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«NIU College of law summer Program Agen, France May 26 - July 7, 2016 The NIU College of Law Summer Program in Agen, France is approved and accredited ...»

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NIU College of law

summer Program

Agen, France

May 26 - July 7, 2016

The NIU College of Law Summer Program in Agen, France is approved and accredited by the

American Bar Association. This will be the 20th annual summer program offered by Northern

Illinois University’s College of Law and the Université Bordeaux, in cooperation with NIU’s

Study Abroad Office.

PROGRAM DATES: The program will officially begin in Agen, France on Thursday, May 26,

2016 and will end in Agen on Thursday, July 7, 2016. Students will be responsible for making their own air travel arrangements in order to arrive in Agen on May 26 in time for an introductory reception at 6:00 PM and dinner to follow at L’Imprevu.

PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: This program is designed to give non-French speaking students an understanding of the French civil law system and the legal system of the European Union.

Language of instruction is English. Classes will be conducted at the facilities of the Juridical Studies Center of Agen (Université Bordeaux).

PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Professor David Taylor is the director of the program. He is a Distinguished Teaching Professor and serves as serves as the Director for Skills Training at the College of Law, where he teaches Civil Procedure, Evidence and Trial Advocacy. His teaching interests lie in the comparison of the French inquisitorial and American adversarial systems of dispute resolution. Emeriti co-directors from 1998-2015, Professors David Gaebler and Daniel Reynolds will join the program in 2016 to offer their teaching expertise. David Gaebler is the former associate dean for academic affairs and teaches in the area of commercial law. In Agen, he will teach classes in the course on the Legal System of the European Union. Daniel Reynolds teaches Contracts, Introduction to the Legal System, Legal Ethics and Legal History. His particular specialty is the study of the legal profession and legal ethics, including the history of the American profession and the structure and functioning of legal professions in other countries.

He will teach classes for the course on Civil Law and Civil Lawyers: The French Experience.

David Taylor David Gaebler Daniel Reynolds 2016 NIU College of Law Summer Program in Agen, France Page 2 FRENCH FACULTY: A major strength of the Agen program is that it makes extensive use of French law faculty and practitioners to offer lectures on selected topics. Regular lecturers come from the University of Bordeaux, the University of Toulouse as well as the University of Paris.

Students are exposed to the study of law in the European fashion where the lecture/discussion mode predominates over the American case presentation method. The American faculty are present and participating when their French colleagues are lecturing.

Professor Sébastien Platon is the French academic director in Agen and will lecture in the program this year. He is a professor of French and European public law at the Université Bordeaux and a member of the Center for Research and European and International Documents. He is a specialist in the law of the European Union.

FIELD TRIPS: Both academic and leisure field trips are being planned as part of the program.

Past academic trips have included court observation in both local and national courts (Agen and Paris), “behind the scenes” presentations at the French Senate and National Assembly, the French Supreme Court, and National Council in Paris; and a visit to the national judicial school in Bordeaux. Past leisure trips have included visits to the mountains and the Atlantic beaches.

As part of the total experience of immersion into the study of law abroad, bi-lingual French law students may also accompany American law students on many field trips and social outings.

JURIDICAL STUDIES CENTER OF AGEN: The university buildings in Agen are quite new (entirely rebuilt and renewed in 1994), accessible to persons with disabilities, and provide spacious classrooms. The Center’s administrative offices are within close proximity of the classrooms and students may contact the Center staff for assistance of any type.

AGEN is located on the Garonne River, in the Aquitaine region. Agen was originally the capital of a Gallic tribe conquered by Julius Caesar and an important Roman trading center.

Later it was made the capital of the county of Agenais. Agen became the seat of a bishopric in the 10th century; construction of the cathedral here was begun during the 12th century. Agen is a rich agricultural area, famous for its prunes (pruneaux d'Agen), renaissance mansions with art museums, and the Saint-Caprais Cathedral. More information on Agen can be found at http://www.ot-agen.org/_eng/visite/visite.htm 2016 NIU College of Law Summer Program in Agen, France Page 3 Aquitaine Region: The region's history began thousands of years ago when Cro-magnon man lived in the caves of the Périgord and left cave paintings in sites such as Lascaux and Les Eyzies. More recent remnants of Aquitaine's history date from the time of Eléonore of Aquitaine, consort of Louis VII, King of France. When she married Henry Plantagenet, who became King of England in 1154, there began several centuries of conflict between the French and English for control of Aquitaine. Today, the fortified villages and castles built during this time offer charm to the winding countryside and provide interesting stops along the road.

ACADEMIC CREDIT: For satisfactory participation in the program, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from NIU College of Law for six hours of law school credit. Course performance will be evaluated by the NIU faculty in the same manner in which on campus courses are evaluated. The courses taken while participating in this program cannot be audited.

For non-NIU students, acceptance of any credit or grade for either course is subject to determination by the student’s home school. Participation in a foreign summer program is unlikely to accelerate graduation.

LAW 699A: Civil Law & Civil Lawyers: The French Experience 3 semester hours Description: What England is to the Common Law world, France is to the other great legal tradition: the Civil Law. This course is a focused, in-depth examination of the French legal system in action.

Selections from Code Civil and other texts are examined, particularly as they relate to the unique structure and functioning of the French system of judicial, administrative and constitutional jurisdictions. The distinctively different role of judges in a non-common law system is examined as are the roles, formation and ethics of the various French legal professions. Judges and lawyers are also observed in on-site court sessions. Selected topics in French substantive law are studied from a comparative perspective.

LAW 699B: The Legal System of the European Union 3 semester hours Description: The legal system of the European Union overlays the domestic legal systems of France and other European Union member states. This course examines the development of the legal and institutional structure of the European Union from the Treaty of Paris (1951) through the Treaties of Rome (1956), Maastrich (1993), Amsterdam (1999), Nice (2003), and subsequent treaties. In addition, this course considers the relationship of the law of the European Union to the domestic law of the member states and examines selected substantive aspects of European Union Law.

ELIGIBILITY/ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: The program is open to all NIU College of Law students and students from ABA-approved colleges or schools of law. Applicants must meet NIU College of Law GPA requirements for good standing (2.2). Students whose GPA was below 2.2 at the end of the semester prior to the program will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Non-NIU law students must be separately admitted to the NIU College of Law as visiting students for the summer. Non-NIU students are required to have their law school send an 2016 NIU College of Law Summer Program in Agen, France Page 4 official transcript to the NIU Study Abroad Office. (Student-issued transcripts and photocopies are not acceptable.) Students cannot have any encumbrances against their NIU records. Any encumbrances placed on a student’s records by NIU (i.e., the Graduate School, Undergraduate Admissions, Bursar’s Office, Accounts Receivable, Registration and Records, Health Services, Parking Services, etc.) must be cleared before a student is granted admission to a study abroad program.

APPLICATION: Click NIU College of Law in Agen France or visit the NIU Study Abroad Office website at https://niu.studioabroad.com (and search for “France” or the NIU College of Law in Agen, France program) to begin the online application process for this program. The online process provides guidance on requesting information, advising, or applying for the program. Please note that at the time of application, applicants will be expected to submit a signature verification form and copy of their ID to the Study Abroad Office. More detailed instructions can be found on the https://niu.studioabroad.com website or by contacting the Study Abroad Office at (815) 753-0700 or niuabroad@niu.edu.

$200 APPLICATION FEE/DEPOSIT: A $200 application fee/deposit is required of all applicants. The $200 is broken down into $100 for the non-refundable application fee and $100 for a program deposit. Both the application fee and the deposit will be applied to the total balance of the program cost. The $100 deposit is refundable only if the participant withdraws prior to the withdrawal deadline indicated on the program materials or for medical reasons verified by a physician if the withdrawal takes place after the withdrawal deadline.

The $200 application fee/deposit will be charged to NIU students’ NIU Bursar's account.

(Checks and money orders cannot be accepted from NIU students.) Non-NIU students must submit a check or money order in the amount of $200. More detailed instructions can be found on the website.

IMPORTANT – All applications will be categorized as “Pending – No Deposit” until the $200 application fee/deposit has been received (or, in the case of non-NIU students, once a check has been received). The Study Abroad Office will not consider or process applications without the $200 application fee/deposit. In order to reserve your place in the program you must submit the $200 deposit within 14 days of application. After 14 days applications without a deposit will be inactivated.

APPLICATION DATES: Students are urged to apply early as there are only 25 spaces available. Applications will be accepted up to April 1, 2016. Nevertheless, early application is strongly encouraged.

HOUSING will be in comfortable, private rooms in the ESPE d’Acquitaine, formerly the University Institute for Teacher Formation (IUFM). The EPSE is a charming, turn-of-the-century building, formerly a prestigious Ecole Normale, now used for teacher training and as a conference center for a variety of adult post-graduate educational activities. The student rooms are not accessible by elevator. Thus special arrangements would be necessary for persons with disabilities. Breakfast, week day lunches and most evening meals are provided as part of the 2016 NIU College of Law Summer Program in Agen, France Page 5 program cost. (Program housing is not available prior to noon on the first day of the program, May 26, 2016. Students will be expected to depart program provided housing by mid-day on July 7, 2016).


The program, including estimated costs, is based on a single unaccompanied individual law student. There are no provisions made in the program for accompanying spouses, children or other guests. In the event a law student wishes to be accompanied by a spouse or children or other guests, all arrangements for housing, transportation, food, insurance, child care, leisure activities, etc., are the responsibility of the student. NIU is not responsible for logistics for anyone other than student participants in the program. Any student wishing to be accompanied by a spouse, child or other guest should contact the program directors for suggestions.

TRANSPORTATION: Individuals will be responsible for making and paying for their own travel arrangements between the U.S. and Agen. Students may choose to fly from the U.S. to Paris (CDG) and take the TGV (fast train) from Paris (Gare Montparnasse) to Agen. (The train trip takes approximately 3 1/2 hours. The train stops in Bordeaux. It is preferable to take the direct train and not have to switch in Bordeaux. The fare is approximately $100). Other options would include taking connecting flights arriving in Bordeaux or Toulouse and taking the TGV from either location to Agen. (Either route is approximately one hour and costs approximately $35).

Participants should keep in mind that in order to arrive in Agen in time for the official beginning of the program (May 26), they should plan to depart the U.S. no later than May 25, 2016.

Important - The Study Abroad Office advises all participants that flight reservations for this

program should not be booked until:

a. After the April 1, 2016 application deadline AND b. The SAO has accepted the minimum number of participants needed to operate this program.

This advisory is given so that participants do not find themselves financially responsible for airline tickets should it be necessary to cancel the program. (See section entitled,


PASSPORT: All participants must possess a valid passport in order to participate in this program. Individuals who do not currently possess a valid passport should apply for one immediately. Information on acquiring a passport is available at the U.S. State Department’s Website: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports.html. U.S.

passport holders do not need special visas for this program. Foreign passport holders may need special visas for travel in Europe and are responsible for obtaining all necessary visas.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT IDENTITY CARD: The ISIC is provided as part of the program cost. The International Student I.D. card can provide discounts on international airfare.

Students will receive an application and instructions for obtaining this card when accepted into the program.

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