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«Mathematics Courses of Study Prepared By: Matthew Peace Approved by: Brian Dopson Submitted: October 4, 2011 Description of the Program Review ...»

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Comprehensive Program Review

Mathematics Courses of Study

Prepared By: Matthew Peace

Approved by: Brian Dopson

Submitted: October 4, 2011

Description of the Program Review Process

Program review is part of Florida Gateway College’s (FGC) ongoing institutional

effectiveness process to achieve its mission and goals through strategic planning,

research, evaluation, and the use of information and data to guide decisions and

actions. Educational programs, administrative and educational support departments are systematically reviewed as part of the process.

The purpose of program review is to evaluate the quality of education, efficiency of services and processes, and adequacy of institutional resources. It is a tool used to document the achievement of goals and objectives. The results of evaluation are analyzed and actions are taken to address areas that need improvement.

The dean or director approves the completed report and submits it to the department of Research and Institutional Effectiveness (RIE). RIE coordinates the distribution of the report to the program review committee and instructs them on the proper assessment procedure.

RIE compiles the results from the program review committee and creates a summary for the administrative review committee. The administrative review committee will meet with the appropriate department representatives to discuss the findings and recommendations of the committees.


Becky van Hoek, Coordinator of Planning & Accreditation Ext. 4491 rebecca.vanhoek@fgc.edu Prepared by: Matthew Peace -Mathematics Program Review October 2011 Section I –Profile Mission The mission of the Mathematics Department at Florida Gateway College is to provide quality instruction to enable students to meet the mathematics education requirement pertaining to their academic goal.

Vision The vision of the Mathematics Department at Florida Gateway College is to facilitate all students’ appreciation and understanding of the vital role mathematics provides in their fields and everyday lives.

Goals and Related College Strategic Plan Goal (SPG) Type Goal SPG # Teaching/ Curriculum Increase the success rate of students taking internet math courses (MAT 1033, MAC 1105, MGF 1106, and STA 2023) 1.1, 1.4 to within 10% of those in traditional math courses.

Technology/Facilities Increase the available technology in all classrooms. 1.4 Recruitment/Retention Retain quality mathematics faculty members. 2 Custom

–  –  –

Explain how the courses of study being reviewed support student success. What are students prepared for after graduation?

The department offers both preparatory and college level mathematics courses through the sophomore year. State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.030, the Gordon Rule, requires that all students complete six credit hours of mathematics at college algebra, math for liberal arts, or higher. These courses must be completed successfully (grades of C or better) prior to receipt of an A.A. degree. The mathematics department supports students fulfilling the Gordon Rule by offering the required college level courses and preparatory (arithmetic and elementary algebra) courses for students who need remediation.

College level courses also prepare students for upper division courses they may encounter.

In addition to satisfying the Gordon rule, it is the hope of the department that students develop an appreciation for the mathematics (no matter what level) learned while at Florida Gateway College and appropriately apply if not the concepts, the analytical tools necessary to tackle any real-life problem.

Describe community outreach programs and services your department provides or participates in.

Each semester, the mathematics department strives to offer dual enrollment classes taught exclusively at the high school. Typically, intermediate algebra, college algebra, and math for liberal arts I are offered in select high schools to better accommodate excelling students. Additionally, certain college mathematics faculty members travel to high schools (see Response to Previous Program Review) to teach dual enrollment classes. This better connects the college with the surrounding high schools.

Professor of Mathematics Dr. Lori Holdren served on the Title III committee which met for over a year to develop a proposal to submit for consideration for funding. As part of her committee work, she attended the Noel Levitz Symposium on Writing Title III and IV proposals in Denver, Colorado on Nov 7-9, 2007.

Information from the symposium was shared with the committee and used to help write the proposal, which was funded the year after it was submitted. The project stemming from it helps with developmental student success. This includes counseling and tutoring service for the students as well as improvement of the Collegewide Learning Lab facility to better meet students’ needs.

In 2008, the Math Excellence Initiative grant began after development by Professor and Faculty Coordinator Paula Cifuentes. During the 2008-2009 school year, high school and college faculty members (Mathematics Professors Paula Cifuentes and Matthew Peace) developed and taught a remedial math curriculum at two high schools in Gilchrist County and at FGC. The pilot implementation of these courses was closely tracked and evaluated, comparing the success of the target population to that of students in pre-existing remediation programs.

Program research outcomes enabled stakeholders to evaluate the math curricula, teaching strategies, assessment tools, and definitions of college- and career-readiness, increasing the likelihood that students will exit high school ready for success.

Overall, the goal of the program was to better ready exiting high-school students for mathematics entrance standards, thereby reducing the need for remediation. The program supported the Math Prep Initiative of the FLDOE, whose efforts were to align curriculum and increase college readiness.

During the 2009-2010 school year high school faculty members from Baker, Columbia, and Gilchrist counties were invited to participate in training provided to FGC mathematics faculty as part of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). For 10 work day sessions scattered throughout the year, faculty participated in training involving discourse in the classroom, engaging students through the use of questioning and appropriate uptake of responses, and use and integration of the TI-Nspire calculators and TI-Navigator system. Through funding by the Math Excellence Initiative, each of these instructors was given a TINspire calcuator set (30 calculators) and a TI-Navigator system for use in their high schools.

–  –  –

On February 26, 2011, Florida Gateway College hosted the third annual Northeast Regional Science Olympiad tournament. This event brings local high school and middle school students to campus to let them participate in a competition of Science and Mathematics events. Since 2009, it has been held annually on the FGC campus. The goal of the Olympiad is to get students from the local community enthusiastic about science and mathematics. The event was organized and directed by Lance Kaminski, a mathematics professor and many other professors volunteered their time and helped ensure the event was successful.

Describe distance education offerings and use of technology in the courses of study (include evaluation of efforts) The mathematics department is committed to offering students a wide variety of classes and mediums.

Each semester, distance learning courses via compressed video are offered in MAT 0018 (formerly MAT 0002, & MAT 0012), MAT 0028 (formerly MAT 0024), MAT 1033, and MAC 1105. Typically one section per semester of these “core-four” is offered. Offering the core classes via compressed video allows students who live in our other counties the flexibility and reduced cost of driving to and from campus.

Courses are conducted with the same requirements, policies, and final exam as our traditional courses.

Additionally, several Internet courses are offered each semester. MAT 0024 was offered for two years, but more typically MAT 1033, MAC 1105, MGF 1106, MGF 1107, and STA 2023 are offered online each semester along with traditional sections. This gives the student the choice of a traditional or online approach. The department is committed to ensuring student learning in our online classes by using alternative media such as Camtasia video, YouTube, and CourseCompass to provide adequate support.

Departmental syllabi specify proctored examinations are given and with the exception of STA 2023, all courses have departmental final exams. Online students are expected to master the same content as their traditional colleagues.

In 2007, the department adopted a series of texts that utilize the CourseCompass/MyMathLab platform.

The online management system is tailor made for each course’s textbook and the department outlines.

For the core courses, departmental homework assignments are created and each instructor must use the department developed shell course. The homework assignments are attractive in the sense that students are supplied immediate feedback. Should a student provide an incorrect response or have any misunderstandings, an example is provided. Other resources such as videos pertaining to the question, animations, and even a tool to email the instructor a direct link to the question are included in the homework assignments. In addition to a homework tool, the platform allows students to use the multimedia textbook, access videos created by the publisher of the textbook, and call in for additional tutoring assistance. The resources of CourseCompass are useful for both traditional and online students.

Technology is also prevalent in the classroom. Most of the classrooms occupied by the mathematics department are outfitted with Sympodiums and Elmos. If instructors wish to use Microsoft PowerPoint or Word to type their lecture notes, they can use the computer and projector as a visual aid. Additionally the SmartBoard pen tool allow for annotations within a lecture.

Beginning in Fall 2010, the TI-Nspire calculators and TI-Navigator wireless system were integrated into the core four classes as part of the college’s Quality Enhancement Plan. The mathematics faculty had been trained in this area the year before. The calculators are in a sense mini computers that allow documents to be created, opened, and edited. The Navigator network allows the instructor to be wirelessly connected to each of the students’ calculators. Faculty have used activities to enhance learning within the classroom, provide additional feedback to students, and provide a visual tool for the students.

–  –  –

The department utilizes several adjuncts to provide more sections for the students. For MAT 1033 level and higher, adjuncts must have a masters degrees in mathematics or a masters degree with at least 18 hours in graduate mathematics.

Professional Development Since Fall 2009, all full-time mathematics faculty have participated in several QEP training sessions. In general, there have been 15 workday sessions during both the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school years.

Most of the full-time faculty have attended and/or participated in local, regional, and national conferences.

Additionally, both Paula Cifuentes and Matthew Peace are in the process of completing a Ph.D. in mathematics education from the University of Florida.

–  –  –

Goal: Developed continued communication with local high schools and high school students.

In 2008 Paula Cifuentes visited Baker County High School to discuss the merits of studying mathematics to the student body. Additionally in 2008, under the Math Excellence Initiative grant, Paula Cifuentes and Matthew Peace worked with Gilchrist county high school teachers and Dr. Stephen Pape from the University of Florida to develop a standard curriculum (at both the secondary and post-secondary level) to better align the conceptual expectations of out going high school seniors and incoming college freshman. In addition to aligning the curriculum, the collaboration focused on strategies to draw the mathematics out of the student by effective questioning. A questioning guide was created for the core four classes. The original pilot followed a cohort of college students beginning with MAT 0002 and finishing MAT 1033. A high school cohort was also followed. The collaboration was especially helpful in bridging the gap between what students learn in high-school and what they need to know coming into college.

Both Paula Cifuentes and Matthew Peace have taught dual enrollment classes at Baker County High School. Bringing the college classes to the high-school demonstrates a good faith effort on the part of the department to maintain communication.

The college included Gilchrist, Baker, and Columbia county high school teachers in our QEP training in 2009-2010. The trainings included in-depth questioning and uptake techniques and extensive training from Texas Instruments in the use of Ti-Navigators and TI-Nspire Calculators. Each county was also provided with at least one Navigator system and a set of 30 TI-Nspire calculators to use in their classes at the high school.

Goal: Increase CLAST exam pass rate for the mathematics portion to 85% From 2007-2009, CLAST review sessions were given during the fall, spring, and summer. Study guides and practice problems were distributed to interested students. In summer 2009, the CLAST was sunset and no new test has been developed as of May 2011. Students must still meet the 2.5 GPA requirement but if they do not, they can use CPT results to fulfill the requirement. At present, the goal is not relevant in discussion since CLAST no longer exists.

Goal: Increase the success rate of students taking internet mathematics courses to within 10% of those in the traditional math courses This goal has not been seriously addressed. The data reflect no improvement in the disparity between Internet and traditional classes. The QEP does not address Internet classes so any professional development under the QEP does not directly apply to the online classes. Additionally, with part-time faculty teaching online classes to allow full-time faculty to teach in-seat sections (for the QEP), the disparity may increase. This goal needs to be studied further and addressed in the next five years.

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