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«Biotechnology-Assisted Participatory Plant Breeding: Complement or Contradiction? PPB Monograph No. 3 Ann Mane Thro and Charlie Spillane 1 7 ...»

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Conclusions The (uture of biotechnology-assisted PPB will depend on whethcr or not a number of conditions can be met. Among others, these

conditions ¡nelude:

Mechanisms for contact and sustained communication between biotechnologists, plant breeders, participatory research practitioners, and farmers Shorl-term benefits to farmers, to compensate (or the risks and cosls of experimentation, and lo address their most pressing needs-wilhout sacrificing opportunities for long-term benefits Translation of farmers' needs ioto research action through efIective 'problem transfer', incentives and accountability; or greater control for farmers' groups over research funds and objectives Transparent discussion and understanding among participating farmers, nalional programs, international centers, regulatory aulhorities, and suppliers of proprietary germplasm and other technology, concerning the regulatory, biosafety, and relevant social issues associated with each project Modes oC access to biotechnologies from proprietary sources, a public biotechnology tool-box, and strategic alliances with leading research institubons Public support for sustain'ed public-sector Cunding: successful biotechnology-assisted PPB cannot be achievecl without investment.

Because oC its capacity for multidisciplinary research, its focus on poverty eractication, and its experience in animating and sustaining long-term partnerships, the CGIAR is in a unique position to integrate biotechnology and farmer participatory research.

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