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«by Belle Hart Smashwords Edition Smashwords Edition, License Notes This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be ...»

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Playing the Role

Daddy's Girl in a Blond Wig #1

by Belle Hart

Smashwords Edition

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or

given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please

purchase an additional copy for each reader. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it,

or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to your favorite retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Author's note: All sexually active characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright 2014 by Belle Hart All rights reserved.

www.bellehart.com My boyfriend drops me off at home after school. I'm 18 and a senior. He waits until my cheerleading practice is over and then takes me home. He's in college. We have plans to meet up later. I told him I have chores to do first. If he only knew what those chores entailed.

I live alone with my stepdad, Steven. Ever since I turned 18 he has been having sex with me.

On camera. That's how we make our living. He got laid off from his job, and got desperate, and propositioned me. My mom left us years ago, so it's not like he's cheating. I'm cheating on my boyfriend, though. I can live with that. I need money for college.

I'm pretty, long brunette hair, pretty blue eyes, full lips, big breasts, athletic body. My stepdad isn't too bad looking either, for a 40 year old man. He's in good shape, and he's handsome. Has short brown hair with gray in it. Some of my friends have a crush on him. I never did, of course. It's hard not to now, though.

We have to hide our identities on camera, of course. We both wear eye masks. And I wear a long blond wig. We've been doing this for months and it seems to work well enough. No one has caught on that it's us. We advertise it as being daddy/daughter porn. It sells like hotcakes.

I wave goodbye to my boyfriend, Jason, and then head down to the basement. I shed my clothing and go into the bathroom to put on my costume. The wig and mask and red lacy lingerie. Bra, crotchless panties, and garter belt with thigh high red hose. I slip into red spiked heels and then walk across the basement to the locked room we never let anyone into. He is waiting for me.

He reaches over and pushes a button to get the cameras started recording. We have a few different angles. There is a round bed in the middle of the otherwise empty room. Concrete floor and walls. The bed is well lit. It's our stage.

He is already naked, his large erection ready for me. My real name is Aura, but he always calls me "Susie" for these videos. When he says my name at all.

"Hi, Daddy," I say in a voice that's higher and more breathless than my own.

"Susie," he says in a deep voice. He walks over to me and grabs my arms fiercely, making me gasp. Then he presses his lips to mine in a hungry kiss. He's tall and I'm average height, so he really dominates me.

I can feel his cock on my thigh and I start to get dizzy. I want him so bad. My pussy is already wet.

He pulls away from the kiss. We are both breathless. "Bend over," he says. "You've been bad as usual."

I pretend to feel bad and penitent and turn around to bend over the bed, propping myself up with my arms. Without a word he plunges his cock into me and starts to thrust. I grunt with pleasure and shock. I whimper and moan as he pounds into me. After a minute or two of working his cock in and out of me, he slaps my ass with his hand. That's my cue.

"Oh, Daddy!" I say in my baby-doll voice. I'm supposed to be hamming it up, playing my role, but sometimes I forget. I just love fucking so much.

"Oh my God, your pussy is so tight!" he says breathlessly. Also part of our playacting, but it works on me too.

"Oh, Daddy!" I moan. "Your cock is so big!" I can feel pleasure pulsating though me, ready to burst. "I can't take it anymore!" And then right on cue, my body convulses in a huge orgasm as I cry out loudly.

He grunts and shoots hot semen into me. We are both shaking as he pulls out of me. He grabs a little hand held camera as I hold still and he zooms in on my pussy to show his semen in it. To document the creampie. He really fucked me bareback. As always. I'm on the pill, though.

"Oh, no, Daddy, we forgot a condom," I say as if I’m actually worried. He laughs. He brings the camera around to the side of my body, giving people the full tour of my body.

"Stand up, Susie," he says gruffly.

I stand up with fake shyness.

"You're a whore, aren't you, Susie?" he asks. "You love sex so much you couldn't wait to use a condom."

"Yes, Daddy," I say with mock shame. "I am a dirty whore. I couldn't wait to fuck you."

"I think you should be punished for that, don't you?" Steven says.

I nod slowly.

"I think you should have to show your tits," he says as he turns the camera toward them.

"Oh, no, Daddy," I say, covering my lacy red tits with my hands.

"You deserve it, Susie," he says sternly.

I move my hands slowly away from my breasts. "Come on," he says.

I reach back to unhook my bra and I try to make my hands shake a little. I unhook the bra and slowly peel it off, revealing my big tits, nipples erect. I drop the bra to the floor.

He groans as he zooms the camera in on my naked tits. "Oh, you're a bad girl, Susie. You're making me want you again. I want you so bad I have to fuck you again right now, without a condom."

He turns off the handheld camera and sets it on the floor near the bed. He shoves me onto the bed roughly, onto my back. He spreads my legs with his hands as I gasp and he plunges his cock into me. He is hard again. I am so turned on.

He massages my tits with his hands as he drives his cock into me. "Oh my God," he says.

"My daughter's tits are the best."

I moan. Then he takes my hands and presses them to the bed above my head.

"You're being punished. Now, I don't want you to enjoy this," he says sternly, slightly out of breath.

"Okay, Daddy," I say with a small voice. He fucks me some more, looking into my eyes.

This is so fucking hot. My stepdad is fucking me on camera. I can't help but moan loudly again. I see the real him in his eyes, not acting, not really. He's really fucking me. Me.

"What did I tell you?" he says with mock anger. "I'm going to have to fuck you harder now."

He starts ramming his cock into me harder. I can't take it anymore. I feel pleasure rush up in a huge wave. My body tenses and my back arches as I yell with my orgasm.

He keeps fucking me frantically. He can't even pretend to be angry at me. He groans as he shoots his load deep inside me.

He collapses on top of me, out of breath. He whispers into my ear, just for me, "So much for the cumshot." I hug him and laugh.

Then in my small voice I say, "You came inside me again, Daddy. I hope I don't get pregnant with your baby."

"See what you made me do?" he says, acting again. "For that you lose your panties." He quickly climbs off of me, unsnaps my garter belt, and pulls it down with my panties, all the way off. Then he grabs the camera from the floor and says, "Let's get a look at your pussy."

I close my legs as if I'm shy. He films a close-up of my neatly trimmed hairy triangle. "Now, don't be shy," he says. "You just fucked your dad on camera. You can at least show your pussy now, as punishment for being such an insatiable whore."

I sigh loudly, then gingerly open my legs. He films my exposed pussy.

"Look at all the cum in there," Steven says. "Only a whore would have so much cum in her pussy, Susie." He sounds disapproving. "I think you need to spread your pussy and show us your shame."

I make a whimpering sound, then slowly, with shaking hands, reach down and spread my pussy lips open, showing the swollen slick folds of my well fucked vagina, full of my stepdad's sperm.

"Oh, yeah," he says. "That's the cunt of a bitch that likes to be fucked. Don't pretend you're not a whore. I think you should fuck yourself on camera for being such a whore."

"No, Daddy, no," I say with fake tears in my voice. I clutch my hands in front of my chest.

"Do it," he orders. He backs up the camera to show my whole body. I do my shaky hand bit again as I slowly move one hand toward my crotch.

"Don't be shy. Give it to yourself good," he says. I open my labia with my fingers and start to rub my slick folds. "Rub your tits like you know you want to," he mutters.

With the other hand I start to massage one breast and then the other. I move my hand from my folds to my clit, moaning loudly.

"What a whore," he says quietly. Pretending to disapprove. I keep fucking myself with my hand, gently flicking my clit while rubbing my tits. He keeps making comments and taunting me.

I can't help but wish his cock was inside me again. It's so big and he really knows what to do with it. My fingers will have to do.

"Come on, baby. Yeah…" he is saying as he films me working myself over. I start rubbing my clit faster, panting and moaning. My nipples are hard as I run my fingers over them. I am near the edge.

"Oh, Daddy, watch me cum!" I say as I feel my body climax. I tense up and arch my back as ecstasy rages through me. My body shakes a little bit. Then I feel a spray of something warm on my stomach and breasts as I hear Steven grunt.

I relax my body and look at him in surprise. He looks as surprised as I feel. He hadn't been masturbating while I was. He was just so into it, he came when I did. I'm a bit overwhelmed by that. We are both blushing.

He turns off the handheld camera and says, "Well, I think you've been punished enough." He walks over and turns off the other cameras.

I wonder if we are going to talk about what just happened. We pretend we don't have feelings for each other, but then things like this happen. He's been married to my mom for 8 years. Only technically married to her, because she ran off. He's always been the only dad I ever knew. And now we're fucking. We pretend we just do it 'cause we're desperate for money, times are tough, etc. But really? To pervert the father daughter bond there must be a better reason than that.

He comes over and leans down to plant a peck on my lips.

"I'll get dinner started," he says. "You should get your homework done."

"Okay," I say. I climb off the bed and gather my lacy underthings. I walk out of the room to go clean up in the bathroom.

Later, after my shower and homework, and an awkward dinner with Steven, I drive over to Jason's house. His family is rich and his house is much bigger than mine. We curl up on the couch and watch TV in the 2nd floor living room. His parents never come up to this floor of the house. It practically belongs to Jason.

After the show that we were watching ends, he turns the TV volume down and turns to stare into my eyes.

"Aura," he says. Then he buries his hand in my long brown hair and leans in to kiss me. He's a good kisser. But that's all we ever do. He's pretty religious. I'm sure he thinks even this is a sin.

Sometimes I can get him to cop a feel over my shirt, but then he feels guilty afterwards.

He pulls away from the kiss to look deep into my eyes.

"Jason," I say quietly, "Don't you ever want to do more than kiss?" "Isn't that what I’m supposed to be asking you? The guy is supposed to want more than the girl, right?" He smiles, teasing.

I smile. "I love you. We've been dating for 6 months. It's okay if we sleep together," I say gently.

"Shh," he says. "Don’t talk like that. I don't want to disrespect you, that's all. Okay? I think two people should be married before they do that."

He can never say the word "sex". It's kind of cute. It makes me want to fuck his brains out even more. But maybe I shouldn't. I should eventually leave him to one of his female church friends. I do love him, though. I also love that he doesn't try to convert me to his religion. I guess the least I can do is not try to convert him to my crazy life of fucking.

"I love you, Aura," he says. Then he kisses me again.

When I get home it's late. I throw my jacket over a chair and toss my purse onto it too. Then I stomp upstairs to my bedroom. I don't know why I’m being purposely loud. No need to wake Steven up. I'm just so frustrated with the men in my life. No one wants to give me all of them.

The upstairs hallway is dark and I bump into Steven as I round the corner from the stairs.

"Oh, sorry," I say. I go to step around him, but he grabs my arm.

I look up with surprise. I can barely see him by the light from the streetlamp outside.

"Is something wrong?" I ask. Before I even get the last word out fully, he is kissing me, hard, on the mouth. With no cameras rolling. I feel my heart jump.

He wraps his arms around me and keeps kissing me, deeply, our tongues tangling together with passion. I feel my body melt as I hold him and kiss him. My pussy is flooded with wetness and I can feel his hard cock through our clothing.

Suddenly he stops kissing to reach down and sweep me up into his arms. I am breathless and amazed. He carries me quickly into my dark bedroom with its frilly pink bed. He throws me onto it. He's had a lot of practice on the downstairs bed.

He lies down on top of me quickly, pressing his body to mine, kissing me ravenously. He unzips my jeans and pulls them and my panties down to my ankles, and off. He unzips his own jeans and pulls out his big hard cock.

"Oh, Steven," I say as he plunges his cock into my pussy. I am still wearing my pale pink sweater. He is still mostly clothed.

He looks into my eyes as he fucks me frantically. I feel pleasure build up quickly inside me.

I feel like my heart is throbbing with emotions. Does he love me? Love me really? Like a man loves a woman? Or is he just relieving the tension from what happened before? We've never fucked off camera before.

He kisses me briefly while thrusting. "Oh, God, Aura," he says as he plunges into me. I feel pleasure ramp up unbearably and then burst inside me as I yell. I arch my back and tears leak out of my eyes. He groans loudly as he cums inside me with a jolt. Then he kisses me on the lips again. He's shaking.

"Goodnight," he whispers. Then he pulls out of me and stumbles out of my room.

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