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FCIL Newsletter

Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Special Interest Section

American Association of Law Libraries

Volume 11, Number 3

May 1997


Message from the Chair

From the Editor

New Editor

SIS Election Results

From the Vice Chair

Let's Do Lunch in Baltimore

Baltimore Calendar

"New Horizons" for 1998

Teaching Working Group Posts Syllabi on the Web

LC Implements New KZ/JZ Schedules

FCIL Clearinghouse for Internships and International Personnel Exchanges About the FCIL Newsletter FCIL Newsletter is published in paper and electronic formats. If you want more information about either edition, or if you wish to make comments and suggestions, contact the editor at kenneth.rudolf@yale.edu Message from the Chair by Margareta Horiba Tulane University Law Library The magnolias are blooming outside my window and the campus radiates with fresh greenery and new suntans, and peppy sophomores are guiding tours showing off Tulane at its best to yet another brood of prospective freshmen and their parents.

The better part of a year has breezed by since I took over as Chair and it has been my privilege to serve. With the steady support of committed and hard-working members it has been much less of a burden than I anticipated. Marci Hoffman has provided feedback on the program selection process and taken on another year heading our program committee with a co-chair. Anne Burnett has created the FCIL SIS homepage linked to AALLNET. Ken Rudolf has given us a good name and a good face with the newsletter. Bill McCloy is my constant backup support and my successor. Thanks to all of you and many others that I am in touch with. A most deserving person is Anne Myers, the SIS Council chair, who is prompting and cajoling responses from us chairs, holding us to deadlines, and keeping us up-to-date on issues facing the SISs.

I will briefly let you know of two new documents that have been circulated. The one that affects our SIS the most is the Program Planner's Handbook, a 36-page document from the Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee outlining procedures in detail. Marci has more to say about it in another section of this newsletter.

It looks as if we are in for a change at the Anaheim meeting. The programs will center around four topics management, information, technology, and law with a keynote speaker leading off on one of these topics each day. There will be programs of different lengths and no guaranteed slots. We have to compete on the strength of the programs proposed. How this will be interpreted and played out, of course, remains to be seen.

The other document is an impressive Strategic Plan 1997-2000 developed by the Private Law Libraries SIS.

It is interesting and edifying to read how they are trying to see the future and establish continuity and direction. I will share with you their five visionstatements. Our membership is a cross section of all law librarians and I am sure we can chime in here. "1. A population of private law librarians who will continue to be competent, viable, professional leaders within the private setting. 2. Employers in private settings will understand the complexity of the legal information environment and the value of law librarians. 3. Law librarians will be a powerful force in shaping publishers' products and services. 4. PLL members will be cutting-edge leaders of the profession within AALL and related organizations. 5. Law librarians will lead balanced and satisfying professional and personal lives."

Finally I invite you to all the FCIL meetings in Baltimore and especially to the Annual Business Meeting Tuesday, July 22, at 5:15, when we will have a reception and honor new members and attendees from abroad.... See you there!

From the Editor After four years as editor and two as layout editor, I am producing my last issue of this newsletter. While some aspects of producing a newsletter may be frustrating, I have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the SIS and to become acquainted with many of you.

Of course, every issue has been the result of the efforts of a number of people. I have been gratified by the number of you who have contributed articles and ideas. There are several people, however, whom I wish to acknowledge. Carmen Valero has served faithfully as copy editor for the past five years, catching many errors and awkward expressions that I missed. Mila Rush has contributed a column for three years helping us keep track of the activities of our colleagues. Aaron Kuperman has written a fascinating column on cataloging and classification issues for three years. Janice Selberg contributed a column on INT-LAW from 1992 to 1996. I am grateful to the Chairs for their support, and Dan Wade, who got me into this in the first place, has been an invaluable adviser.

Finally, I wish Anne Burnett all the best as she begins her term as editor. I hope she finds the task as rewarding as I did.

And now it is time to turn to the next task at hand preparing to move to temporary offices for the second time in eighteen months. Ask me in Baltimore about our building renovation project not!

New Editor Beginning with the October 1997 issue, Anne Burnett will assume the editorship. Please address correspondence to her at: University of Georgia Law Library, Herty Drive, Athens, GA 30602; phone 706-542-5298; fax 706-542-5001; e-mail aburnett@peachnet.campus.mci.net SIS Election Results

Radu Popa, secretary/treasurer for 1995-1997, reports the following election results:

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: Maria Smolka-Day Secretary/Treasurer: Jonathan Franklin (2-year term) Bill McCloy will assume the office of Chair at the Annual Business Meeting in Baltimore on July 22.

From the Vice Chair by Bill McCloy University of Washington Law Library The Baltimore meeting will be upon us almost before we know it. As I have been in touch with various of you regarding committees and working groups, my excitement has grown in anticipation of seeing you all again this summer as well as in consideration of the important work of our SIS programs, committees, and working groups. In the last newsletter, I promised an update on the working groups and committees and the names of those who have agreed to chair them. An important development this year is that (thanks to the

good work of Anne Burnett) this information is now available on our own FCIL SIS webpage:

http://www.lawsch.uga.edu/fcil/fcil.html. In addition, the schedule of meetings for our SIS is available on a page linked to the AALLNET homepage: http://www.aallnet.org/events/97_meeting_index.html as well as elsewhere in this newsletter. Fortunately, in spite of the continual challenge we all face in arranging schedules so as not to miss anything of importance or interest, this year it looks as though at least no FCIL meetings will conflict with each other! (Thanks, Margareta!) To honor our new (and continuing) leaders, I have listed the groups and their chairs below. Please check the final program for meeting locations.

African Law Working Group Victor Essien, Chair Asian Law Working Group Wei Luo, Chair CIS/Eastern European Law Working Group Radu Popa, Chair Clearinghouse for International Placements David McFadden, Chair Education Subcommittee Marci Hoffman and Gail Partin, Co-Chairs Electronic Issues Working Group Marylin Raisch, Chair Latin American Law Working Group Edgardo Rotman, Chair Newsletter Anne Burnett, Editor Nominations Committee Jonathan Pratter, Chair Publications Committee ________, Chair Teaching Foreign and International Legal Research Working Group Christine Corcos, Chair Three groups will not meet this year, as there appears to be insufficient interest or commitment on the part of our membership to continue them. Whether this is a permanent or a temporary decision will depend on you and the feedback you provide to your officers. I would like to hear your opinions in person this summer!

These three groups are the following:

International and Intergovernmental Issues Group Processing Issues Working Group Special Committee for Self-Instructional Materials See you in Baltimore!

Let's Do Lunch in Baltimore Join your FCIL colleagues for lunch on Monday, July 21.

For those who are attending the official Association Luncheon, Dan Wade will once again reserve tables.

You will be able to find your colleagues by looking for the United Nations flag. Significant others are welcome to join the group at this long-standing traditional gathering.

For those who are not attending the official luncheon, Jonathan Franklin will make reservations at a nearby restaurant for any colleagues who wish to eat together. Jonathan promises to continue the tradition, begun last year, of not inviting a speaker for this alternative lunch.

To reserve your place at the FCIL tables at the official luncheon, contact Dan Wade by Friday, July 11, at 203-432-1615, fax 203-432-4604, or e-mail wade@mail.law.yale.edu To reserve your place at the unofficial lunch, contact Jonathan Franklin at 313-764-6150, fax 313-764-5863, or e-mail jafrank@umich.edu

–  –  –

"New Horizons" for 1998 by Marci Hoffman, University of Minnesota Law Library, and Gail Partin, Dickinson School of Law Library, Co-Chairs, FCIL SIS Education Subcommittee Once again it is time to start planning the programs for the 1998 Annual Meeting in Anaheim. The theme chosen for the meeting is "New Horizons." This year we have been given a Program Planner's Handbook by the Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee (AMPSC) in order to assist in the planning process. So, it is time to get those ideas flowing. The Education Subcommittee would like input from the members in advance of the meeting. The time between the meeting and the deadline for turning in proposals is always so short, so we need you to come to the meeting with ideas in hand (and on paper). This is your opportunity to share ideas for your continuing education. I have heard that folks are not happy with the program offerings, so let us know what you want to learn about. Better yet, write up a proposal. Anyone can do this and the subcommittee will help you fine tune your proposal. This is your opportunity to get involved!!

You may be wondering how to choose a topic for a program. Well, in the Program Planner's Handbook, the AMPSC selected four broad subject themes for the 1998 meeting. Listed below are the themes and some of the topics they have suggested under these themes.

New Horizons in Management Knowledge Management* Economics of Information* Team Building Leadership Contract Negotiation New Horizons in Information

–  –  –

New Horizons in Technology GPO & Technology Standards* Admissibility of Electronic Evidence* Training Users Ergonomics New Horizons in Law

–  –  –

These are a few of the many topics listed in the Handbook. The topics with an * denote programs "preapproved by AMPSC" (yes, they have preapproved programs). Our programs should be based on topics that are of interest to our SIS members. Start by taking notes on the topics which are in the literature you review every day, or things that come across the listservs on foreign and international law. Think about areas that you want to learn more about. Even if you do not want to write up a program proposal, you can submit an idea to the Subcommittee.

Here are some other points to consider when writing up a program. First, pick up a copy of the Program Planner's Handbook, it is supposed to give guidance and suggestions for program planning. For a copy of the Handbook, please contact AALL Headquarters. While we may not agree with some of the requirements, we have to live with them. Second, be sure to have clear and concise "issue statements" and "learning outcomes." There are samples in the Handbook. Third, there are a variety of formats available, so you don't have to use the standard "talking heads" program. The Handbook contains program and workshop proposal forms. Some of the information from the Handbook as well as the forms will be available on AALLNET ( http://www.aallnet.org /index.html). A listserv is also being established to disseminate information about programming. To subscribe, send a message to: listserv@aall.wuacc.edu. Leave the subject line blank and type in the body of the message: "subscribe AnaheimEdProg@ aall.wuacc.edu" (no quotes).

If you are interested in seeing what has been proposed in the past, please see the FCIL website at http://www.lawsch.uga.edu/fcil/fcil.html. There is also a section on this website for submitting questions and comments regarding programs for Anaheim. If you are interested in serving on the subcommittee, please contact either one of us. We would love to have you participate. Program planning is one of the most important functions of our SIS.

If you proposed a program last year and it was not accepted, we encourage you to resubmit the program (you may need to tweak it a bit) to the subcommittee. Please let us know if you are interested in doing so. There were many good ideas and some of them just need some refining.

The FCIL Education Subcommittee is scheduled to meet on Sunday, July 20, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. I don't think this should conflict with other FCIL SIS meetings. Check your program for the location. We strongly urge you to participate in the continuing education of our SIS membership. Please do not hesitate to contact either one of us with questions, comments, etc. We look forward to hearing from you all.

Important Dates to Remember Sunday, July 20, 1997, 10:00-11:00 a.m.

FCIL Education Subcommittee meeting.

Tuesday, July 22, 1997, 5:00 6:00 p.m.

Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee (AMPSC) Open Forum.

Monday, August 18, 1997 Program Proposal Forms due into AALL HQ by close of business.

Early September, 1997 AMPSC meets for final selection.

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