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«PERSONAL Name JAMES H. COIL Address Archaeological Research Facility 2251 College Building University of California at Berkeley Berkeley, CA 94720 ...»

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Address Archaeological Research Facility

2251 College Building

University of California at Berkeley

Berkeley, CA 94720 USA

Phone (510) 910-1893

E-mail coil@cal.berkeley.edu


2004 Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley.

Dissertation Committee: Dr. Patrick Kirch, Dr. Christine Hastorf, Dr. Roger Byrne.

Dissertation Title: “The Beauty that Was”: Archaeological Investigations of Ancient Hawaiian Agriculture and Environmental Change in Kahikinui, Maui.

1998 M.A. in Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley.

1990 B.A. in Legal Studies (High Honors), University of California at Berkeley.

1986 High school diploma, Dana Hills High School, Dana Point, California.


Archaeobotany, palaeoecology, prehistoric agriculture, radiocarbon dating, microscopy, geoarchaeology, archaeological epistemology.


2005-2006 Affiliated Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley Archaeological Research Facility.

2004-2005 National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley Archaeological Research Facility.

2003-2004 Graduate Student Researcher, UC Berkeley Archaeological Research Facility.

2000-2001 Graduate Student Instructor, UC Berkeley Department of Anthropology.

1997-2000 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, UC Berkeley.

1996-1997 Graduate Research Assistant, UC Berkeley Department of Anthropology.


2005 Ladefoged, T. L., M. Graves, and J. H. Coil. The introduction of sweet potato in Polynesia: Early remains from Hawai’i. Journal of the Polynesian Society.

(peer-reviewed) 2005 Coil, J. and P. V. Kirch. Ipomoean landscapes: Archaeology and the sweet potato in Kahikinui, Maui, Hawaii. In C. Ballard (ed.), The sweet potato in Oceania: a reappraisal, pp.71-84. Sydney: Oceanic Monographs #56.

(peer-reviewed) 2005 Kirch, P. V., J. H. Coil, A. S. Hartshorn, M. Jeraj, P. M. Vitousek, and O. A.

Chadwick. Intensive dryland agriculture on the leeward slopes of Maui, Hawaii:

Archaeological, archaeobotanical, and geochemical perspectives.

World Archaeology.

(peer-reviewed) 2005 Kirch, P. V., J. H. Coil, M. I. Weisler, E. Conte, and A. J. Anderson. Radiocarbon dating and site chronology. In E. Conte and P. V. Kirch (eds.), Archaeological Investigations in the Mangareva Islands (Gambier Archipelago), French Polynesia, pp.94-106. Berkeley: UC Berkeley Archaeological Research Facility Monographs #62.

2004 P. V. Kirch, A. S. Hartshorn, O. A. Chadwick, P. M. Vitousek, D. R. Sherrod, J.

Coil, L. Holm, W. D. Sharp. Environment, agriculture, and settlement patterns in a marginal Polynesian landscape. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101(26):9936-9941.

(peer-reviewed) 2004 Coil, J. H.. ‘The Beauty that Was’: Archaeological Investigations of Ancient Hawaiian Agriculture and Environmental Change in Kahikinui, Maui. Ann Arbor: University Microfilms, Inc./Proquest.

(Ph.D. dissertation) 2003 Coil, J., M. A. Korstanje, S. Archer, and C. A. Hastorf. Laboratory goals and considerations for multiple microfossil extraction in archaeology. Journal of Archaeological Science 30:991-1008.

(peer-reviewed) 2003 Coil, J. Design, methods, and initial results for microfossil research in Kahikinui, Maui, Hawaiian Islands. In D. M. Hart and L. A. Wallis (eds.), Phytolith and Starch Research in the Australian-Pacific-Asian Regions: The state of the art, pp.55-68. Canberra: Australian National University/Pandanus Books.

(peer-reviewed) 2003 Stock, J. D., J. Coil, and P. V. Kirch. Paleohydrology of arid southeastern Maui,

–  –  –

2003 Kirch, P. V., S. O'Day, J. Coil, M. Morgenstein, K. Kawelu, and M. Millerstrom.

The Kaupikiawa Rockshelter, Kalaupapa Peninsula, Moloka'i: New investigations and reinterpretation of its significance for Hawaiian prehistory. People and Culture in Oceania 19:1-27.

(peer-reviewed) 2003 Coil, J. and H. Barton. Microbotanical analyses of artifacts and sediment sample from Tinian Island, Site TN-1-691. In Dixon, B., D. J. Welch, and C. M.

Magnuson, (eds.), Archaeological Data Recovery of Site TN-1-691, West Tinian Airport Improvement Area, Island of Tinian, pp.125-144. Honolulu: International Archaeological Research Institute, Inc.

2002 C. Sand, P. V. Kirch, and J. Coil. Old sites, new insights: A reanalysis of the 1952 Gifford and Shutler New Caledonia collections. In S. Bedford, C. Sand, and D.

Burley (eds.), Fifty Years in the Field: Essays in Honour and Celebration of Richard Shutler Jr's Archaeological Career, pp.173-188. Auckland: New Zealand Archaeological Association Monograph #25.

(peer-reviewed) 2002 Kirch, P. V. (ed.), J. Coil, L. Holm, J. Holson, S. Kailihiwa, K. Kawelu, S.

Millerstrom, and S. O'Day. From the 'Cliffs of Keolewa' to the 'Sea of Papaloa':

An Archaeological Reconnaissance of Portions of the Kalaupapa National Historical Park, Moloka'i, Hawaiian Islands. UC Berkeley: Archaeological Research Facility, Oceanic Archaeology Laboratory Special Publication #2.

2000 Coil, J. Conference Review: 2nd International Meeting of the Ancient Starch Research Group, Sydney, Australia. Society for American Archaeology Bulletin 18(3):39,44.

2000 Coil, J. Book Review: Easter Island and East Polynesian Prehistory, Patricia Vargas Casanova (ed.). World Archaeological Bulletin 11:17.


in review American Philosophical Society, Franklin Research Grant (P.I.).

2001 National Science Foundation "Biocomplexity in the Environment" grant (participant).

2001 UC Berkeley Archaeological Research Facility Stahl Endowment grant.

2001 UC Berkeley Department of Anthropology Lowie/Olson Fund grant.

1998, 1999, UC Berkeley Archaeological Research Facility Braun equipment 2001, 2004 grants (with faculty co-authors).

1998-2000 National Science Foundation-UC Berkeley Travel grants.

–  –  –


2006 University of California at Santa Cruz. Department of Anthropology, Lecturer for Anthropology 173 (Origins of Farming ). Created original lectures, exams, and assignments for 50 students in upper-division undergraduate lecture course. Emphasized interdisciplinary and scientific nature of studies of worldwide prehistoric agriculture and pastoralism.

2004-2005 UC Berkeley, Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP), student internship supervisor. Provided instruction for Professor Kirch’s laboratory group in archaeobotanical methods, research design, and laboratory safety.

2001 UC Berkeley, Graduate Student Instructor, Anthropology 132 and 230 (Analysis of Archaeological Materials, undergraduate and graduate sections), assisting Dr.

Patrick Kirch. Instructed and led students in re-analysis of 1950’s museum collections (faunal, botanical, lithic, ceramics).

2000 UC Berkeley, Graduate Student Instructor, Anthropology 230-2 (Paleoethnobotany, graduate section), assisting Dr. Christine Hastorf. Created original lectures and laboratory assignments involving archaeobotany, quantification of laboratory results, and statistical analyses.

2000 UC Berkeley, Graduate Student Instructor, Anthropology 1 (Introduction to Physical Anthropology, undergraduate sections), assisting Dr. Lori Hager.

Helped coordinate and run large undergraduate lecture class with 500+ students.

Responsible for organizing and leading discussion sections, grading papers and exams, and leading field trips.

1997 UC Berkeley, Archaeological field school co-supervisor, assisting Professor Patrick Kirch. Supervised undergraduate field teams, provided instruction in field methods (excavation, survey, mapping).

1988 Tutor for lower-division statistics students, UC Berkeley mathematics department. Received classroom training in tutoring methods as part of educational program.


2005 J. Coil. “‘The Beauty that Was’: Archaeological investigations of ancient Hawaiian agriculture and environmental change in Kahikinui, Maui”. Society for American Archaeology, Salt Lake City, Utah.

–  –  –

2005 J. Coil and P.V. Kirch (poster). “Using microfossil analysis in the identification of digging stick agriculture: A recent archaeobotanical study from Hawaii”. Third South American Conference on Phytolith Research, Tucuman, Argentina.

2005 J. Coil, W. Chew, M. Wolf, and P. V. Kirch. “What are the costs and benefits of phytolith research in Hawaiian archaeobotany?”. California Botanical Society Graduate Student Meetings, Tiburon, California.

2004 J. Coil and M. Jeraj. “Fields of Fire?: Archaeobotanical investigations of precontact agriculture in Hawaii Island’s Kohala Field System”. Society for Hawaiian Archaeology, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

2003 J. Coil. "Ethnobotanical and archaeobotanical research at Kalaupapa National Historical Park, 2000". Society for Hawaiian Archaeology, Kailua (Oahu), Hawaii.

2003 P. Vitousek, O. Chadwick, T. Ladefoged, J. Coil, M. Graves, S. Hotchkiss, M. Jeraj, P. Kirch, P. Matson, and S. Tuljapurkar. "Climate, nutrient availability, and the distribution of pre-contact dryland agriculture in Hawai'i". Ecology Society of America, Savannah, Georgia.

2001 P. Kirch and J. Coil. Symposium organizers, "Recent Archaeological Research in Kahikinui, Maui". Society for Hawaiian Archaeology, Maui, Hawaii.

2001 J. Coil. "Reconstructing Vegetation Change through Time in Kahikinui". Society for Hawaiian Archaeology, Maui, Hawaii.

2001 J. Coil. "Microfossil Research in Kahikinui, Maui, Hawaiian Islands", The State of the Art in Phytolith and Starch Research in the Australian-Pacific-Asian Regions, Australian National University, Canberra.

2001 J. Coil. "Environmental Archaeology and the Kahikinui Archaeological Project".

Meetings of the Hawaii Ecosystems Research Group, Waimea, Hawaii.

2001 J. Coil. "Famine Food, Fibers, and Cultigens Gone Feral: Patterns of wild plant use in Old Hawaii". Society for American Archaeology, New Orleans.

2000 J. Coil. "Results of the UC Berkeley Microbotanical Project's Archaeological Starch Research", Ancient Starch Research Group Meetings, Sydney, Australia.

1999 J. Coil. "Recent Archaeological Investigations of Past Agriculture and Ecology in Kahikinui, Maui", Society for Hawaiian Archaeology, Honolulu, Hawaii.

–  –  –

1997 J. Coil. "Paleoecological Investigations in Kahikinui, Maui: Problems and Possibilities", Society for Hawaiian Archaeology, Kauai, Hawaii.


2002-2005 Human Ecodynamics in the Hawaiian Ecosystem Project. Principal Investigators:

Patrick Kirch (UC Berkeley), Peter Vitousek (Stanford U.), Sara Hotchkiss (U. Wisconsin), Michael Graves (U. Hawaii), Oliver Chadwick (UC Santa Barbara). Co-directed archaeobotanical component and participated in all other aspects of archaeological and paleoecological fieldwork for multidisciplinary, NSF-funded "Biocomplexity in the Environment" research project. Activies included site survey and excavation, geoarchaeological trenching, and collection of transect samples for soil nutrient analysis. Hawaiian Islands.

2000 Kalaupapa Archaeological Project, Moloka’i, Hawaii. Principal Investigator Patrick Kirch (UC Berkeley). Assisted with planning and execution of three weeks of archaeological reconnaissance, survey, and rockshelter excavation in cooperation with the National Park Service in the area of Kalaupapa National Historical Park.

1998, 2000 Klamath River and Mountain Lake Palynological Projects. Principal Investigator Roger Byrne (UC Berkeley). Assisted Geography Department Ph.D. Candidates Liam Reidy and James Wanket with sediment coring projects in Northern California bog and lake floor sediments.

1997, 1998 Kauai Paleoecological Project. Principal Investigator - David Burney (Fordham University). Directed first season of archaeological site survey and test excavations for paleoecological project in Kauai, Hawaii, also participated in paleontological excavations of anaerobically-preserved floral and faunal materials.

1996-2001 Kahikinui Archaeological Project, Maui, Hawaii. Principal Investigator Patrick Kirch (UC Berkeley). Played leading role in 7 field seasons of archaeological and paleoecological field research (46 weeks total). Responsible for aspects of research design, fieldwork planning, volunteer supervision, community outreach, and undergraduate and graduate instruction. Included field collaboration with specialists in ethnobotany, ecology, geology, geomorphology, and faunal analysis.

1995, 1997 Lower Ulua Valley Archaeological Project (Proyecto Archaeologico Valle Inferior del Rio Ulua), La Lima, Honduras. Principal Investigators - John S.

Henderson (Cornell University) and Rosemary A. Joyce (UC Berkeley).

Participated in two seasons of household excavations in Mesoamerican village site

–  –  –


1999 Electron Microscopy (Molecular and Cell Biology course 481C), Gianinni Hall Electron Microscope Laboratory, UC Berkeley. Received training on environmental electron microscope (ESEM) and sample preparation techniques, received certification for operation of laboratory microscopes.

1998 Laboratory course in methods of stratigraphic palynology with Dr. Roger Byrne, UC Berkeley Department of Geography/Museum of Paleontology.

1997 3-week intensive laboratory course in archaeobotanical methods, theory, and research design with Dr. Jon Hather (University College, London, Institute of Archaeology).


2005 Lecture on Hawaiian archaeobotany and landscape archaeology. University of Queensland (AUS), School of Social Sciences.

2005 UC Berkeley Archaeological Research Facility weekly noon lecture series.

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