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And while nanosphere technology may sound superior to some, it scares many experts in the nanotechnology field. In the US, nanotechnology is unregulated even though it has the potential to cause unexpected harm. You don’t want your cosmetics to penetrate your skin! When they do, they can get into your body and potentially cause harm. Superior technology does not penetrate. At present, we recommend you avoid products that say they contain nanotechnology.

Finally, despite the safety concerns of nanotechnology there is still no proof that Arbonne moisturizers, body washes or shampoos work any better than typical store brands. Could someone show us an independent side-by-side study comparing Arbonne moisturizers to Olay?

The Beauty Brains bottom line:

There is no doubt that Arbonne produces a high quality product. However, we stand behind our original assessment that they are technologically not much different than brands you can get at the store. With the exception of sunscreen, we also suggest you avoid cosmetics that claim to have nanotechnology.

–  –  –

The Right Brain butts in:

Claire, normally we try to focus on cosmetic products but it’s hard to resist an email that combines the terms “Brazilian” and “Butt” in the same question.

So, we checked with our favorite cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Tony Youn, for the 411 on butt lifting.

Cosmetic Surgery - 141 What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

As the name implies, it’s a procedure to shape and firm your derrière. We wonder why it’s named after this particular country. Was it first performed by doctors in Brazil? Do Brazilian women have genetically superior asses? Or is the process some how related to Brazil nuts? We can only speculate… Whatever the derivation of its name, a BBL is designed to give you “youthful, prominent, perky buttocks.” How does it work? Fat grafting! That means the surgeon uses liposuction to remove fat from your lower back, stomach and thighs. The fat is purified and then re-injected into different areas of your buttocks at various depths. It may take hundreds of tiny injections to fill the upper quadrant of your buttocks but when done correctly it does make your butt look better. But a poor injection job can be painful and produce fat shapeless buttocks.

Are there any problems with this perky pooper procedure?

Aside from the aforementioned shapeless buttocks, other side effects include irregular asymmetric skin, numbness, bruising and swelling. On occasion, the incisions may ooze significant fluid. And since the doctor may need to overfill your buttocks to allow for some fat re-absorption back into your body, your butt may temporarily look puffy or swollen. The good news is that unlike silicone butt implants, there is no risk of allergic reaction since the fat injections are your own natural substance.

To avoid some of these issues Dr Youn says: “My favorite way to enhance the buttocks, however, is to liposuction the hips and thighs around it.

This essentially makes everything around it smaller, and can indirectly make the bottom look bigger and rounder compared to the rest of the body. It doesn’t take as much time, has few complications, and allows the patient to sit down immediately.” How many bucks will it cost to lift my butt?

According to what we found on other sites (these are not Dr. Youn’s prices), the average cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift is about $15,000. That includes the 142 - Cosmetic Surgery physician’s fee, anesthesia, hospital costs, post operative nursing care, and all post operative office visits.

So tell your sister that for the price of a new car, she can have the rear end of her dreams.

–  –  –

The Left Brain trims the fat:

According to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Mesotherapy has not

been established as safe and effective. I quote:

According to an ASPS Device & Technique Assessment (DATA) Committee report published in the April 15 (2005) issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery patients should be wary of mesotherapy until the safety and effectiveness of the procedure are confirmed.

The following line caught my attention:

There is no information on what happens to fatty acids once they leave the targeted area or how the various ingredients affect the body’s organs and other tissues. There is simply too much we do not know about mesotherapy to say it is unquestionably safe for patients.

Cosmetic Surgery - 143 More recently (August 2006) the American Academy of Dermatologists

had this to say Mesotherapy:

Dr. Donofrio notes that a precise definition of the term is lacking “ from her perspective it may be considered a subcutaneous injection technique of any medication, in any locale of the body, with the goal of removing fat (cellulite) or having an anti-aging effect…There is very sparse medical literature on the efficacy of mesotherapy.

The article goes on to site examples of mesotherapy injections with different materials gave different kinds of results. At best it sounds like the process is inconsistent, at worse it sounds dangerous.

The conclusion of the article really sums up what I think:

What can we advise our patients who inquire about the potential benefits of mesotherapy? Perhaps sometime in the future, a brilliant innovator will have the developed the proper cocktail that, when injected into the subcutaneous tissue, will cause lipolysis, in a risk-free manner. That day has not arrived. In 2006, regarding mesotherapy, only two words prevail: caveat emptor.

The Beauty Brains bottom line Perhaps new information has come to light in the last year, but I didn’t find it. So, considering the lack of solid medical data on this process, I’d be very careful. There really isn’t enough evidence to say that it’s worth doing.

The Top 5 Causes Of Droopy Eyelids

Big Evie Is Feeling Droopy:

Aside from surgical procedures, what’s the best way to lift eyelids that are just beginning to sag? I notice that my eyelids perk up after a nap, but I can’t sleep all of the time!

–  –  –

144 - Cosmetic Surgery

The Right Brain Lifts Her Spirits:

A saggy or droopy eyelid is also called ptosis or blepharoptosis. For most people this condition is just annoying but when the it’s severe, the lowered lid can actually interfere with your vision. There are 5 primary types of ptosis,

each with it’s own cause:

1. Congenital ptosis This affects infants and occurs when the levator muscle (the muscle that lifts the eyelid) doesn’t develop properly. Surgery may be required to prevent permanent loss of vision later in the child’s life.

2. Muscle diseases This condition is like myasthenia gravis, progressive external ophthalmoplegia, or oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy, can cause ptosis too. These conditions are much more serious and ptosis os more of a side effect than the actual problem. Seek medical help if you think you have any muscular disorder.

Cosmetic Surgery

3. Nerve problems These can cause ptosis because the eye muscles are controlled by nerves. Any condition that damages the nerves, like a stroke, brain tumor, brain aneurysm can result in ptosis.

4. Local eye problems Special conditions like eye infections, tumors inside the eye socket, or even a blow to the eye, can cause ptosis as well.

5. Aponeurotic ptosis Also called senile or age-related ptosis, aponeurotic ptosis is the most common type. The combination of gravity and aging results in a stretches the tendonlike tissue that helps the levator muscle hold the eyelid open. Hard contact lenses, history of eye infections, of trauma to the eye can increase chances of this type of ptosis.

The Beauty Brains bottom line Because gravity and old age are such powerful forces, The Beauty Brains think the most likely cause of your problem is the Age-Related type (We hate to call it the Senile Type!) But if your problem is severe, or if you’re having any other symptoms, you shouldn’t hesitate to see a doctor. Unfortunately, short of having eye surgery there’s really no effective treatment for droopy eyelids.

Some film forming cosmetics may give you temporary respite by providing a slight tightening of the eyelid skin, but there’s no topical product that can truly reverse this condition.

Cosmetic Surgery - 145Are Stem Cells Better Than Silicone?

You’ve probably heard about the problems with saline or silicone implants (rupturing, leaking, interfering with mammograms). And then there is the issue of them not looking natural. Well, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have been investigating the problem and have reportedly come up with a solution. Dr. Jeremy Mao and his team of researchers have discovered that they can create superior implants by using cells from a patient’s own body.

The way it works is they remove a few bone marrow stem cells from your body. Then they grow these cells in a bio-scaffolding (which is just a fancy Petri dish). The scaffolding can be molded to any size or shape and over time the cells multiply and grow to that shape. When the implant is ready (after a few weeks) it is put in the body and will work just like natural breast tissue.

Of course the research is in its early stages and more long term studies will have to be completed. But the researchers are close. Someday, really natural new breasts made from your own cells will be a reality.

–  –  –

According to the article a company called Cytori Therapeutics says they have a stem-cell based technology that can actually super-charge your fat cells and fill in breast volume. The way it works is this. First, fat is taken from the patient’s butt or stomach via liposuction. Then stem cells from the fat are isolated and put into a small cartridge. This is then injected into the breasts. The whole procedure takes a little over an hour. Then during the 146 - Cosmetic Surgery next 6 months the stem cells grow and somehow make the breasts get larger.

Clinical trials are reportedly under way and the process has already been approved in Germany. This sounds very similar to a breast technology we discussed last year.

Brains are skeptical The thing that gets my skeptical senses going is that this wasn’t published in any of the typical science wires that the Beauty Brains frequent. The story cites Chemistry and Industry magazine as their source. This is a lessscientific source than journals like Science or Nature or The New England Journal of Medicine where you might expect a big story like this to break.

Chemistry and Industry Magazine tends to hype technologies without solid science to back it up.

So, I looked into Cytori Therapeutics. They’re based in California (of course, the world capital of boob jobs) and they call the technology the Celution System. Med Gadget did a report on the Celution technology last year and said it had not yet been proven to work. But this report from the BBC indicates a 19 person trial conducted in Japan showed it basically worked with no major side effects. That’s a small number but encouraging. More testing is needed.

The Beauty Brains bottom line Interesting and it may actually work. It won’t be available for another couple years but can you imagine, new breasts in under an hour with no cutting?

How many in the Beauty Brains community would sign up for that?

–  –  –

Suzie M Wants To Know:

This is a little bit embarrassing, but I’d like to know how to tell when someone has had a boob job. My friends think they can spot fake ones a mile away, but I’m not so sure. Are there any technical tip offs that we should know about?

The Right Boob, uh, I mean Brain, Replies:

We’re cosmetic scientists, not cosmetic surgeons, but we did some research and we think we can help on this one. A lot of this information is common sense, but we’ve tried to look at this as scientifically as possible.

First let’s point out that factors such as body type, original breast size and shape, and type and placement of the implant are important in the resulting appearance. And of course, don’t underestimate the skill and experience of the surgeon. Having said that, there are a few key things to look for when deciding if someone’s breasts are Real or Real Expensive.

In the interest of good taste, we’ll limit this discussion to observations you can make on a woman who’s fully clothed and not talk about how you can tell from touching them or from things you could see on a naked breast, like scars.

1. Size While size alone can’t tell you if breasts have been augmented or not, it certainly is an important factor. Pay attention to whether or not a woman’s breasts look disproportionate to her body. If they look too big and you want to know if they’re fake, consider the rest of the visual cues listed below.

2. Shape Is the shape too perfect? If so, they might be fake since the majority of natural breasts aren’t perfect orbs. Furthermore, real breasts are not exactly identical, so if they look like perfect twins they might be artificial. Also 148 - Cosmetic Surgery look for too much roundness as opposed to a more relaxed pear-like shape.

Natural breasts have a natural sliding curve line from top to bottom. They slope down gradually. Implants tend to have a much higher arc as you look from top to bottom. Firm appearance is another cue; augmented breasts can look more like solid muscle.

3. Placement Vertical placement: Look at where the breast are positioned on her chest.

Breasts are naturally found at about armpit height. Frequently, implants are placed too high on the chest. This is particularly noticeable if she’s not wearing a bra. Horizontal placement: look at the spacing between the breasts. If they’re more than a fist’s width apart, they might be fake. If the surgeon didn’t properly scrape the pectoral tendons, the implants may not be spaced close enough together.

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