Ronald E. Guenther, 217/333-3631. FAX-217/244-3269.


SWA—Harriett Weatherford, Coordinator of Special Projects, 217/244-4286. E-mail-hweather@uiuc.edu.

University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL 60608 Division I.

C—Sylvia Manning, 312/413-3350. FAX-312/413-3393.

F—Eric Gislason, Vice-Chancellor for Research, 312/996-9450.

FAX-312/413-0238. E-mail-gislason@uic.edu.

AD—James W. Schmidt, 312/996-2695. FAX-312/996-8349.


SWA—Tonya McGowan, Associate Athletics Director, 312/996-3556.

FAX-312/996-8349. E-mail-tmcgowan@uic.edu.

Illinois College, Jacksonville, IL 62650-2299 Division III.

P—Axel Steuer, 217/245-3001. FAX-217/245-3008.


F—Patricia Kiihne, 217/245-3431. FAX-217/245-3398.

Roll of Members - I E-mail-pkiihne@ic.edu.

AD—Gale F. Vaughn, 217/245-3381. FAX-217/245-3398.


SWA—Brenna Kelly, 217/245-3404. FAX-217/245-3398.


Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-2660 Division I.

P—C. Alvin Bowman, 309/438-5677. FAX-309/438-5319.


F—Jeff Wood, 309/438-7609. FAX-309/438-5037.


AD (Interim)—Linda Herman, 309/438-3636. FAX-309/438-2323.


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