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«SEPTEMBER 2015 1929 DODGE BROS 1 TONNE TRUCK Restored and owned by Don and Beryl Knowles. Displayed at the 2015 Whyalla Show Cover and printing ...»

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Whyalla Vintage & Classic Car Club Inc.


Email address; whyallavccc@hotmail.com. Website; Whyallavcc.com



Restored and owned by Don and Beryl Knowles.

Displayed at the 2015 Whyalla Show

Cover and printing supplied by Ziegler Office Products

Playford Avenue, Whyalla

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PRESIDENT Frank Taylor 8645 5601

VICE PRESIDENT John Peatfield 8645 5939 / 0403 455 939 SECRETARY Mark Reichelt 8645 3024 / 0400 185 972 TREASURER Jean Taylor 8645 5601 EDITOR Fiona Reichelt 8645 3024 / 0400 185 972 or Email: reichelts@bigpond.com ASSISTANT EDITOR Karyn Daumuller 8645 3523 CLUB REGISTRARS Ray Hiscoke 8645 0215 Peter Richardson 8645 5068 CLUB CAPTAIN Kym Gehan 0412 170 574 COMMITTEE Roger Batt 8644 0644 / 0427 715 245 Karyn Daumuller 8645 3523 Craig Howard 8645 4516 Graham Nolan 8644 0720 PUBLIC OFFICER Trevor Ashwood 8645 5657 GOODWILL ANGEL Roma Culpin 8645 3437


No responsibility is accepted by the club or it’s office bearers for the authenticity/correctness of articles produced in this magazine. All articles and jokes are vetted by the Editor.

While every endeavour is made to maintain the privacy of members and their families, photos and information may be published from time to time.

Should any member not wish photos or personal information to be published they must notify the Club President and Editor accordingly.

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Club Polo Shirts with Pocket (includes Name and Logo) $35.00 ea Club Pit Jackets (includes Name and Logo) $55.00 ea Other clothing items in club colours are available. To order, place your details on order form located on Clubroom notice board. Payment will be required at time of ordering. Contact Fiona Reichelt to purchase Club Shirts & Jackets on 8645 3024.

Lapel Badge $5.00 Car Badge $30.00 Enthusiast Sticker $1.50 Cloth Badge $8.00 Echo Holder $6.00 (NEW) Club Glasses $5.00 Page 4 PRESIDENTS REPORT FOR SEPTEMBER 2015.

Hi All Well the 2015 Whyalla Show is over for another year! A wonderful effort was put into the display in the Grease Rag Shed and also the sale of Devonshire Teas in the Clubrooms by the usual group of club members. Thanks to both Bob Freund (coordinator for Grease Rag Shed display) and Jean Taylor (coordinator for Devonshire Teas) for all their hard work. A thank you to all who supported Bob and Jean in setting up, bringing in vehicles, baking of scones etc.

Also last but not least, a big thank you to the ‘Lad’s’ who helped the Show Society erect and dismantle the show facades for the Show Society. A really great effort was put in. More information at the next meeting.

I would urge all members to thoroughly read the article from the Committee contained within this edition, so that we can have a full and frank discussion at the October meeting. Note: NOT the meeting in September.

Wishing everyone good health and safe driving.

Regards Frank Taylor VALE: HANNAN, Nancy Margaret (long time resident of Whyalla) Former club member, Mrs Nancy Hannan died August 7, 2015 in Melbourne aged

95. She is survived by daughter Philippa Freund (Bob and Sue’s sister-in-law). She was our Club Secretary in 1980/81.


In depth articles on individual club members vehicles?

Travel tips and articles from club members - their forays?

More items of interest about other Car Clubs?

The odd (or maybe not so odd!) recipe?

Continue with a ‘Spanner’s’ page?

Any comments or suggestions can be given to the editor personally, put in the suggestion box, or sent via email.

Page 5 Minutes of General Meeting 10 August 2015 Meeting Opened at 7:45pm.

Meeting attended by 53 members plus visitors.

Apologies: B Cope, R Patterson, G Nolan, P Kellaway, G and R Phillis, D Baines, Lum’s, B Knowles, G Daumuller, G Culpin, M Jackson, R Matthews and G Savadis.

Visitors: Barry Datson (first meeting), Daniel, Angela Clapp and family (third meeting) Welcome: Daniel and Angela Clapp and family were welcomed as new members and presented with their membership pack.


Frank presented the President’s Trophy to Leonie Kellaway in recognition of her work for the past year. Ray Hiscoke then presented the Restoration Awards to Don Knowles for his beautifully restored 1929 Dodge Truck and Bruce Walding for his BSA Motorcycle.

Previous Minutes:

Motion that previous minutes be accepted as presented: moved Karen D, seconded Bob M. Carried.

Business arising from previous minutes:

Angus Smith pointed out that there was a potential privacy issue with listing vehicle and ownership details of members as had been previously discussed. The Committee agreed.

Mark raised issue that Alan Pickering has still not replied to our email.

Correspondence In: Various club magazines.

Correspondence Out: Nothing of significance.

Business arising from Correspondence:

Letter from Bob F referred to the Committee and donation of $50 made to the special school.

Treasurer’s Report:

Details of Club income and expenditure were presented to the meeting.

Motion that Treasurer’s report be accepted: moved Roy B, seconded Fiona R.


Editor's Report:

Fiona asked members to keep the articles and stories rolling in.

Registrar’s Report:

Ray reported that there were still a few vehicles outstanding for annual checks.

Being followed up. No other issues

Club Captains Report:

Open day at the Mount Laura Homestead on the 9 August was very successful with approximately 12 vehicles and 2 motorbikes on display. Breakfast at the Club and a run to Point Lowly planned for 30 August. September Kimba Golf weekend has Page 6 been cancelled and replaced by a day trip to catch up with Kimba Club, BYO barbecue lunch to be held at Lions Park.

Sub Committee reports Whyalla Show Display Report: Club Rooms: Bob F appraised members of status. All in hand for the weekend. Roma asked members for pictures of trucks and utes – old and new. Members asked to return all Club raffle tickets before the show.

Rally to Port Lincoln: Greg updated. So far 25 entries. A number of entry forms have been sent to Kimba at their request..

Buildings: John P reported that work for the week will be cleaning out Grease Rag shed and setting up for the club room Devonshire teas. Issue raised by Bob M re standard of lighting in Grease Rag shed. Issue confined to portable lighting being old. Will be resolved for next year’s show.

Raffles: Roger B requested that all Community raffle books be returned by next meeting in September.

General Business:Motions:

Lengthy discussion on two motions for inclusion in the Club by-laws, as proposed by the Committee and copies handed out to members.

“Donations:- All requests for donations shall be referred to the Committee for consideration before a motion can be put to a vote for approval at a general meeting.” Moved Mark R. Seconded Karen D. Carried “Membership fees shall be based upon a review of the revised full year overhead costs as projected at the end of February of each year or at any other time should it be deemed necessary due to financial conditions.

Overhead costs comprises all club expenditure related to the running of the club.

This shall not include any costs or off-setting income related to functions, rallies, club runs, club improvements and the sale of liquor, merchandising, donations or similar costs or income.

Membership numbers will be based on actual numbers at the time and projected/ predicted for the following full year. Member numbers will not include life members who enjoy full financial member status without payment of any fees.

The Committee will review all such data and information and make all information available together with the Committee recommendations, to a Club General Meeting for approval as necessary.” Moved Bob M. Seconded Kym G. Carried For Sale: Frank has two colour monitors to give away, first in best dressed.

John P advised that Graham N now has club stubby holders for sale at $6.00 each.

Microwave: Roger B volunteered the loan of a microwave for use in the clubrooms at the weekend for defrosting scones.

Page 7 Carpet Cleaning: John P advised that he had obtained an indicative price of $800.00 to purchase a carpet cleaning machine. John still to obtain price for professional cleaning.

Photocopier: Still awaiting price for servicing, Roger B following up.

Meeting Closed: 8:40 pm Door prize won by the Clapp family.


Your committee has been re-considering the issue of the additional $50 per year membership for non-participating members as ratified during the latter part of 2014/2015.

This review has to date, taken the following into account: (Note, not all committee members necessarily support these views/opinions. There has, however been a successful committee motion to put this article to the membership for their input and consideration.) A Privilege or a Right?

Historic (conditional) registration used to be considered a privilege reserved solely for members of Vintage and Classic Car Clubs and as such, was something to be earned. Active participation in club activities was considered to be the mechanism that earned such a right. Indeed, in the earlier days, a member could only drive a car that was on historic registration as part of official club runs that were organised by the club. No other driving was permitted unless the vehicle was fully registered or on a permit.

Simply put, this meant that historic registration was only of value when participating in club activities and forced involvement in the club that the member belonged to.

With the spread of the number of cars on historic registration, and pressure brought to bear on the authorities through the Federation, legislation was passed making the existing 90 days of annual use a legal formality for all club members.

In other words, in most respects, this is now considered to be a right rather than a privilege.

The fact remains that it is now very easy to join a club simply to obtain historic registration. Fees for this are generally in the $50 per annum range.

Should all members be actively involved in the Club?

In an ideal world, all members would be involved in the affairs of the club and receive the benefits associated with Club membership. Clearly there has been an enormous amount of work put in by a number of our club members that has Page 8 resulted in the facilities that we have available to us today. Without this effort, we would likely be a much smaller club than we are at present.

It is often expressed by those members who are prepared to “put in” that we could be a much better club if all members worked towards the club improvements and were actively involved within the club. Whilst this is very true, unfortunately in the real world, about a third of members of most organisations / clubs will be actively involved, a third will sometimes be involved but usually only if they are particularly interested in a specific function, event or project, whilst the last third will only be involved if dragged in kicking and screaming. In other words this last group don’t really want to be involved at all. This situation is true of clubs, school councils, committees and voluntary organisations throughout the western world.

In our case, this group are the members who remain in the club almost solely so that they can obtain cheap historic registration. THEY DO NOT WISH TO BE




Registration Members – Our Definition:

“A registration member is a person whose membership is exclusively paid so as to enjoy the benefits associated with historic (conditional) registration and whom does not participate in the majority of club functions, activities etc.” The current committee are concerned that if we impose a penalty on this group of people, they will most likely find an alternative cheap way of obtaining historic registration and therein lies the conundrum to us. That is, they will probably join another club who will provide a hassle free way in which they can enjoy classic motoring.

This may or may not involve other expenses to that person, such as how they will maintain the three yearly inspection requirement, annual log book signing etc. To some of these people, they will consider this aspect and decide that it is better to remain a local member and pay the higher annual fee. Others will, on principle, join another club.

Additionally, we have a small number of members who remain members even though they haven’t got any vehicles on historic registration. We have clearly been advised in writing that at least one of these members will resign.

Another member has already provided an ongoing doctor’s certificate advising that the member can no longer be involved in club matters on account of ongoing health conditions.

How many such members will we lose?

Will there be a net gain in income or a loss?

Page 9 How many will be prepared to pay the higher membership fee and remain with us?

How many members will attend the mandatory five meetings or functions and then do nothing more? Is this why there has been a surge in attendance at meetings this club year? Realistically, the club will be no better off than it was!

How many of this group will become ongoing active members?

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