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«Hosted by the: National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC) ISBN 978-84-695-7786-8 European College of Sport Science: Book of ...»

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18 annual Congress of the


th th

26 - 29 June 2013, Barcelona – Spain


Edited by:

Balagué, N., Torrents, C., Vilanova, A., Cadefau, J., Tarragó, R., Tsolakidis, E.

Hosted by the:

National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC)

ISBN 978-84-695-7786-8

European College of Sport Science:

Book of Abstracts of the 18h Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science – 26th - 29th June 2013, Barcelona – Spain.

Edited by Balagué, N., Torrents, C., Vilanova, A., Cadefau, J., Tarragó, R., Tsolakidis, E.

ISBN 978-84-695-7786-8 Copyright by European College of Sport Science Conception, DTP, Cover: SporTools GmbH – Data management in sports Corrections: Patera, N., Zappa Isabella, G., Tsolakidis, K.

Printed by OPEN PRINT, S.L.L., Barcelona – Spain.

Paul-Niessen-Str. 12, 50969 Cologne, Germany www.SporTools.de INEFC-BARCELONA/SPAIN, 26-29 JUNE 2013 2 Organisation Congress Presidents – Natàlia Balagué, Carlota Torrents (ESP) ECSS Executive Board – Sigmund Loland - President (NOR) – Hans Hoppeler - Past President (SUI) – Marco Narici – President Elect (GBR) – Romain Meeusen (BEL) – Gisela Sjøgaard (DEN) – Tim Cable (GBR) ECSS Scientific Board – Anton Wagenmakers - Chair (GBR) – Flemming Dela - Co-Chair (DEN) – Jan Cabri - Secretary (NOR) – Joan Duda (GBR) – Paul Greenhaff (GBR) – Martin Halle (GER) – José Antonio López Calbet (ESP) – Erich Müller (AUT) ECSS Scientific Committee – Natàlia Balagué (ESP) – Wilhelm Bloch (GER) – Annalisa Cogo (ITA) – Nenad Dikic (SRB) – Taija Finni (FIN) – Daniel Green (GBR) – Michael Grey (GBR) – Markus Gruber (GER) – Jørn Wulff Helge (DEN) – Ylva Hellsten (DEN) – Luc van Loon (NED) – Mike McNamee (GBR) – Maria Francesca Piacentini (ITA) – Janice L. Thompson (GBR) – Nicole Wenderoth (BEL) ECSS Office – Thomas Delaveaux – Elias Tsolakidis – Steffen Neubert – Juliane Melber – Tuulia Hokkanen


TH Local Scientific Commi

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TH INEFC-BARCELONA/SPAIN, 26-29 JUNE 2013 6 Welcome Dear congress participant, Since its creation one of the main aims of the ECSS has been to contribute to the unification of sport science. However, the tremendous growth in the field has produced further fragmentation. Is it possible to unify these fragmented areas? Are there common principles that bind them?

Reductionism has dominated research for over a century and has provided a wealth of knowledge, yet it is increasingly clear that a discrete biological function can only rarely be attributed to an individual molecule. Indeed, most biological characteristics arise from complex interactions: between proteins, cells, organisms, groups, societies, etc. A key challenge in the twenty-first century is therefore to understand the structure and dynamics of these complex interactions, as this will surely foster a new and better understanding between the different scientific disciplines.

The 2013 ECSS Congress in Barcelona seeks to help sport science make its own leap forward towards a comprehension of ourselves not as part of a technical world but as interacting parts of a consistent and coherent whole: nature. The 18thAnnual Congress of the ECSS aims to contribute to the development of global approaches in the different specialized areas and to provide an even broader view of sport science. Hopefully, by moving from the whole to the parts and vice versa, sport scientists will be able to find the best paths through the field.

Barcelona is an open city: open to the sea, to culture, to the world and to science. What better place in which to join forces in unifying sport science.

Benvinguts a Barcelona, Bienvenidos a Barcelona, Welcome to Barcelona!

Natàlia Balagué & Carlota Torrents Congress Presidents

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Honorary session: PS-HS01 Sport Science, in the World of Science


15:00 - 16:30

IS-PM07 Antioxidants in physical exercise: points and counterpoints *

OP-PM20 Nutrition [NU] 1

IS-PM13 Exercise and Training in COPD Patients *

OP-PM25 Physiology [PH] 2

OP-PM26 Physiology [PH] 3

IS-BN05 Specificity in strength training in elite sport *

OP-PM30 Physiology [PH] 7

IS-SH01 Understanding sport participation in Europe *

IS-SH05 A Critical Pedagogy for Physical Education Futures: Prospects for Change

IS-PM01 JSPFSM Exchange Symposium: Confronting super aging society -

OP-SH05 Psychology [PS] 1

17:00 - 18:15

PS-PL01 Does Pain Produce Gain? *


08:30 - 10:00

OP-PM22 Nutrition [NU] 3

OP-PM40 Sports Medicine [SM] 1

OP-PM47 Training and Testing [TT] 1

OP-PM14 Neuromuscular Physiology [NP] 1

OP-BN10 Motor Learning [ML] 1

OP-BN09 Coaching [CO] 1 Coaching

OP-PM12 Molecular Biology [MB] 2

OP-SH01 Misc. topics [CS][EC][HI][PE]

OP-SH07 Psychology [PS] 3

OP-PM31 Physiology [PH] 8

OP-SH16 Sport Statistics and Analyses [SA] 2

10:20 - 11:50

IS-PM06 Sports nutrition: from science to recommendations sponsored by GSSI *

OP-PM48 Training and Testing [TT] 2

IS-SH11 In Pursuit of Active Aging - Achieving Sustained Physical Activity and Function in Older Adults *

OP-PM24 Physiology [PH] 1


TH IS-BN02 Feedback and feedforward interaction - the role of augmented feedback in performance (sponsored by Adidas)

OP-BN02 Biomechanics [BM] 2

OP-PM11 Molecular Biology [MB] 1

IS-SH03 Transitions and strategies in top level sport

IS-SH10 Implementation and impact of the Empowering Coaching programme in promoting children's active and healthy engagement in sport: Findings from the PAPA main trial

OP-SH06 Psychology [PS] 2

OP-SH14 Sport Management [SM] 2

12:00 - 13:15

PS-PL02 Emerging Trends in Team Sports Science sponsored by Aspetar

14:00 - 15:00

PP-PM68 Training and Testing [TT] 3

PP-PM28 Nutrition [NU] 2

PP-PM39 Physiology [PH] 6

PP-PM45 Physiology [PH] 12

PP-PM51 Physiology [PH] 18

PP-PM73 Training and Testing [TT] 8

PP-PM63 Sports Medicine [SM] 7

PP-PM16 Health and Fitness [HF] 10

PP-PM07 Health and Fitness [HF] 1

PP-PM05 Biochemistry [BC] 1

PP-PM21 Molecular Biology [MB] 1

PP-PM27 Nutrition [NU] 1

PP-PM57 Sports Medicine [SM] 1

PP-PM79 Training and Testing [TT] 14

PP-BN02 Biomechanics [BM] 2

PP-BN04 Biomechanics [BM] 4

PP-BN13 Motor Learning [ML] 1

PP-SH01 Misc. topics 1

PP-SH03 Physical Education and Pedagogics [PP] 1

PP-SH17 Sociology [SO] 1

PP-BN05 Biomechanics [BM] 5

15:00 - 16:00

PP-PM58 Sports Medicine [SM] 2

PP-PM35 Physiology [PH] 2

PP-PM40 Physiology [PH] 7

PP-PM46 Physiology [PH] 13

PP-PM54 Rehabilitation [RE] 1

PP-PM74 Training and Testing [TT] 9

PP-PM64 Sports Medicine [SM] 8

PP-PM17 Health and Fitness [HF] 11

PP-PM08 Health and Fitness [HF] 2

PP-PM01 Adapted Physical Activity [AP] 1

PP-PM23 Neuromuscular Physiology [PH] 1

INEFC-BARCELONA/SPAIN, 26-29 JUNE 2013 10 PP-PM34 Physiology [PH] 1

PP-PM66 Training and Testing [TT] 1

PP-PM80 Training and Testing [TT] 15

PP-BN01 Biomechanics [BM] 1

PP-SH22 Sport Statistics and Analyses [SA] 1

PP-BN10 Coaching [CO] 1

PP-SH25 Misc. topics 2

PP-SH08 Psychology [PS] 1

PP-SH18 Sociology [SO] 2

PP-SH20 Sport Management [SP] 1

16:20 - 17:50

OP-PM43 Sports Medicine [SM] 4

IS-PM03 Oxygenation and fatigue in humans: unravelling the mechanisms *

IS-PM08 Limits to performance during short-term and prolonged exercise in the heat sponsored by Aspetar

IS-PM11 Muscle mass regulation in humans: relative importance of protein synthesis and protein breakdown *

OP-PM28 Physiology [PH] 5

IS-BN01 What the dynamics of team sports tell us about collective behaviours

IS-BN04 Cyclic sports: energetics, evaluation and constraints *

IS-SH04 The impact of sport for all policies on elite sporting success

IS-SH09 Towards a theory of sports coaching

OP-SH15 Sport Statistics and Analyses [SA] 1

OP-BN01 Biomechanics [BM] 1

18:00 - 19:30

OP-PM21 Nutrition [NU] 2

OP-PM27 Physiology [PH] 4

OP-PM05 Health and Fitness [HF] 1

OP-PM56 Training and Testing [TT] 10

OP-BN03 Biomechanics [BM] 3

OP-BN12 Motor Learning [ML] 3

OP-BN04 Biomechanics [BM] 4

OP-PM19 Neuromuscular Physiology [NP] 6

OP-SH10 Psychology [PS] 6

OP-PM42 Sports Medicine [SM] 3

OP-PM32 Physiology [PH] 9


08:30 - 10:00

OP-PM10 Health and Fitness [HF] 6

OP-PM49 Training and Testing [TT] 3

IS-PM14 Hypoxia for health and fitness *

OP-PM01 Adapted Physical Activity [AP] 1

OP-BN07 Biomechanics [BM] 7

OP-PM13 Molecular Biology [MB] 3

OP-PM04 Biochemistry [BC] 1 Biochemistry


TH OP-SH04 Physical Education and Pedagogics [PP] 3

OP-SH08 Psychology [PS] 4

OP-SH11 Sociology [SO] 1

OP-PM44 Sports Medicine [SM] 5

10:20 - 11:50

IS-PM02 ACSM Exchange symposium: Exercise - Thermoregulation *

OP-PM45 Sports Medicine [SM] 6

IS-PM15 Can exercise damage the heart *

IS-PM04 Mitochondrial structural organization, dynamics and function

IS-BN07 New trends in motor learning

OP-PM17 Neuromuscular Physiology [NP] 4

IS-BN03 Biomechanical human-environment interaction

IS-SH06 Ethico-legal perspectives on justice in sport

IS-SH02 Body projects and the embodiment of gender and ethnicity

OP-PM02 Adapted Physical Activity [AP] 2

OP-PM41 Sports Medicine [SM] 2

12:00 - 13:15

PS-PL03 The choreography of movement and the brain

14:00 - 15:00

PP-PM29 Nutrition [NU] 3

PP-PM36 Physiology [PH] 3

PP-PM41 Physiology [PH] 8

PP-PM47 Physiology [PH] 14

PP-PM55 Rehabilitation [RE] 2

PP-PM59 Sports Medicine [SM] 3

PP-PM65 Sports Medicine [SM] 9

PP-PM18 Health and Fitness [HF] 12

PP-PM09 Health and Fitness [HF] 3

PP-PM02 Adapted Physical Activity [AP] 2

PP-PM24 Neuromuscular Physiology [PH] 2

PP-PM69 Training and Testing [TT] 4

PP-PM75 Training and Testing [TT] 10

PP-PM81 Training and Testing [TT] 16

PP-BN03 Biomechanics [BM] 3

PP-BN06 Biomechanics [BM] 6

PP-BN11 Coaching [CO] 2

PP-SH04 Physical Education and Pedagogics [PP] 2

PP-SH09 Psychology [PS] 2

PP-SH13 Psychology [PS] 6

PP-SH21 Sport Management [SP] 2

15:00 - 16:00

PP-PM30 Nutrition [NU] 4

PP-PM37 Physiology [PH] 4

INEFC-BARCELONA/SPAIN, 26-29 JUNE 2013 12 PP-PM42 Physiology [PH] 9

PP-PM48 Physiology [PH] 15

PP-PM56 Rehabilitation [RE] 3

PP-PM60 Sports Medicine [SM] 4

PP-PM13 Health and Fitness [HF] 7

PP-PM19 Health and Fitness [HF] 13

PP-PM10 Health and Fitness [HF] 4

PP-PM03 Adapted Physical Activity [AP] 3

PP-PM25 Neuromuscular Physiology [PH] 3

PP-PM70 Training and Testing [TT] 5

PP-PM76 Training and Testing [TT] 11

PP-PM82 Training and Testing [TT] 17

PP-PM85 Training and Testing [TT] 20

PP-BN07 Biomechanics [BM] 7

PP-BN12 Coaching [CO] 3

PP-SH05 Physical Education and Pedagogics [PP] 3

PP-SH10 Psychology [PS] 3

PP-SH14 Psychology [PS] 7

PP-SH23 Sport Statistics and Analyses [SA] 2

16:20 - 17:50

IS-PM09 The brain at work *

OP-PM46 Sports Medicine [SM] 7

IS-BN09 Biomechanics in disability sport: Challenges and solutions *

OP-PM09 Health and Fitness [HF] 5

OP-BN05 Biomechanics [BM] 5

IS-BN08 Biomechanics of sport equipment: Triad of performance, comfort and injury prevention *

IS-BN06 Evolution and adaptation in human locomotion *

OP-PM52 Training and Testing [TT] 6

IS-SH08 Strategies for preventing sexual harassment in sport – in between voluntariness and obligation

OP-PM07 Health and Fitness [HF] 3

OP-PM57 Training and Testing [TT] 11

18:00 - 19:30

OP-PM33 Physiology [PH] 10

OP-PM55 Training and Testing [TT] 9

OP-PM35 Physiology [PH] 12

OP-PM06 Health and Fitness [HF] 2

OP-PM23 Nutrition [NU] 4

OP-PM08 Health and Fitness [HF] 4

OP-PM16 Neuromuscular Physiology [NP] 3

OP-PM51 Training and Testing [TT] 5

OP-SH09 Psychology [PS] 5

OP-PM15 Neuromuscular Physiology [NP] 2

OP-PM38 Rehabilitation [RE] 1

–  –  –

08:30 - 10:00

OP-PM53 Training and Testing [TT] 7

OP-PM36 Physiology [PH] 13

IS-PM12 Regulation skeletal muscle carbohydrate and fat utilisation in exercise and disease in humans *

OP-PM03 Adapted Physical Activity [AP] 3

OP-PM37 Physiotherapy [PT] 1

OP-BN06 Biomechanics [BM] 6

OP-PM39 Rehabilitation [RE] 2

OP-PM34 Physiology [PH] 11

OP-PM50 Training and Testing [TT] 4

OP-SH02 Physical Education and Pedagogics [PP] 1

OP-SH13 Sport Management [SM] 1

10:20 - 11:50

OP-PM54 Training and Testing [TT] 8

OP-PM29 Physiology [PH] 6

IS-PM05 Obesity, diabetes and exercise: new developments *

IS-PM10 Dietary nitrate as an ergogenic aid *

IS-BN10 Evidence Based Sports Physiotherapy: Core stability in sports – myth or reality

OP-BN08 Biomechanics [BM] 8

OP-BN11 Motor Learning [ML] 2

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