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«Enter the Space Hulk ++IncomIng TransmIssIon LeveL Red ++ Blood Angels Mission Briefing 7362-1 Brother sergeAnt lorenzo: AsseMBle your terMinAtor ...»

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Enter the Space Hulk

++IncomIng TransmIssIon LeveL Red ++

Blood Angels Mission Briefing 7362-1

Brother sergeAnt lorenzo:

AsseMBle your terMinAtor squAd And AssAult spAce hulk ++sin

of dAMnAtion++ viA BoArding torpedo. extreMe genesteAler

infestAtion ABoArd. your oBjective is to destroy the forwArd

lAunch control rooMs. expect heAvy resistAnce.

estiMAtes: 44% chAnce of Mission success with 86% squAd


++End TransmIssIon++

“Fifty metres down this corridor to the launch control ante-chamber, Brother Sergeant. We should be able to reach the control rooms through there. No signs of hostiles detected.” Brother Omnio’s auspex retracted into his power fist as he finished his scan.

“Very well,” Sergeant Lorenzo nodded. “Brothers, we advance. I shall take point, Brother Goriel is rearguard.” The squad moved without hesitation, massive sets of Tactical Dreadnought Armour filling the narrow passageway. The Terminators’ size forced them to proceed single-file down the corridor. Lorenzo led, his crackling power sword held ready while he quickly and methodically checked each side passage for signs of the foe.

“I am suspicious, Brother Sergeant,” Brother Zael spoke quietly over his auspex. “There should be xenos here.

Why leave a vital location without defences?” “Who can understand a beastial xenos mind?” Lorenzo responded. “Beware the thoughts of the alien, Brother.” They had almost reached the ante-chamber when Brother Omnio’s auspex began pinging. The squad immediately froze. “One contact, unclear signal strength. Ten metres and closing.” “Direction?” Lorenzo’s eyes narrowed and he raised his storm bolter to cover the empty corridor in front of him.

“...directly in front of us,” Omnio said slowly as he checked his auspex. “Five metres.” “I see nothing,” Brother Deino growled, his weapon’s optical sight probing a side passage.

“One metre...” “They are beneath us!” Lorenzo yelled.

Without hesitating, he levelled his storm bolter. The deck exploded and shattered as he pulled the trigger, revealing dozens of blood thirsty Genestealers scrambling towards him from the dark passageway below.

Lorenzo held the trigger down, scything the bolts back and forth as the deck plating gave away below him and he tumbled forward. He sank into the crawlspace up to his waist, clutched at by alien talons. Even as his sword hewed through the genestealers in a blizzard of limbs and ichor, their claws lashed out, drawing deep gouges through his armour.

He lifted his sword, and his voice roared over the constant thunder of the storm bolters. “By our fury, they shall know the Emperor’s name! Forward, for Sanguinius and the Red Grail!” Introduction In Space Hulk: Death Angel – the Card Game, one to six players take control of a squad of Blood Angels Space Marines and venture deep into a massive Space Hulk to eliminate the Genestealer threat. Death Angel is unique in the fact that it is a co-operative game, that is, all players win or lose the game together!

Unless stated otherwise, this rulebook assumes that you are playing with four or more players. Rules for one to three players are slightly different and described on page 30.

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Component Breakdown Action Cards These cards are used by players to perform a number of activities with their Space Marines. This includes attacking Genestealers, moving to more strategic positions, and supporting their battle-brothers in combat. These cards are colour coded, with three cards matching the colour of each combat team.

Brood Lord Cards These Genestealers are deadlier than normal Genestealers.

They are never shuffled into the Genestealer deck and are only used when instructed by a special Location card.

Event Cards One of these cards is drawn each game round, and represents thematic effects that can benefit or harm the Space Marines. The information on the bottom of these cards is used to move Genestealers and spawn new ones into play.

Genestealer Cards These cards are used to represent hostile creatures that want nothing more than to rip Space Marines into tiny bits. They can be placed face down in a blip pile, or face up engaged with a Space Marine card.

Location Cards These cards represent the different places within the Space Hulk that Space Marines can travel to. Each Location has different effects and terrain which greatly changes the feel of the game. Three of these cards are destinations which the Space Marines need to reach in order to win the game while four others are used during setup.

Space Marine Cards These cards represent an elite squad of Space Marines which players control throughout the game. The coloured background of each of these cards is used to identify which combat team it belongs to.

Terrain Cards These cards are placed next to Space Marine cards as instructed by Location cards. They mark the specific positions where Genestealers may spawn, and may have specific abilities listed on them.

Support Tokens These tokens represent the combined fire and aid that Space Marines provide for each other, and are used to reroll a die when attacking or defending.

Combat Team Markers These markers are chosen by each player at the start of the game to show which colour(s) of Space Marines are under his control.

Combat Die This die is mainly used to determine the result of Space Marine and Genestealer attacks.

Setup Before playing a game of Death Angel, players must

perform the following steps in order:

1. Setup decks: Shuffle the Genestealer deck and Event deck separately, and place them at the top of the play area within easy reach of all players.

2. Setup Starting Location: Find the Setup Location card for the appropriate number of players (printed on the card), and place it in the centre of the play area.

3. Setup Location deck: Shuffle each numbered deck of Location cards separately. Then create a deck of random face down Location cards based upon the instructions on the “Setup” Location card. For example, if the card lists “1C 2 4”, the players would create a deck of four Location cards, with a random “4” Location card on the bottom and a random “1C” Location card on the top. This deck will be used when players travel to new locations (see page 25).

4. Choose Combat Teams: Starting with a random player and proceeding clockwise, each player chooses a Combat Team Marker. If playing with three or less players, proceed around the table more than once (see page 30).

Each player keeps his chosen Combat Team Marker(s) face up in front of himself to inform all players which colour Space Marines are under his control. Each player then gains all Action cards matching his combat team(s) to form his hand of Action cards.

Return all unused Combat Team Markers to the game box along with each Space Marine and Action card matching its colour. These markers and cards will not be used during this game.

5. Setup Formation: Take all Space Marine cards matching all players’ Combat Team Markers and shuffle them thoroughly. Since these cards show information on both sides, they should be shuffled under the table or cut by one player after shuffling.

Then deal out one Space Marine card at a time, starting just below the Setup Location card, to form a vertical line of Space Marine cards (see diagram on page 9). This line of cards is known as the formaTIon.

The cards on the top half of the formation are flipped so that they are facIng left (see “Facing and Range” on page 19), while the other half are flipped to face to the right. Therefore in a four player game, the top four Space Marine cards are flipped to face towards the left, while the bottom four are flipped to face towards the right (see diagram on page 9).

6. Place Support Tokens: Place all Support Tokens and in a common pile easy reach of all players.

7. Setup Terrain Cards and Blip Piles: Terrain cards are set up according to the Setup Location card (see “Place Terrain Cards” on page 26).

Then place a number of Genestealer cards face down in each blip pile adjacent to the Setup Location card (as listed on the Setup Location card – see “Blip Piles” on page 20).

8. Spawn Starting Genestealers: Draw the top card of the Event deck, and spawn Genestealers as listed on the activation area of the card (see “Spawning Genestealers” on page 21). All other information on this card is ignored. Then discard this card.

After each player has drawn his Action cards, players begin the game by proceeding to the first game round.

Setup Diagram (4 player game)

1. Genestealer Deck

2. Location Deck

3. Event Deck

4. Left Blip Pile

5. Setup Location Card

6. Right Blip Pile

7. Terrain Cards

8. Pile of Unused Support Tokens

9. Swarms of Genestealers

10. A Player’s Combat Team Marker and Hand of Action Cards

11. Space Marine Cards in the Formation Object of the Game The object of the game is for the Space Marines to travel to the final Location card in the deck and fulfil the winning condition listed on the card.

Players can also win by eliminating all Genestealers in the formation and in both blip piles while at the final Location. As soon as they fulfil one of these conditions, all players win the game.

If all Space Marines are slain before attaining victory, all players lose the game. In the odd circumstance that the last Space Marine is slain at the exact same time that the players fulfil Space Marine victory, the players win!

Playing the Game This section describes the basic rules for playing Death Angel, mostly focusing on the phases of a game round.

A Game Round Death Angel is played over a number of game rounds until either all Space Marines have been slain or they have won the game. During each game

round, players perform the following phases in order:

1. Choose Actions Phase: Each player secretly chooses which Action card he would like to resolve this round.

2. Resolve Actions Phase: Each player resolves the Action card that he chose during phase 1.

These cards are resolved in ascending order starting with the lowest numbered card.

3. Genestealer Attack Phase: Each swarm of Genestealers in play attacks the Space Marine that it is EngagEd with.

4. event Phase: The currEnT playEr draws the top card of the Event deck and resolves it.

After resolving the “Event Phase”, players proceed to resolve a new “Choose Actions Phase”. This process continues until either all Space Marines are slain or the Space Marines have won the game.

1. Choose Actions Phase During this phase, each player simultaneously chooses one Action card from his hand and places it face down in front of himself. If playing with three or fewer players, each player chooses more than one card (see page 30).

A player may not choose an Action card that he resolved during the previous game round. To help remember this, players should keep chosen Action cards on the table until the end of the Choose Actions Phase of the next game round.

The chosen Action card determines not only which type of Action his Space Marines will be performing during this round, but also the order in which players will resolve their Action cards.

Players may share any information they wish about the Action cards in their hand but may not show cards in their hand to other players.

Example: During the Choose Actions Phase Joe tells his team mates that he would like to attack some Genestealers. However, he will only choose an Attack Action card if another player plans on supporting his Space Marine that is engaged with a swarm of Genestealers.

2. Resolve Actions Phase Once all players have chosen Action cards, all chosen cards are simultaneously turned face up.

Each Action card is resolved once, starting with the lowest numbered card (listed in the upper left corner of the card) and proceeding upwards.

Therefore, the card with the lowest number is always resolved first, followed by the card with the next highest number and so on.

Action cards come in three types: supporT, aTTack and movE + acTIvaTE. Each of the three Action card types is described in detail on pages 15–20.

Action Card Special Abilities In addition to a type, each Action card has a unique special ability (listed below the type). Each special ability specifies when, during this game round, the ability may be resolved.

Special abilities may be used regardless of a Space Marine’s facing except when attacking or spending a Support Token to reroll a die (see “Facing and Range” on page 19). For example, the “Block” Action card’s ability may be used even when the Space Marine is attacked from behind.

Special abilities that use the term “Each time” may be resolved multiple times during the game round.

3. Genestealer Attack Phase After each player has resolved his Action card, each swarm of Genestealers attacks the Space Marine it is EngagEd with.

A swarm of Genestealers is defined as all face up Genestealer cards on the same side and position of the formation. A swarm is considered EngagEd with a Space Marine if it is in the same posITIon of the formation (directly to the left or right of the Space Marine card – see “The Formation” on page 15).

Starting with the swarm closest to the top of the formation, each swarm attacks. If two swarms are in the same position, the swarm on the left side of the formation attacks first.

When a swarm attacks a Space Marine, the Space Marine’s owner rolls the combat die. If he rolls a number higher than the number of Genestealer cards in the swarm, then the attack is a miss, and the Space Marine is not slain.

If he rolls a number equal to or less than the number of Genestealer cards in the swarm, the Space Marine is immediately slain and the Space Marine card is removed from the game (see “Slain Space Marines” on page 27).

4. Event Phase After each swarm of Genestealers has attacked, the currEnT playEr (the player who played the lowest numbered Action card this round) draws the top card of the Event deck and resolves it.

It is important that he reads this card to himself and does not show it to other players.

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