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«BPYSL Tryout Guide Ohio South Guidelines for Lightning and Hazardous  Weather Conditions  8 KIDS – Kids Inner‐City Developmental SL ...»

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Buckeye Premier Soccer League

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Buckeye Premier Soccer League  Rules RE: Tryouts, 

Transfers, Recruiting

4, 5 Ohio South Zero Tolerance Policy Against Abuse

BPYSL Tryout Guide

Ohio South Guidelines for Lightning and Hazardous 

Weather Conditions 

8 KIDS – Kids Inner‐City Developmental SL 9 Early Bird Spring Soccer Invitational 10 Capital City S C 11 ½  Club X 11 Cincinnati Soccer Alliance 12 CUSA – Crew SC 13 Dayton Players Academy 14 Dublin – Club Ohio F.C.

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14.1 All teams, U-10 through U-19, (including coaches, players, parents and team supporters) that will be applying to participate in the Buckeye Premier league and current Buckeye Premier teams may NOT contact a player from another team for the purpose enticing the player to switch teams or to attend a tryout, except during the period of May 15th through June 15th of each seasonal year.

In order to allow players and their families the ability to choose the best select team for their situation, the following

fair play guidelines must be observed:

a) Coaches shall not deter, by any means, players from attending whatever tryouts the player’s desire. This would include the scheduling of mandatory team functions or imposing sanctions against those players.

b) A member league, coach, and / or club shall not place unreasonable demands on players to join a team after tryouts. This would include requiring; an immediate response, large cash payments, immediate signing US Youth / Ohio South or other USSF affiliate player registration form.

Tryouts after the Spring season to form teams for the following seasonal year shall not be held until the following dates.

Offers to participate on a team may be made immediately, (i.e. the day of tryouts), following any tryout.

EXCEPTION: A member team, coach, and / or club may offer a position on a team to any of its currently registered players not more than 7 days prior to the start of the tryout period for that age group.

14.1.1 For teams and clubs that are based in OSYSA District 1, tryouts may not be held until on or after Monday, May 18th.

14.1.2 For teams and clubs that are based in OSYSA District 2, tryouts may not be held until on or after Tuesday, May 26th.

14.1.3 For teams and clubs that are based in OSYSA District 3, tryouts may not be held until on or after the following


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The above restrictions, by district, on the timing of when tryouts can be held and when players may be offered positions on a particular team applies to all teams that the club or league sponsors in an age group, regardless of the league, where one of the club’s teams in that age group applies to participate in the Buckeye Premier league.

Failure to comply with this Section 14.0 before, during or after the formation of a team will result in penalties up to and including suspension of the person or the team involved from Buckeye Premier. In addition, whether or not the team or club involved is a current member of Buckeye Premier, failure to comply with any portion of this Section IX, may result in the rejection of the team or club involved from participation in the Buckeye Premier league during the subsequent seasonal year.

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16.0 Zero Tolerance Policy Against Abuse The Ohio South Youth Soccer Association is committed to providing a safe environment for its members and participants, and to preventing abusive conduct in any form. Every member of this organization is responsible for protecting our participants and ensuring their safety and well being while involved in sponsored activities.

To this end, we have established the following guidelines of behavior and procedures for our staff, volunteers and participants. All members of this organization, as well as parents, spectators and other invitees are expected to observe and adhere to these guidelines.

1. Abuse of any kind is not permitted within our organization. This means we do not tolerate physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse or misconduct from our players, coaches, officials, volunteers, parents or spectators.

2. Physical and sexual abuse, including, but not limited to, striking, hitting, kicking, biting, indecent or wanton gesturing, lewd remarks, indecent exposure, unwanted physical contact, any form of sexual contact or inappropriate touching, are strictly prohibited within our organization.

3. Emotional abuse or verbal abuse is also prohibited. These include, but are not limited to such forms of abuse as: yelling, insulting, threatening, mocking, demeaning behavior, or making abusive statements in regard to a person's race, gender, religion, nationality/ethnicity, sex or age.

4. We are committed to providing a safe environment for our players, participants and staff. We do so by appointing all coaches, officials and volunteers and anyone else affiliated with our organization as protection advocates. Every member of this organization is responsible for reporting any cases of questionable conduct or alleged mistreatment toward our members by any coach, official, volunteer, player, parent, sibling or spectator.

5. Buddy System: We recommend that every activity sponsored by our program put a Buddy System in place. Each youth participant should be assigned a buddy during sponsored activities. No child should go anywhere -to the bathrooms, locker rooms, or other location without his or her buddy.

6. To further protect our youth participants, as well as our coaches, officials and volunteers, we strongly advise that no adult person allow him/herself to be alone with a child or with any group of children during sponsored activities. In particular, we

recommend that coaches or other adult members of this organization:

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Provide one-on-one training or individual coaching with the assistance of another adult or the child's Buddy.

If you must have a private conversation with a youth participant, do it within view of others, in the gym or on the field, instead of in a private office.

Coaches and other adult members of this organization should not socialize individually with the participants outside of sponsored activities

6. Supervision/Chaperone ratio: We recommend that for any sponsored activity, the ratio of adults to youth participants be 1:8, one (or more) adults for every eight children, with a minimum of two adults for every activity.

7. When traveling overnight with youth participants, children should be paired up with other children of same gender and similar age group, with chaperones in separate but nearby rooms.

8. We want to empower our children to trust their feelings and let them know that their concerns, fears and hopes are important by listening to them. Open communication between children and parents, or between children and other adults in the organization may help early warning signs of abuse to surface.

9. We encourage parents to become as active as possible in sponsored activities, games, practices and other events. The more the parents are involved, the less likely it is for abusive situations to develop.

10. We will respond quickly to any and all allegations of abuse within this organization. This information will be communicated to the authorities for investigation and will be reviewed by the organization's directors. The alleged offender will be notified of such allegations promptly.

11. Any person accused of sexual or physical abuse may be asked to resign voluntarily or may be suspended by the board until the matter is resolved. Regardless of criminal or civil guilt in the alleged abuse, the continued presence of the person could be detrimental to the reputation of the organization and could be harmful to the participants. A person who is accused but later cleared of charges, may apply to be reinstated within the organization.

Reinstatement is not a right, and no guarantee is made that he or she will be reinstated to his/her former position.

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The protection of Ohio South members and participants is of paramount importance. Every member should recognize the danger presented by lightning, tornados and other hazardous weather. The following items represent generally accepted principles regarding the dangers involved with lightning and tornados.


•All thunderstorms produce lightning and are dangerous.

•Lightning often strikes as far as 10 miles away from any rainfall. You are in danger from lightning if you can hear thunder. You are in danger if you can see lightning.

•Lightning injuries can lead to permanent disabilities or death. Look for dark cloud bases and increasing wind.

•Lightning can travel sideways for up to 10 miles and strike when skies are blue.

•Soccer fields are a dangerous place to be during a lightning storm. When lightning is seen or thunder is heard, or when dark threatening clouds are observed, quickly suspend the game and/or practice and move to a safe location.

•Avoid standing in an open area, near soccer goals, under a tent, near trees or in water. The safest place during a thunderstorm with or without visible lightning is in a car, but not a convertible.


•Watch for rapidly darkening skies.

•The sound of an approaching tornado is often described as that of an approaching train.

•The funnel of a tornado does not have to touch down to cause extensive damage and injuries.

•Tornados can produce winds of 300 miles per hour or more.

•Most people who are hurt during a tornado are hurt when they are struck by flying debris.

•Seek safety in a solid structure, preferably in a basement or in an interior room. If no building is available, lay down in a ditch.


In any of the circumstances outlined below occurs, the referee should immediately suspend the game.

1. If thunder is heard, the game should be suspended and the fields cleared. Everyone should immediately go to a safe shelter.

2. If lightning is seen, the game should be suspended and the fields cleared. Everyone should immediately go to a safe shelter.

3. If a thunderstorm is heard or seen coming or your hair stands on end, the game should be suspended and the fields cleared. Everyone should immediately go to a safe shelter. Do not wait until it rains.

4. If an audible tornado warning is heard, the game should be suspended and the fields cleared. Everyone should immediately go to a safe shelter.

If the game official does not immediately suspend the game when any one of the points above have occurred, the head coach from each team can agree that one of the four criteria listed above have occurred they are to withdraw their teams from the field. If this action is taken, then both coaches must submit a written report to their league outlining the circumstances, the facts concerning the weather conditions at that time, the fact that the two coaches were in agreement and the name of the officials at the game.

If an official and one of the coaches do not reach the conclusion to suspend the game and any one of the four points listed above are believed to have occurred, the coach that supported the suspension of the game is to send a written report to their league outlining the facts and the names of the officials.

No one should retake the field or re-start the game until all of the lightning and thunder or other hazardous weather has left the area. Specifically, no one should retake the filed for a minimum of 30 minutes after the last lightning is seen or thunder is heard, or the dangerously high winds have passed.

Each league should establish their own procedures for replaying of any games suspended due to lightning or tornados.

2015 • 2016 Buckeye Premier Tryouts Buckeye Premier Tryouts 2015 • 2016 The Kids Inner-City Developmental Soccer League was founded in 1994 with the formation of one team of nine and ten year old children from the Godman Guild, a Columbus central city settlement house. The team played at the Northern Columbus Athletic Association as a courtesy of the association. Uniforms were donated by Soccer Central and transportation was provided by The Godman Guild. The children and families involved had a great time and did learn the fundamentals of the game.

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