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Lithuanian Educational Science University Introduction Preparing athletes it is important to have scientifically based recommendation about consumption possibilities of concrete nutrition and food supplement. Therefore the aim of the present study is to determine the effect of food supplement ARGI+ and ARGI+ in combination with Multi Maca on physical and functional capacity of athletes to work in various energy production zones. Methods Thirtysix physically active men were randomly divided into three groups. First group (E1) subjects took the supplement ARGI+ 10g/day for 20 days. Second group (E 2) subjects took the supplement ARGI+ 10g/day and Multi Maca 2 tablets/day for 20 days. Third group (C) subjects consumed lactose as a placebo. Subjects performed two testing sessions. We tested single muscle capacity power, anaerobic alactic muscle power and aerobic capacity. Heart rate was assessed at rest, after standard physical load and after 60s recovery period. Results Supplementation of ARGI+ in combination with Multi Maca more effectively influenced cardiovascular system capacity and aerobic capacity than supplementation ARGI+. Use of ARGI+ and ARGI+ in combination with Multi Maca has not significant influences on atletes’ single muscle capacity power, anaerobic alactic muscle power, absolute and relative maximal moment muscle capacity. These data of the group E1 subjects increased more than group E2 subjects. However, in comparison of groups E1 subjects and E2 group subjects with group C subjects after supplements consumption these data had significant differences. Discussion We have found that food supplement ARGI+ has more appreciable influence on increasing single muscle capacity power and anaerobic alactic muscle power than ARGI+ in combination with Multi Maca. As reported by Álvares et al., 2011, dietary supplements, containing L-arginine, helps to increase muscle strength, their recovery after anaerobic and aerobic exercise. The results of our study show the influence of dietary supplements ARGI+ and ARGI+ in combination with Multi Maca to aerobic capacity of young sportsmen. These results generally comply with the results of previous studies (Bailey et al., 2010). Our and Fahs et al. (2009) studies did not show any significant increases in cardiovascular system functional capacity. References Álvares T, Meirelles C, Bhambhani Y, Paschoalin V, Gomes P. (2011). L-Arginine as a potential ergogenic aid in healthy subjects. Sports Med, 41(3), 233-248. Bailey S, Winyard P, Vanhatalo A, Blackwell J, DiMenna F, Wilkerson D, Jones A. (2010).

Acute L-arginine supplementation reduces O2 cost of moderate intensity exercise and enhances high-intensity exercise tolerance. J Appl Physiol, 109(5), 1394-1403. Fahs C; Heffernan K, Fernhall B. (2009). Hemodynamic and vascular response to resistance exercise with Larginine. MSSE, 41(4), 773-779.

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Capitani, C.D.1, Viveiros, L.2, Moreira, A.3, Zourdos, M.C.4, Vidal, J.A.A.1, Aoki, M.S.3 1-University of Campinas, Limeira, Brazil; 2-Brazilian Olympic Committee, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 3-University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 4-Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, USA Introduction Traditionally, competitive wrestlers have applied various methods to lose weight quickly to fit a particular weight class. These methods include different exercise modes, accompanying by fasting and dehydration practices. It is reasonable to postulate that dehydration practice resulting in rapid short-term weight loss may cause deleterious effects on performance, however, there is little information regarding the fluid intake by young wrestlers during training and prior to competition. Therefore, the aim of this study was to describe the hydration and fluid intake practices among Brazilian high-school wrestlers. Methods Thirty-one high-school wrestlers, female (n=16; 13±2 yrs) and male (n=15; 13±2 yrs) agreed to participate in the study. Immediately following the official weigh-in, which was conducted 24h prior to the competition, subjects answered a hydration and fluid intake habits questionnaire. The standardized questionnaire was composed by 8 multiple-choice questions. Subjects completed the questionnaire in less than 10 minutes in a private room where only the investigator was present. Results Of the 31 respondents 81% reported that they had previously received educational information regarding proper hydration habits, while 82% agreed that hydration habits are important to health and performance. The most popular liquids for hydration were water, soft drinks and sports drinks, which were ingested by 96%, 25%, and 22% of respondents, respectively. Additionally, most of the athletes attested that they are concerned about fluid intake during training (51%) and competition (62%). Finally, regarding the time of ingestion, 45% of subjects reported ingestion of liquid before they get thirsty, while 41% reported waiting until after thirst sets in to drink. Discussion The majority of athletes seem to recognize the importance of proper fluid intake during training and competitions to optimize performance, and also acknowledge receiving educational information regarding proper hydration habits. Despite these factors, a significant amount of respondents still demonstrated poor choices of liquid ingestion (i.e. soft drinks) and inappropriate timing of fluid intake (i.e. after thirst occurs). Ultimately, coaches and parents should engage in educational programs in order to promote improved fluid intake habits to benefit health and performance in young wrestlers.


Astudillo, S., Castro, M., Jorquera, C.

Universidad Mayor Introduction One of the principal variable ones in the sports performance is the dehydration. Opposite to this decrease of electrolytes, we can meet a hiponatremia faced, and not only to affect the performance of the sportsman, but also to affect the health of this one. In conditions of rest an individual loses about 95,9 ml/h and in conditions of long exercise it can manage to lose 1.321 ml/h. The study that we have carried out tries to confirm the remoisturizing capacity of two drinks, a drink isotónica, opposite to a lacteal drink descremada, to understand and to take up office which is the most suitable drink later to a session of exercise. Methods The sample corresponded to 14 males, with an average of age of 23 years, with an average stature of 1,74 cms. one to which lacteal descremada was managing the affairs for the tipsy rehydration flavor chocolate and to another group drink was supplied him isotónica. There has been applied the capture of sample of simple urine to be analyzed by means of the MINI ISE, automatic analyzer of electrolytes, the analyzed electrolytes were sodium and potassium. Also the gravity was evaluated it specifies in urine. Results The comparison between the sodium in urine, later to the exercise and the sodium in urine later to the rehydration with lacteal drink descremada, finding very significant differences p 0,007 evaluating to p 0,05. The comparison between the potassium in urine, later to the exercise and the potassium in urine later to the rehydration with drink isotónica, not being significant differences p 0,64 evaluating to p 0,05. The subjects that they re-hydrated with drink isotónica retained 25 % of the quantity of ingested drink and the subjects that descremada re-hydrated with lacteal drink retained 71 % of the ingested drink. Discussion The recommendations for a drink re-hydrate, are orientated to the quantity of electrolytes and carbohydrates and not always the value has relation with the quality. When proteins join him to these solutions the retention of liquid can improve for better the assimilation of the electrolytes, for ende milk them it transforms in an excellent option as sports drink. (Brattan C 2001). ) References Coyle E. ( 2004). Fluid and fuel intake during exercise. J sports Sci, vol 22, 39- 55. Hartman W, Tang J, Wilkinson S, Tarnopolsky M, Lawrence R, Fullerton A & Phillips S (2007). Consumption of fat-free fluid milk after resistance exercise promotes greater lean mass accretion than does consumption of soy or carbohydrate in young, novice, male weightlifters. Am J Clin Nutr 86, 373–381. Ivy J.

(2003). Effect of a carbohydrate-protein supplement on endurance performance during exercise of varying intensity. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 13, 382-95. Shirreffs S, Watson P. (2003), ’Milk as an effective post-exercise rehydration drink’, Volume 98, Pages 173-180, British Journal of Nutrition.


Ghiani, G., Lantini, T., Marongiu, E., Tocco, F., Degortes, N., Concu, A.

University of Cagliari Introduction Ironman triathletes appear to profit from low body fat (Knechtle et Al. 2011). The aim of this study was to investigate eating habits and body composition in a group of recreational male Ironman, who were in the preparing season for an imminent competition.

They trained for about 20 hours/week. Methods Five recreational male Ironman triathletes participated in the study. Each of them completed a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) to assess their usual diet (Fidanza et Al.,1995) and attended a small interview, so that their daily physical activity level (PAL) was determined. PAL was obtained by dividing Total Energy Expenditure by Base Metabolic Rate (Black et al. 1995). For each subject Fat Mass percentage (FM%) was detected twice by mean of plicometry: eight and one weeks before the competition (Durnin and Womersley, 1974). Dietary recommendations were given to each of them in order to correct their diet as to perfectly fit their needs in term of calories and nutrients. Results Processing of the FFQ emphasized that energy requirements were not fulfilled. In detail, their PAL was about 2, but there was more than 1000 Kcal difference between average intake and average needs, mostly from calories derived from complex carbohydrates, so that their diet was adjusted to fit their needs. In the second detection, made one week before the race, each participant modified his body composition reducing his FM%. Discussion Results of the present investigation show that the dietary status of our sample of triathletes lacked both in term of food quantity and quality. Taking into account that Iroman competition highly recruit the energetic sources of athletes, it is possible to speculate that they may take advantage from a correction of their eating habit by a proper dietary counseling. References Knechtle B, Knechtle P, Rüst CA, Rosemann T (2011)J Sports Sci, 29(13);1373-80 Fidanza F, Gentile MG, Porrini M. (1995), Eur J Epidemiol, 11;163- 170 Black AE, Coward WA, Cole TJ, Prentice AM, (1996) Eur J Clin Nutr, 50 (2); 72-92. Durnin JV, Womersley J (1974), Br J Nutr, 32(1);77-97.

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Quiroz, O.


Introduction Athletes, who require low weight and fat percentage, have been recognized as a population with an increased risk of Eating Behavior Disorders (EBD). This is more difficult in women growth and development stages, with psychophysical changes that make them vulnerable to present EBD or inadequate response to desired body image, having impact on their health. Studies in Antioquia, in Medellin adolescent women, 2003, showed a prevalence of 17.7% and 33.3% EBD at risk of suffering. The study was conducted in the Department of Nutrition for Sports Medicine Division Indeportes Antioquia, Colombia, through the application of EAT-26 questionnaire. Methods: 37 athletes were surveyed, all of them over 10 year’s old, practicing figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics and artistic women in the city of Medellin. We searched literature on the subject. The pilot study was developed and carried out test EAT 26. Analysis of the results was socialized with staff of Department’s Leagues. Statistical analysis was made with Epi-Info 6.04. Results: The EAT-26 average was 18 • 8 points. 13 athletes (35%) had a score greater than or equal to 20, which implies risk of a EBD. The average age of 16.2 • 3.3 years in athletes at risk of EBD was higher than those who didn’t have, that was 13.7 • 3.0 years. BMI was higher for athletes at risk: 20.7 • 2.6 units, compared with athletes who didn’t have EBD risk: 18 • 8.2 units. There was a prevalence 35% of risk within 37 athletes tested. Ten of the 13 people with risk of EBD were women. No significant differences that relate to the type of sport practiced with the risk of EBD.

Conclusion Obtained data with EAT 26 test are a contribution to the characterization of the population at risk of EBD related to nutrition.

References: 1.Eating Disorders: Facts about Eating Disorders and the Search for Solutions. URL:

http://www.nimh.nih.gov/publicat/schizkids.cfm. Cited 2004 February 24. NIH Publication Number: NIH 5124. Fecha de acceso Junio 12 /

2005. 2.De la paz D, Celeste C. Trastornos de la conducta alimentaria en mujeres adolescentes de bajos recursos: El paradigma de la pobreza. URL: www.ama-med.org.ar 3.Zagalaz M, Romero S, Contreras O. La anorexia como distorsión de la imagen corporal.

Programa de prevención desde la educación física en la provincia de JAEN - ESPAÑA •sitio en Internet•. URL: www.campus-oei.org Fecha de acceso Abril 19 / 2005. 4.Mendoza P, Posada E. Prevalencia y población afectada de anorexia, bulimia y otros trastornos de la alimentación. URL: http://aupec.univalle.edu.co/piab/prevalencia.html


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